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Cool Photos & Videos: Batman vs. Bane for “The Dark Knight: Rises”

Christopher Nolan’s next Batman flick, “The Dark Knight: Rises” is currently filming and photos and videos of filming the movie have been leaked online. Here are photos and videos of Batman vs. Bane fighting outside of the City Hall building while there’s a brawl going on with other people. I don’t think that’s Christian Bale in the Batman suit, doesn’t look like him. Looks like a stunt double for sure. Still cool to watch though.

Enjoy these, here.


Cool Photo: Thoughts on Tom Hardy as Bane for “Dark Knight: Rises”…

First “Dark Knight: Rises” photo of Tom Hardy as Bane hits the internets yesterday. I must say that Tom Hardy looks badass. It’s awesome and creepy as hell too, the way Bane should be, scary. That’s just half of Bane’s image for the movie. I’m sure Warner Bros. will release the full picture of Tom Hardy as Bane soon.

Now we can expect a photo of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman very soon, hopefully, they’ll release it next week! I’m dying to see the new Catwoman suit!


BREAKING NEWS: Anne Hathaway is Selina Kyle, Tom Hardy is Bane in “Dark Knight: Rises”!!!

Well, finally. Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan announced “The Dark Knight: Rises” villains today. Who are they? Anne Hathaway has been casted as Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy is Bane.

Read the press release by Warner Bros., here.

Carefully read the press release. Notice how the press release said, Anne will be playing Selina Kyle, and Catwoman’s name wasn’t mentioned. Does this mean Selina Kyle won’t be in the Catwoman costume? It is widely known that Catwoman’s real identity is Selina Kyle.

As for Bane is a good choice of a villain and in my website here, I’ve been saying that they should use Bane. Bane is a big and muscular villain, a wrestler physique type of villain. Bane only becomes big and muscular with a drug called, “Venom” when injected. If you think Tom Hardy isn’t fit for the role, have you seen shirtless pics of Tom online? The guy is fucking MASSIVE! He’s perfect for Bane.

Shirtless pic of Tom here:

That’s probably why he was hired because of his massive physique. Plus Tom played the villain a lot in other movies in his career and he does play a psychotic villain, that’s probably another reason he was hired, his acting talent.

Look like Tom will have to bulk up some more for this role. Remember, Bane was the first Batman villain to destroy Batman, break the Bat. So this is a great way to end the trilogy. I’m excited for the next Batman flick. Now they have the villains for the next Batman movie, I’m sure we’ll know who the villains will be for Zack Snyder’s “Superman” very soon!


BREAKING NEWS: Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy to star in “Mad Max: Fury Road”…

Charlize Theron has signed on to star in, “Mad Max: Fury Road”. UK actor, Tom Hardy who starred in “Black Hawk Down”, will star alongside Theron.

Does this mean a Mad Max movie without Mel Gibson?

The article never said anything about Mel Gibson being in it or not. So I think there is a possibility, that Mel Gibson may have quietly said “yes” to star in it and that they are waiting for the right time to announce Mel for the film. I think this article is a tease, that Mel could be in it.

I don’t know, Tom Hardy, is a very built and buffed guy. He also looks like a young Mel Gibson, unless, Tom Hardy plays Max’s son? A son that Max never knew he had?

Even though there is no confirmation of Mel Gibson returning, I am predicting he will say yes. Mel should be finished with Jodi Foster’s “The Beaver” by now, that’s another clue he could be returning.

Mel would be a fool if he turned this down. I think the film will tank without him.

Variety Reports: