Sly and Bruce Willis not getting along? That’s why Harrison Ford was brought in for “EXP3”???

Sylvester Stallone, revealed some shocking news that Bruce Willis is out of the Expendables 3 and Harrison Ford is taking his place. Then Sly publicly slammed Bruce on twitter by calling him, “Greedy” and “Lazy”. So something must be going on between the two.

Check out Sly’s twitter page, here.

Sly and Bruce have been friends for many years. They run Planet Hollywood chains together. It’s looking like they aren’t getting along anymore. Well, that’s what you get when you make movies that are full of iconic stars. Ego’s will get in the way and that’s what it’s all about, in my opinion. I do love Sly and all but sometimes I feel he can be a bit of a dick to his stars. I’ll never forget how he treated Van Damme before they reconciled. Sly has a bit of an ego problem himself sometimes.

It is good news that Harrison is on board for the next EXP’s film, though. I always wanted to see him and Sly star in a movie together.

I wonder what Bruce will have to say about this. I’m sure he’ll respond soon when the media bugs him about it.


One thought on “Sly and Bruce Willis not getting along? That’s why Harrison Ford was brought in for “EXP3”???”

  1. Sly and Bruce had charisma back in the day, and we all had fun watching them, but thier films are dated now, and the Expendables franchise is kind of sad. Sly and Bruce should be humbled that they were able to make so much money making such ridiculous films. I mean “ridiculous” in the best possible sense, but it’s time for the two of them to gracefully retire.

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