Cool Video: See the Undertaker and Triple H’s return here…

Last night’s RAW was such an amazing show, all the way through. It was better than the “Elimination Chamber” PPV. We’ve been getting a lot of superstar returns this year, really weird. The Rock came back. Booker T came back. Christian finally returned at the Chamber PPV. Kelly Kelly, the popular diva also returned. And most importantly…the Undertaker and Triple H were both revealed from the “2/21/11” videos. The Undertaker was seen in the “2/21/11” video but there was another figure wandering around in that video. Those two figures in the video were revealed on last night’s RAW. They were Triple H and the Undertaker, making their match together for Wrestlemania 27 official.

To be honest, I’m not really excited for Wrestlemania 27 this year, it seems like a regular RAW card. Triple H vs. the Undertaker is the only match worth looking forward to, that match is going to be amazing. Triple H and ‘Taker wrestled in matches many times before, they had a long history together. The first Wrestlemania match they had together was way back at Wrestlemania X-7.

I’m also looking forward to Jerry The King Lawler vs. Michael Cole. Of course, I’m predicting Michael Cole will win that match, with a little help of other heel wrestlers.

See the return of Triple H and Undertaker in this video. Listen to the crowd response. It’s crazy. They got a much powerful crowd reaction than the Rock. This is why I love WWE, folks! Gotta give the stars respect.

Now that the 2/21/11 video and the Wrestlemania guest host have been revealed, when will the Anonymous RAW GM ever get revealed?


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