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RIP: Charlie Daniels… 1936 – 2020…


The country music world just lost one of its biggest legends today. Singer/songwriter, guitarist and filldle/violin player Charlie Daniels passed away of a hemorrhagic stroke in Nashville.

Charlie wrote a lot of big hits in his career over the years but he is obviously “most” well known for “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” which was always considered his anthem. You can find that song on his 1979 album, “Million Mile Reflections” and I’m sure you can find that song on any Charlie Daniels greatest hits album, of course. Ever since Charlie wrote that song, it became so big, you heard it on radio everywhere and you continue to hear that song everywhere even to this day. Charlie wrote the song in the late 70’s… the song is so big that I’m sure he played it on every show he played on his tours.

Before Charlie passed, he continued to make music and toured pretty heavily even if he was in his 80’s. His last album was “Night Hawk” released in 2016 but he continued to tour after that.

Charlie was also not afraid to speak out about his politics ’cause as you all know, he had very strong conservative beliefs. His twitter presence was pretty huge in the conservative world. He had a lot of conservative fans ’cause they all admired him for fighting back at liberalism over the years.

There are a lot of liberal music fans… the most die-hard leftists but some of them support Charlie ’cause they can’t deny the musical talent that he had. A lot of leftists just loved him for the music and not his politics and there is nothing wrong with that, though.

I’ve always been a fan of Charlie’s music myself. Used to listen to him all the time back in high school ’cause I had a Greatest Hits album on CD that I used to own but don’t have it anymore, though.

RIP Charlie and thanks for the excellent music and thanks for helping us to fight against liberalism. I’m gonna miss his twitter for sure.


Charlie Daniel’s latest “Soapbox”: To Tell The Truth…

I think this is Charlie Daniel’s best “Soapbox” write up. He’s so right that Obama elevated lying to a new art form. It’s just crazy. Sure, president’s lying over the years is nothing new. All Charlie is saying here that Obama made lying a lot worse. Everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth is a lie. Obama is a pathological liar. He never believed in telling the truth. Why? Like I said before, I think that’s the whole part of the Muslim thing. It’s what the Qur’an tells him to do.

If you believe that everything Obama or the rest of his administration says, then there is something definitely wrong with you. The last thing you wanna do is listen to those people. The last thing you wanna do is believe in them.

Why do delusional liberals still support Obama? Is it because they are misinformed with their politics and don’t know anything or they just enjoy Obama lying to the American people? I think a little bit of both.

This is why a lot of us have a hard time trying to take this guy seriously, Obama. His obsessive lying. He’ll never take responsibility for his actions. If he does something bad or commits a crime… he’ll cover himself, lie his head off about it and that’s how he gets away with these things.

It can’t be that difficult to pick up on his lies. When was the last time he told the truth about something? I’m sure you won’t be able to think of anything. This is why I can’t listen to his speeches anymore. I don’t see how anybody could listen to this asshole anymore. This guy is a fraud and lies about everything.

It doesn’t make any sense to me why idiots keep defending Obama and acts like he does nothing wrong no matter the situation after all the lies he gave us over the years. That’s why I’m pretty much done debating politics with everyone. I don’t care to hear anybody’s opinion anymore. From this point on, I’ll just get my opinions and thoughts on here and IGNORE everyone’s bullshit. Debating politics in this day and age is just pointless.


Charlie Daniels is right on the money about Benghazi…

This is what I’ve been saying on this blog for a while now. 🙂

Wanting answers for Benghazi is about patriotism. This also concerns Democrats/liberals. This concerns all parties. This concerns all human beings living in America. It shouldn’t be just Republicans/conservatives trying to seek the truth of Benghazi. We should all be into this together.

Nope. The left are just scared of the truth coming out for whatever reason. I really think it’s because they don’t want to see Obama and Hillary in deep shit. I know a lot of liberals admire those two. They just hate the fact that those two might be responsible for the attacks and it’s killing them inside. That’s why they attack Republicans over Benghazi. Liberals in America are trying their best to protect Obama and Hillary too.

When they coward out and the left doesn’t care, it makes them look like they don’t care about America. Ambassador Stevens and the three others tried to defend all of us… that includes the left. Liberals/democrats aren’t real patriots even though a lot of them claim to be.


Report: Charlie Daniels, suffered stroke while snowmobiling…

Charlie Daniels, the legendary violinist coutry man, suffered a stroke while snowmobiling in Colorado. The legend was released from the hospital and seems to be recovering well. He has no plans to cancel his upcoming tour dates.

More on it here:


Good on Charlie for not cancelling the gigs even though he just had a stroke. If you’re not well, play the shows anyways! That’s being profesional!

Charlie Daniels is one of the talented country musicians. He is great!