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Gay Obama watches NCAA Princeton game to support his niece…

Here is gay Obama watching the Princeton basketball game of the NCAA. He was there to support his niece who was playing in the team.

At about 2:17, you can see Barack chatting with another black man (probably a Robinson family member) and you can see Barack elbowing him on the shoulder. Look at those two. Sitting there in the audience shoulder to shoulder. Barack leaning so close to that bald guy like a gay couple. I mean look at Barack. He seems to be enjoying sitting there with his shoulder touching this bald guy’s shoulder, leaning in. Barack has plenty of room to sit up straight.

I know libtards are gonna defend him over this and claiming that two men sitting together like that is normal but it is not normal. If a guy tried to lean in when I’m sitting, I would have politely told him to back off. Just look at Barack, leaning toward that guy like a girl. Barack can’t seem to stop leaning against him as well.

This is funny to watch.


Report: USA beats China in basketball with score of 101-70

The USA played a very tough basketball game against China, both countries were both doing good and it was a hot game. Thanks to basketball NBA legend Kobe Bryant for doing most of the slam dunks to save the day.

More on it here:


Michael Phelps breaking records yesterday and the basketball game today was the best things that ever happend on the Beijing Olympics so far.