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Harrison Ford to have major role in “Star Wars Episode VII???

As Sunday May the 4th approaches, even more rumors hit the internet about the involvement of Star Wars veterans… Harrison, Mark, and Carrie. They are hyping that Harrison Ford as Han Solo will have a major role in “Star Wars Episode VII” but nobody’s saying anything yet. It’s looking like that Han Solo will be throughout the next movie while Luke and Princess Leia will have smaller roles? It’s no surprise that Han Solo will probably have the most screen time in “Episode VII” ’cause it’ll probably help hype the Han Solo spinoff film that Disney/Lucasfilm is planning. Look like we will see plenty of Han Solo in the next movie. Han Solo is probably not just gonna be a mentor to new Jedi’s. He’s probably gonna help fight off the Empire.

Even if Harrison is aging, he’s 71 right now… I’m sure we’ll see him in plenty of action scenes. I’m sure Han will still have his blaster laser gun he has always used and we’ll see him running around with that. I’m sure we’ll see him back in the Millenium Falcon.

The question I’m wondering is, will Han Solo still don the black vest and white shirt? Probably. We’ll get the same Han Solo we always had.

Can’t wait to see the original trio back on the big screen. I’m sure we’ll still get Princess Leia and Han arguing together for comic material. It’ll feel like the original Star Wars all over again.



More on “Star Wars 7″…

I wonder how long Harrison, Carrie and Mark will appear in “Star Wars 7” for? Are they just cameos or they’re just part of the leading roles? Or what? I hope Han, Leia and Luke won’t be just small roles. I wanna see Han and Luke in action again. Han and Chewie back to flying the Milennium Falcon. Luke in more amazing lightsaber battles. I’m sure we’ll get all that. 🙂 I’m sure the Empire hasn’t gone away yet. I also wouldn’t rule out the return of Boba Fett ’cause he may still be alive, ya never know… the same goes for Master Palpatine. Darth Vader woudn’t return ’cause it wouldn’t make any sense. Adam Driver’s villain character will probably be the new Darth character.

The new film will focus on new young leads and I’m pretty sure that Jesse Plemons and Lupita Nyong’o  will end up being the new Jedi hopefuls and I’m sure we’ll see those two in action too.

Will we see the return of Lando? It’s pretty unlikely ’cause I haven’t seen any news of Billy Dee Williams in London and looking at his twitter page, he’s busy doing other projects so it’s looking like Lando won’t be in this one. Still though, never say never on Lando… don’t rule him out yet either. They still got long ways a way for filming “Star Wars 7” so maybe they could use Lando sometime in the future?

This Star Wars could be very interesting. I’m still skeptical ’cause of what JJ did to “Star Trek Into Darkness” so hope they do a good job with “Star Wars 7” and hope they don’t let us down.

I’m hoping “Star Wars 7” won’t be a a short movie either. It should be a long 2 and a half hours. May the 4th is this coming Sunday and I’m sure we’ll know everything then.

I’m sure when “Star Wars 7” hits theater, it’s going to be a box office smash so the theaters will probably be packed for a long while. I’m sure people will be camping out on opening night too.

I am somewhat skeptical and excited at the same time, though. I know weird. That’s what Star Wars does to ya. I like Star Wars, sure. I’m more of a “Star Trek” fan than “Star Wars”, though.

I’m looking forward to May 4th. That’s gonna be a big day and social media will be all over it.


NASA to reveal all for “Star Wars Episode VII”???

The official Star Wars page just dropped this video in facebook. Look like Disney got NASA to announce the news for “Star Wars 7”: cast, plot, and title. Even though the video doesn’t confirm that May the 4th will be about “Star Wars 7”, the R2D2 appearance in the video kind of hints at it.

Like most people, I think May 4th is the day they will reveal all for “Star Wars 7”. May the 4th is just 6 days away.


Chewbacca is returning for “Star Wars 7″… played by original actor Peter Mayhew…

Here is your first official casting announcement for JJ Abrams, “Star Wars Episode 7”. It has been announced that Chewbacca will be returning played by it’s original actor, Peter Mayhew. Even though the Disney chairman, Alan Horn, have said they have many actors signed on for the film… they are still being secretive on the cast. One have been confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter:


This is getting even closer to the fact that everybody from the original trilogy is returning. That includes Han, Leia, Luke, and Lando.

When will Disney/Lucasfilm finally announce the full cast? May the 4th possibly? They’re still being secretive on the plot and title too. It’s no surprise that Chewbacca would be in. Just shows that Harrison is definitely in ’cause there can’t be a Chewie without Han.

I’m looking forward to seeing who the new and young cast will be too. Will Lupita Nyong’o and Jesse Plemons be in?

I’d like to see the return of Boba Fett but he can’t after what happened to him in “Return of the Jedi” but I’m pretty sure they’ll create another character similar to him, though.

I hope JJ don’t let us down with this one like he did with “Star Trek Into Darkness”.


Star Wars stand alone movies…

Well, Disney made another announcement which is no surprise actually that they plan on making Star Wars stand alone movies for other characters and other stories. Yes, they are still doing episodes “7, 8, and 9”, but they are doing stand alone movies as well. The first stand alone movie they announced, was that Yoda is getting his own film.

I know it seems crazy that Disney is planning Star Wars stand alone films, but like I said before, with the “Star Wars” universe, you could create a whole new generation of stories. That’s what the Star Wars novels and the comics has done.

I would like to see Boba Fett get his own movie, and he probably will. It would be interesting to get some insight on the Boba Fett character and get a back story of him. How he joined the Empire and why he became Darth’s sidekick. Would be interesting. They already did stuff like that with several novels based on the Boba Fett character.

As a matter of fact, Lucasfilm already did Star Wars spin off from the past, I remember, “Ewoks: The Battle for Endor”. Of course, we got the animated Star Wars films as well.

They could do all kinds of stuff with Star Wars.