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Hogan speaks on trial verdict, my response…

Hogan speaks on the trial verdict… his so-called “victory” over Gawker. As usual Hulk inserts himself into everything. That’s one thing that I can’t stand about Hulk Hogan when it comes to his interviews. Each time I hear a Hulk Hogan interview, he’s always “me, me, me,” all the time. He’s a self-centered egotistical jackass. Always has been. He’s also a pathological liar. I’m so tired of him talking about himself all the time.

Each time this piece of shit gets into trouble for something, he’s always playing innocent victim trying his best to get people to feel sorry for him and it’s working for him sadly. A lot of people do feel sorry for him when Hulk Hogan is a loser who isn’t to be trusted at all.


He continues to maintain that he didn’t know he was being filmed but I think that’s a huge lie. I think he knew he was being filmed all the way. If Gawker wants to defend themselves successfully then they should prove that Hulk knew he was being filmed. Gawker actually did try to prove that Hulk knew he was being filmed but the judge wouldn’t allow them to show the evidence. The court barred Gawker from showing the jury evidence for their defense. So the judge was very picky and choosy over certain evidence that Gawker was allowed to show. I agree with Mr. Denton totally that the trial was a big sham.


It seemed that the trial was designed to help Hulk Hogan look like a winner from the get-go. It was set out to make Gawker look like the bad guy and they were successful. Hulk Hogan’s victory was also a cover for his racism.

Hogan and his fans maybe celebrating the victory but just wait until Gawker unloads the evidence proving Hulk Hogan the piece of shit racist that he is. I also noticed that Hogan’s “N-word” stuff wasn’t brought up in the trial much. Hulk is a racist and according to Nick Denton’s write-up, they have the evidence to prove that.

Gawker still has a chance to destroy Hulk Hogan. Stop being so delusional, hulkamaniacs.

Wrestling fans really need to wake up and realize what a piece of garbage Hulk is. I always knew that Hulk Hogan is a piece of shit and still stand by it today.


Soon the mainstream media won’t be allowed to cover stories on celebrity sex tapes…

The jury just gave Hulk an even bigger payday. The jury just hit Gawker with $15 million in punitive damages and the sites owner Nick Denton $10 million so that’s an added $25 million bonus. This is really pathetic, though. So let me get this straight, Hulk gets a payday for banging his former best-friends wife? Damn. I wish I could become a millionaire by banging some guy’s wife!


Give it time… soon other news journalists will no longer cover stories on celebrity sex tapes anymore for fear of getting sued due to the Hulk Hogan thing. I’m sure other celebrities will continue to become victims of “sex tapes” leaks but other journalists won’t be able to cover it ’cause other celebrities could sue them and follow Hulk’s footsteps. Other celebrities could follow through.

I understand how “invasion of privacy” could be a huge problem online but if you’re an “invasion of privacy” victim then chances are, it’s pretty much your own damn fault and brought it upon yourself to begin with. If this stuff gets out there then it is pretty much your fault really. If you don’t want to become a victim of “invasion of privacy” then you need to have more responsibility with yourself. If you don’t want this happening to you then don’t take nude photos of yourselves, don’t videotape yourself fucking someone and all that stuff. If you don’t do any of that at all then this stuff wouldn’t get out there.

If Gawker didn’t get a hold of the sex tape then somebody else would have ’cause this is the internet. The internet world is a crazy place. You can’t stop “invasion of privacy” even a dumb lawsuit won’t stop it ’cause money is just paper. Money won’t stop “invasion of privacy”. If you don’t want this happening to you then be more careful and stop trusting people so easily!

I’m still predicting that Gawker is gonna fight back soon. Just wait for it. They probably will file an appeal.


Even though Gawker loses lawsuit to Hulk Hogan, they keep moving forward… acting like it didn’t happen…

Even though Gawker lost their big war to Hulk Hogan, they keep moving forward. Acting like it didn’t even happen. They continue to do their thing. Posting their usual news and doing their usual journalism. Ever since they lost their lawsuit, they haven’t posted a single thing about Hulk Hogan. Instead, they keep posting their usual left-wing politics and Donald Trump hate posts. They haven’t posted a statement yet either.


So that probably means that Hulk Hogan is not gonna see a single cent from them. Gawker is not gonna pay Hulk anything it looks like. Even though Hulk won’t see a single cent from Gawker, Hulk will still make a lot of money out of it, though… due to it’s publicity this controversy is getting.

It’s pretty likely that Gawker is probably gonna fight back. How? Filing an appeal is pretty likely and also Gawker can sue Hulk Hogan too if they want to. Gawker is not gonna shut down just because they lost a stupid lawsuit. Just something to keep in mind, y’all.


Is the Hogan vs. Gawker trial about the sex tape or the size of his dick? Which is it?

Does anyone find it really strange when Hulk Hogan claims he’s a private man but he was open about his dick size in court? Really? Lawyers asking about Hulk’s dick size really? Are they this interested in what he has? They seem to be more interested in his dick size then the tape itself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WOW!



As expected this trial is turning out to be a real circus ’cause duh, it’s Hulk Hogan. That guy is a train wreck and he’s also a piece of shit. That idiot will do anything to protect his wrestling legacy and that’s probably why he lies so much.

I wish all of his fans & supporters will wake up and get a reality check but they live in this delusional world of “always respect the legend”. Ya know, I could care less if someone is legendary or a king. I could care less if you’re the president of the United States. If someone is a piece of shit, then he/she is a piece of shit. I don’t care who.

If you want to listen to someone who speaks the truth about Hulk Hogan listen to Bret the Hitman Hart and the Ultimate Warrior… it’s no secret that both of those guys despise Hogan. Well Warrior is obviously not around anymore but both of those guys despised Hulk.

I really hope Hulk loses this battle with Gawker and that’ll be a big dose of karma for him right there. Hulk has always been lawsuit happy when things don’t go his way so this is nothing new, y’all. I can’t stand Hulk Hogan. I haven’t been liking him for a long time now. I used to love Hulk back in the 80’s like most people but he turned into a piece of shit.


More on why Hulk Hogan is definitely gonna lose the Gawker trial…

Some questions that needs to get answered over this whole thing:

1. How did Gawker get hold of the sex tape? Who’s the publisher?

2. Did Hogan really know he was being filmed?

3. How are they going to prove that Gawker intentionally tried to destroy him and his image?

Hulk claimed he didn’t know he was being filmed but that could be a flat-out lie as well. We need proof on whether or not Hogan knew he was being filmed. We also need hard evidence on how Gawker got hold of the sex tape but so far there are none yet. Who sent the tape to them?

This is how Hulk is gonna lose the Gawker trial ’cause they’re gonna need answers to those three questions which they are never gonna get. Like I said, Gawker’s gonna win the dismissal and freedom of speech will win. On top of that, it’s gonna be very difficult to prove how Gawker intentionally tried to “harm” Hulk Hogan and they’re never gonna prove it.

Here’s day 4:


Anyway, Gawker’s defense of posting the video on their site is they think it’s “fascinating” and “newsworthy”. I agree. Well, one thing that Hulk has to learn that celebrity “sex-tapes” has always been a hot topic in Hollywood land. A lot of celebrities has become victims of sex tapes leaks most notably Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton which both of those ladies became famous for. That’s what they do report the news on “celebrities”.

I really do believe Hulk is gonna lose this thing, big time. It’s looking like it so far. Hulk’s got nothing to prove. Where’s the hard evidence? Talking doesn’t prove anything. They need EVIDENCE!

Btw, the reason Hulk is wearing a do-rag in court is ’cause he’s bald.


Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker trial – Day 2…

LOL!!!!!!! Hulk Hogan sure is a piece of work ain’t he? This piece of shit will do or say anything to defend himself no matter the situation.

I listened to that Howard Stern interview that he was on… the episode where Hulk was talking to Howard about all the sex tape stuff and Bubba the Love Sponge. The way I heard that interview, he WAS Terry Bollea and not Hulk Hogan. Hulk sounded pretty serious throughout that Stern interview. He’s a lying piece of shit. Listen to the Stern interview below.



Hulk is already proving that he is going to lose this trial big time. He’s an egomaniacal self-centered piece of shit.

Like I said, I’m no big fan of Gawker but I’m totally siding with them and Nick Denton. I totally believe they had their right to post the video and report the story ’cause that’s what they do “report the news”. Hulk has no one to blame but himself.

Hulk keeps claiming that he’s a private guy but if you listen to his past interviews like Howard Stern and read his books, he was pretty open about his personal life so what gives? He’s just an idiot who will say anything to win a stupid lawsuit.


The Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker trial is predictably becoming quite the circus, I’m still rooting for Gawker to win though!

This is already getting interesting. Which side do you take more seriously? I’m siding with Gawker all the way after reading what’s going on so far.

Hogan’s lawyers claims they have the proof that Gawker did this to harm Hogan on purpose by showing them traffic stats and messages of the staff talking about it. Really? That’s the best proof they could come up with?

On Gawker’s side, they said Hulk was willing to talk about his sex life publicly in different kinds of publications and on the Howard Stern show which is totally true if you think about it. Hulk Hogan is all over the place crying that he has his rights for “privacy” yet he has made everything about his sex life publicly in books and interviews? How ironic and weird is that?


I think Gawker had their right to post the video ’cause the 1st Amendment protects that. They didn’t remove the video yet ’cause they don’t have to. It’s their right. It’s what they do. They’re a gossip site. They report on people and famous celebrities. They’re no different than any other gossip site on the internet like TMZ, perezhilton, Radar, etc. They do leaks like that all the time on famous people.

Hogan claims he feels destroyed by this and his privacy is invaded? HAHAHA… BULLSHIT! I’m almost pretty sure Hogan could care less that the video got out there. He’s only suing Gawker out of this ’cause it’s a money making opportunity for him since his wrestling career has gone down the toilet. Hogan must be dead broke and is only looking for a big payday. Hogan wearing all black is all there is you need to know about the man. He’s wearing all black in this trial just so he can look mean and tough.

I hope the judge does the right thing and throws the lawsuit out, giving Gawker the victory. Hogan’s a piece of shit.


My prediction on Hulk Hogan trial still stands, Gawker will win dismissal due to first amendment…

Hulk Hogan thinks he’s gonna win this case and his delusional supporters thinks he’s gonna win too. I don’t think so. Hogan is gonna lose this big time and will get him nowhere. Why? Freedom of speech is why. Gawker will win the dismissal. I’m no fan of Gawker. I hate that website like the next person but they have every right to post it ’cause it’s their job to post the news, ya know? That’s what they do.

And like I said in a post before, Hogan asked for it. He brought this upon himself ’cause he went for that decision to bang Bubba’s wife when he shouldn’t have. Now Hogan is crying, playing innocent victim.

I won’t watch the trial but I’ll be reading about it as time goes along, though. Freedom of Speech will win. Hogan is just an egomaniacal prick who will never take responsibility for anything.


I’m not a big fan of that Gawker site but I appreciate them exposing Hulk Hogan, though!!!

I predict that Gawker is gonna win the dismissal of Hulk’s 100 million dollar lawsuit and Hulk is not gonna get anything out of the court docs he just filed against Gawker asking for a full blown investigation. Hulk is gonna lose against Gawker. Why? Freedom of speech is why.


Gawker has every right to be doing what they’re doing. Reporting the news and doing their journalism. It seems to me that Hulk is okay with Freedom of Speech except when someone decides to make him look bad. He’ll be all over you for it.

Whenever people decide to call Hulk Hogan out, you always see Hulk whining and crying almost all the time. He’ll be on twitter and he’s like, “Waaaaahhhhh, how could people do this to me. I’m a good guy who don’t deserve this”. He does this as a cry for help so his fans and supporters can come out for his support, ya know? He’s a self centered egomaniac.

He blames Gawker for the release of his sex tape and then he cries to everyone else about it… well, he was the one who agreed to fuck Bubba’s wife to begin with. Bubba was willing to share his wife with Hulk and Hulk went for it. Bubba was videotaping the whole thing and he must of secretly sent it out to media and Gawker happened to grab a hold of it. If Hulk didn’t want all of this to happen, he shouldn’t have banged Bubba’s wife to begin with. I remember that Howard Stern interview Hulk did after the sex tape controversy and played innocent victim.

Turns out that the sex tape was more than Hulk fucking Bubba’s wife… he went on rants and said a bunch of racial and homophobic slurs. Hulk is a coward who won’t take responsibility for his own actions. Bubba recorded and someone released it.

Hulk thinks he is innocent in everything ’cause he simply thinks he’s god. He’s a self centered egomaniac. You want to try and destroy Hulk’s reputation, be prepared to hear from him. He’s a coward and such a tool. He thinks he’s the king of the world ’cause of his wrestling legacy. Don’t ruin Hulkamania or he’ll ruin you.

Is Hulk planning to sue WWE too? I wouldn’t be surprised.

I think Gawker is doing a good job exposing him. Show the world who he really is.