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Thought: Amy Winehouse nude pic for “Easy Living” magazine…

I found it, you can find ’em in various links when you google it…she only posed for 1 nude pic, not for an entire pictorial, they don’t show her nipples and they don’t show her bare pussy:

Again, she looks beautiful. Blake must love banging her before he went to prison.

You see, women don’t have to be “supermodel” perfect, and everyone expects to see stuff like that online.

Not with me. Perfect women with perfect skin, perfect implanted boobs, etc. is a turn off for me. I like the real amatuer women.

With celebrities posing nude for charity, I think they just want to prove that celebrity women aren’t perfect looking that the public thinks they are, end of story.


Report: George Clooney wants Amy Winehouse….

Actor George Clooney is in negotiations with Amy Winehouse for her to perform live at Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute in New York City on May 5th. She has been offered a $1 Million Dollar deal by Giorgio Armani who is hosting the bash, Giorgio asked George Clooney and Julia Roberts to talk Amy Winehouse into confirming the gig. It’s most likely Amy will play the gig.

It’s great to see Amy get more support from people, just shows that the world loves Amy and wants to help her every step of the way.


Report: Amy Winehouse posed nude for charity for “Easy Living” magazine…

Look like Linsday Lohan inspires other celebrity women to pose nude for charity for non-porn magazines. Consider Amy Winehouse to be next. Amy Winehouse has just posed for a nude pictorial for “Easy Living” magazine. “Easy Living” magazine is NOT an adult porn magazine, it is strictly a magazine for fashion, cooking, beauty, and the like. The magazine will post an issue about “Breast Cancer”. The Amy Winehouse nude pics aren’t released to the public yet but when it does, I’ll post the link, because I know some die hard Amy fans are going to leak her nude photoshoot to the internet at some point.

Singer, Sade and actress Helena Bonham Carter will also pose nude for “Breast Cancer” charity for “Easy Living” magazine.

And to learn more about Easy Living magazine, go here:

There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with people wanting to pose naked to the public. If you’re proud of how your naked body looks or if you’re not proud and want to get feedback from the public, don’t be afraid to show it all off! If you’re into that type of thing, have fun with it and get into it!

As long as it’s legal and as long as it’s in their consent, go for it. It’s a good thing to be naked and free.


Report: The Velvet Revolver claims they’ll tour with Led Zep…

First The Cult, now the Velvet Revolver is bringing up rumours of touring with Led Zeppelin.


The rumours of Led Zeppelin touring just won’t end, eh? Even if Led Zeppelin keeps denying a tour, that doesn’t help destroy the rumours either.

Get the hell over it people! In the words of Jason Bonham, he said “Begging for a tour” is greedy. And I agree with him.

I’m not upset of Led Zeppelin not touring. I’m happy enough they finally got to gig together for one last time. Who cares if Led Zeppelin don’t tour! Be happy that they came back to us for one last round.

And for the record, the Velvet Revolver is a shitty band. They suck. Led Zeppelin were never known to share concerts with other bands. They only shared with other bands at the O2 gig ’cause it was a tribute for Ahmet Ertegun.

I wish these delusional bands like the Velvet Revolver would stop fantasizing about touring with Led Zeppelin, keep dreaming boys, it will never happen.


Report: Nine Inch Nails makes over a million bucks for “Ghosts I-IV”…

Trent Reznor of the Nine Inch Nails revealed that their new internet album “Ghosts I-IV” created heavy traffic and made $1.6 million in total. Fans could download the first 9 songs for free or download the entire 36 track album for $5.00.

Nine Inch Nails will NOT sell their new album to Sound Scan to stop their music for reaching the Billboard Charts.

More on it here:

Wow. The band hates the national major label industry this much, eh? I don’t blame them for wanting to stay away from the Billboard charts.

I hope the NIN’s stay unsigned. They prove they can be a successful band even without a label. Trent Reznor seems happy not being a signed band anymore.


Report: Keith Richards gives advice to Amy Winehouse to get off drugs…


Keith Richards the legendary guitar god has revealed that Amy Winehouse is his favorite current music artist today and Keith Richards isn’t into to today’s music that much. Keith gives Amy Winehouse advice that she won’t live long if she won’t get off the drugs knowing from his own experience of drugs in his past.

From the article:

Richards explained: “There’s only one [singer I like], that girl Amy. Mind you, that girl isn’t going to be around long unless she sorts herself out pretty quick. Amy‘s got to get smart.

“I’m not a preacher. But I’ve been there and you have to pass it on.”

Speaking to the Mail On Sunday, Richards also compared her legal problems with those of The Rolling Stones in the 1970s, saying: “It completely took over our lives creatively and we couldn’t do this and couldn’t do that.

“You had to spend all your time trying to deal with the police. The same thing has happened to Amy Winehouse.”

Amy should listen to Keith and take his advice. Look at all these legendary musicians that died of drugs in the past: Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Layne Staley, Ike Turner, Janis Joplin, etc. the list goes on.

Do you really want Amy Winehouse to be added to that list?

“Back to Black” is such an addicting album, I’m always having it in my CD player. When I first heard of Amy Winehouse, I wasn’t all that crazy about her and couldn’t get into her music at first, but now I fucking love her.

It’s a fact that the world loves Amy and the world supports her. If she gets her act and life together, she could have an even bigger career ahead of her, she has a whole life ahead of her and a good life ahead of her. She has everything to live for!


NEW: Madonna’s “Hard Candy” album cover revealed!

Not a bad cover, I think with this album cover, she’s trying to go back to the 80’s feel. She’s got her 80’s look back in this picture. The only thing I don’t understand is, what’s with the wrestling title belt?

Yep, this is her last album. Her final album with Warner Bros. Music Group. Then she’s done.

EDIT to add: According to her official website, Madonna “Hard Candy” will be released in record stores everywhere April 29th.


Report: Sheryl Crow to sing for Fleetwood Mac…

Sheryl Crow just announced she will be singing the lead vocals to a few songs with the legendary classic rock band, Fleetwood Mac, and Crow will be touring with the band also. Crow didn’t give a date on when she’ll start touring with Fleetwood Mac but it could happen sometime this year. Crow says she wants to sing for the Fleetwood Mac songs “The Chain” and “Second Hand News”. Crow says she’s a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and idolized her for years.

While I prefer Sheryl touring for her new album “Detours”, not touring with Fleetwood Mac, this is pretty cool I guess. Looking forward to hearing what Sheryl sounds like singing with Fleetwood Mac.