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Thought: How will the public respond to the Black Sabbath return???

The news of the return of Black Sabbath is great news. We’re all getting very excited. The only thing I’m worried about is the kind of reception the band is going to get when they release their new album. They haven’t released a new album in over 30 years with Ozzy being the frontman.

You have to ask yourself these questions. Will the public still care about them after all the years? The long time metal fans will accept their return of course, but people who like other genres of music outside of metal, might have a hard time accepting their return, though.

Back in the 70’s, Black Sabbath had a hard time trying to get successful with a major label ’cause they used to scare the shit out of people with their music. Could they scare people all over again with their new album? This isn’t the 70’s anymore. In today’s generation, metal fans won’t be scared of their music anymore ’cause they listened to metal for years so I’m sure they are used to the dark and scary lyrics by now. With their upcoming album, I’m pretty sure the album will create a stir in the music industry depending on how dark the lyrics are going to be.

They could get families trying to ban the album to stop kids from buying it to prevent suicides of kids by listening to that music. They might even offend churches and religions with their music. Other countries around the world may even try to ban the album as well. Things like that. Whatever it is, they’re gonna create a stir when they return.

People may know who they were back in the 70’s, but many of people of today won’t know who they are. Black Sabbath with Ozzy will definitely have to try and get their popularity back, and it might be hard for them to do for today’s industry.

Could their new upcoming album be a no. 1 record in the Billboard? It’s too early to say but it’s possible. I’m hoping the album will be really heavy and dark. There will probably be some old school sounding Sabbath on there and I’m sure they will come up with a new style as well.

It’s gonnna be interesting to see what the future of Sabbath is gonna be like up ahead. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Cool Video: Black Sabbath makes full time reunion official…

Like the band promised, they revealed their not so surprising announcement on 11-11-11. They make their reunion official today. Announcing a new studio album with original songs and a tour to follow. Their first show of the tour will be the “Download Festival”, in the UK. While this announcement was expected, I’m happy the band is back. I wasn’t liking Ozzy’s new solo stuff too much. He was beginning to be more like a pop artist instead of a metal singer. Now he can finally go back to metal.

I wonder what the new Sabbath songs are going to sound like with Ozzy? Will they still sound like they did back in the 70’s? Who knows. I’m sure their new album won’t disappoint and I’m sure they still got it after all these years.

Hopefully the new album will stick to the dark and scary sound.


Report: So is a Black Sabbath reunion with Ozzy happening or not? I’m so confused!!!

Just a while back, Tony Iommi, shoots down rumors of a possible Black Sabbath reunion with Ozzy…and now Ozzy the man himself, spoke with Billboard, and says it’s a very strong possibility.

More on the story, here.

I think it’s a possibility that it could happen as well. I think Tony and Ozzy are just teasing us. Just trying to get us guessing on whether or not it’ll happen, then out of nowhere, they’ll make it official. I hope they do make it official. A new Black Sabbath album with Ozzy and a tour would be awesome. I’m all for a Black Sabbath/Ozzy come back. I LOVE Black Sabbath. I loved both the Ozzy and Ronnie James Dio era’s.

When the Black Sabbath tour happens, they could be the biggest selling tour in the history of music. They’ll sell out every concert quickly, I’m sure.


Report: Tony Iommi to release his own autobiography later this fall…

Metal legend, Tony Iommi is set to release his own autobiography this year titled, “Iron Man: My Life With Black Sabbath and Beyond”. The book is set for a Nov. 1st release date.

Tony didn’t write this book on a computer. He just wrote it by pen and paper. Why? I’ll imagine the reason he didn’t type it because he lost the tip of a few fingers of his right hand. It be hard to type that way, right? So he had no choice but to write it by hand.

The legendary guitarist is open about everything about his life. His childhood, his freak accident at the factory he worked at where he injured his right hand, music, guitar playing, how he started Black Sabbath, how he came up with the sound of “metal” which he invented, his failed marriages, drugs, alcohol, etc.

I love to read musician biographies ’cause they are interesting to learn. I’m more interested on Tony’s insight on music. You can expect a lot of guitar playing talk mostly. I’ll also expect a lot of Ronnie James Dio talk as well. I’m interested in what made him want to pick up the guitar and how he started playing.

There’s a lot of great metal guitarists out there, but in my opinion, Tony is one of the true greats. He started it all. The founder of metal. Tony was at the top of his game back in the 60’s and 70’s, he was very popular back then. Seems like no one knows who Tony is anymore. He is a talented guitar player. I’m a huge fan of the guy.

Read more on the story, here.


Report: Ozzy and Tony Iommi throws out trademark lawsuit, and moves on…

A while back, Ozzy sued guitarist, Tony Iommi, accusing him of owning “Black Sabbath” trademark name all for himself. Ozzy thinks the trademark name, “Black Sabbath” should be shared with all 4 members of the band. Ozzy and Tony, have resolved their problems of the ownership name. Ozzy threw out the lawsuit and they will not head to court for this. Yep, they pretty much buried the hatchet and moved forward. It was nothing personal, it was all band business stuff.

More on it here:


Tony’s a good man for this. I think Ozzy’s ego went over the top on this and Tony must of talked Ozzy out of the lawsuit to avoid getting sued. Can’t blame him.


Report: Black Sabbath trademark war gets the greenlight to the court room…

In May of 2009, Ozzy Osbourne filed lawsuit against guitarist Tony Iommi, both men who were members of the legendary metal band, Black Sabbath. Tony Iommi is currently full owner of the Black Sabbath band name, 100%. Ozzy is upset because he feels that all 4 members of the band (also includes Geezer Butler and Bill Ward) deserves part ownership of the name, “Black Sabbath”. The judge gives this lawsuit the “ok”, that means the war is on. This battle will go to the court room.

Things already gotten heated in the court room today as it sounds like Tony Iommi is not very happy with Ozzy ’cause Iommi’s lawyer is fighting back. Both Ozzy and Tony themselves weren’t in court today, their lawyers were. When the lawsuit proceeds to battle, maybe Tony and Ozzy will be in court personally?

Tony may own the band name, yes, but Ozzy helped him create the name. See how Ozzy would be upset? Ozzy wrote the song “Black Sabbath” for their debut album, they got the name from a horror film that starred Boris Karloff with the same title. So that’s proof that Ozzy came up with the name himself and the rest of the guys agreed to use it. Also, please try to understand that the four guys in Black Sabbath created a huge legacy over the years, that’s another reason that Ozzy feels every member deserves share of the name.

I’m totally siding with Ozzy. He’s so right. This is going to be quite the interesting war and I’ll be keeping an eye on it. I hope Ozzy wins. I’m sure he will.