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About the Batman re-boot, questions…

So now that the Chrsitian Bale/Christopher Nolan “Dark Knight” trilogy is over with and for good, Warner Bros. is of course, planning a re-boot. What worries me about the upcoming re-boot, is that who ever the next director is, he might try to copy Christopher Nolan’s style a bit. I hope they don’t do that. They need to take Batman into a different era. Just like what they are doing to the “Man of Steel” re-boot. You know how the “Man of Steel” re-boot is staying away from the Christopher Reeve/Donner stuff? The same needs to be done for Batman, next time.

I think the next Batman film, they need to use a different style of Batsuit ’cause the “Dark Knight” suit is getting old. They’ve been using the black rubber suit for over ten years since the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton era. I think it would be pretty sweet if WB’s went back to the Black and Blue style Batsuit. Make it an old school Batman film, just like what they’re doing with “Man of Steel”.

Yes, they would probably bring back the Joker played by a different actor for the re-boot but, they shouldn’t make the next Joker like the Heath Ledger one. They need to make that character differently as well.

Another question is, could the Batman re-boot be more successful than the Chris Nolan films? I don’t know. Tough to say. The casting, script and everything else needs to be good enough if they want people to take Batman seriously again. I feel bad for the Batman movie franchise ’cause the series has been re-booted for a few times already ’cause of directors dropping out and people moving on, and stuff. You get the deal. It’s hard to make a great Batman movie, and Christopher Nolan was the only one who can do it. Hopefully WB’s doesn’t go back to making bad Batman movies.

I guess the most important question, we’re all wondering is now that Christopher Nolan is done, what’s next? We’ll hear something soon.


Report: Judge to decide Superman’s fate soon on whether or not, Joe Shuster, can get the rights back…

So is this heated legal drama with Warner Bros/DC vs. the Shuster/Siegel heirs almost over with? Seems so. More news came up about the long Superman legal battle that the U.S. District judge, cancelled the upcoming hearing originally scheduled for Aug. 20th, and the judge will decide right away whether or not Shuster will get portion of the rights, from the very first Superman “Action Comics” ever printed. (photo above)

More on the story, here.

I’m still rooting for Warner Bros./DC team to win this legal battle, all the way. This Toberoff sounds like a pretty sleazy lawyer. This battle is kind of depressing for a Superman fan like myself. I’m hoping this war will be over this year. Sounds like Toberoff is going to lose this battle anyway, since the Judge cancelled the hearing on him. The first Superman comic is very valuable and that’s why people fight over the rights. It’s all about the money, of course. What else would it be?

Warner Bros. is trying to get the full rights back ’cause they want to use some of that material in the movies. I hope WB’s will be victorious.


Report: Warner Bros. getting closer to winning full copyrights of Superman…

The lawyer for Joe Shuster, and Jerry Siegel, Marc Toberoff, got a huge slap in the face in court during this long nasty battle on, “Superman” copyrights, against Warner Bros. The First Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit, ordered Toberoff to turn over stolen documents that were taken in 2008. The papers were stolen by David Michaels and delivered anonymously to Warner Bros.

Read more on the story, here.

I don’t think, this means that Warner Bros. has full control of Superman now, but it’s in the right direction to get there. They’re getting closer, I think. I don’t know a whole lot about this legal bullshit, but I want Warner Bros. to get the full rights.

This Marc Toberoff, sounds like a sleazy lawyer, anyway. While I’m sure some are siding with the Siegel’s, I’m siding with Warner Bros. on this one. Warner Bros. worked hard on Superman for years, so they don’t deserve to have the Superman rights taken away from them.

I love the Superman character and the stories. Big fan. It would be sad if the rights gets taken away after years and years of entertaining Superman fans.

I understand that the rights should go to it’s original creators, the Siegel’s, but they already agreed to sell the rights to WB’s years back. That’s what WB’s trying to prove, I think.


Just got the “Superman” Blu Ray set today!!! WOOT!!!

I am now the proud owner of the “Superman Motion Picture Anthology” Blu Ray set! I’m so psyched to have this! You betcha, I’m going to start watching this later today, probably this evening. I’ll start with “Superman: The Movie” tonight.

This will keep me busy for a long while because there are tons of extra footage on the Blu Rays other than the movies. These discs are loaded with extras. I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this set and pretty sure it’s worth the money.

So this is my first Blu Ray set. I also have plans in buying the Star Wars movies on Blu Ray and the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. Yes, I am slowly starting a Blu Ray collection as you can see. I don’t get that much Blu Rays ’cause they are obviously overpriced. I’m only going to buy Blu Rays of my favorite movies, so I can make the money’s worth.

I’m such a big Superman fan. Love the character and the stories.