NeverTrump idiots act like a bunch of crybabies over Trump’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon…

Wow. Just unbelievable. Does everyone have to hate Trump? Does it make you a bad person for supporting him? Trump appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show and the NeverTrump idiots are furious about it. They complain, whine and bitch about it on social networking. They were upset at the way Jimmy Fallon handled Trump on the show. Why? Is it because Jimmy didn’t get on the Trump hating bandwagon?

In defense of Jimmy Fallon, he might not be a fan of Trump but regardless of political views, Jimmy respects all guests on his show. Jimmy was just giving Trump respect. Jimmy didn’t want to treat Trump negatively ’cause he knows a lot of Trump supporters would be watching and he didn’t want to lose ratings if he decided to make Trump look bad on his show. Jimmy was just being a professional. Respecting all guests on his show even if they have “right-wing” political views. Jimmy didn’t want to make Trump to look out to be a bad man. He wanted to give Trump an opportunity to be himself, just like the same way Jimmy treats all of his guests on his show so they can be themselves and be who they wanna be.

Liberals and some conservatives on the NeverTrump crowd like to view Trump as a guy who says mean and offensive things. I think the NeverTrump idiots are upset at that ’cause they just found out that Mr. Trump is not that at all, a mean guy. They just found out the truth that Mr. Trump is actually a fun loving, good-hearted guy with a good sense of humor ’cause Trump was funny on Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy did make fun of Trump a lot but Trump was brave enough to take it as a joke and laugh along with him. Trump even made fun of himself on the show.

You see a lot of people want to look at Trump as a bad man but they’re just brainwashed idiots who just follow the media. Trump has always been a good guy. I think the haters are just surprised and shocked to find out that he’s actually a good man and it pissed them off. Oh well.

I give kudos for Jimmy for showing Trump respect and treating him fair unlike Seth Myers and Jimmy Kimmel who treats Trump badly. After this, I expect Seth Myers and Jimmy Kimmel wanting to have Trump on their shows pretty soon. Give it time.


3 thoughts on “NeverTrump idiots act like a bunch of crybabies over Trump’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon…”

    1. If you pay attention, he’s just fucking with the media. Trolling them. A rick roll kind of thing. I think he’s still skeptical of the birth certificate. He’s manipulating the media which he is a genius at. Trump did an event at his new hotel honoring the war vets and all the media wants to talk about is Trump admitting that Obama was born in US. It’s just Trump messing with the media’s heads. Driving them crazy and it worked.


      1. … but he’s totally right that HRC and Democrats started the Obama birther movement. Liberals want us to forget that happened and they think they can get away with it.


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