Not A Cool Video: Is Scooby right about squats or is he full of crock???

Squats is the most popular bodybuilding workout of them all. You see guys and even women do this workout all the time, at all gyms, all over the world.

I experimented with squats on the “Smith Machine”, but I’ve been lifting light. I’ve been experimenting with different leg workouts and wanted to try out the squat. It really is a strong workout. It really pumps up your quads, hamstrings, and your ass, all around.

Is it really a dangerous workout that he claims? He could be right in some way, but I think he’s somewhat, full of crock too. ALL WORKOUTS in the gym can be pretty risky. Even the leg press or any of those leg machines can mess up your legs, or even your whole damn body. Just do every workout in perfect form at all times and don’t lift too heavy, and the exercises can be very safe for you.

Scoob is just trying to scare the hell out of people and get people to stop doing squats. I’m pretty sure a lot of pro bodybuilders are laughing at this guy.


2 thoughts on “Not A Cool Video: Is Scooby right about squats or is he full of crock???”

  1. Hey nice post man. Just wanted to let you know though, that I used to watch a lot of scooby’s videos until I realized that he uses a ton of flawed logic. Even when he was showing the physics behind squats, he didn’t take into account that no one will be standing completely straight when they have a heavy bar on their shoulders – their knees will be bent and thus the quads and glutes will be taking the pressure of the 495 lbs. He’s right in saying that squats are dangerous if you’re lifting that heavy, but if you use a Smith Machine (like you did) or have a spotter, the risk will be minimized.

    1. Yep, squats on a “Smith Machine” is much safer. That’s what the machine is used for, so you won’t risk injury if you do it in good form. I’ll continue to do squats on the Smith Machine. To hell what Scooby and his fans say. 🙂


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