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Obama was warned not to bring “gay rights” to Kenya but did anyway, pisses off President Kenyatta for doing so…

Kenyan officials have warned Obama weeks before he arrived in Kenya not to bring his “gay rights” crap to Kenya but sure enough, Obama ignores them completely and brought it up here. President Kenyatta responds and says to Obama’s face that Kenya doesn’t accept homosexuality and says it’s a “non-issue”.

I had a feeling that Obama was gonna ignore the officials warning about “gay rights”.

My question is why don’t Obama try to fight for “gay rights” in Iran? I triple dare him. Iran discriminates gays worse than Kenya does. Kenya puts gay people in prison for many years… Iran hangs gay people and throw them off of buildings. Why don’t Obama travel to Iran and see how Hassan Rouhani would respond?


Video: Obama believes in Kenya more than the United States… no surprise there…

Here’s one of Obama’s Kenyan speeches. He did two speeches there. Obama seems to have more heart and is more patriotic to Kenya than the U.S.A. Obama looks very happy to be in Kenya.

Notice how Obama always seems to have negative feelings toward the USA but in Kenya he has positive feelings? Is it the reason he wants to destroy America from within is so he can improve Kenya and make it a better country? That’s what it’s looking like to me. Give it time, Obama will start sending Kenyan people over to the US so they can illegally live in our country and live better lives than us.

When will Obama ever be exposed for his fraudulent birth certificate? Come on Sheriff Joe, what are ya waiting for?


Obama just arrived in Kenya, vows to talk gay rights and discrimination during speech there…

Lets see how those Kenyans react when he starts bringing up “gay rights” at his speech in Kenya. Will they boo and throw things at him? I’m not sure when Obama is scheduled for his speech there but it should be sometime today. I’m sure his speech there is gonna be videotaped and whenever it lands on youtube, I’ll post it asap.


It’s no surprise that Obama is gonna ignore Kenya’s request not to bring his gay rights movement there but he is anyway.


Kenya treating Obama like he’s god… seriously???

A lot of Kenyan people worshipping Obama like he’s god. They’re excited for his “homecoming” for sure. Kenyan news media uses the word “homecoming” but the USA media doesn’t. Kind of strange isn’t it?

The photo above is Obama boarding Air Force One to make his way to Africa.

Kenya spent billions of dollars cleaning their country up and then they put Nairobi on lockdown. They really worship him this much, huh?

I think everybody in Kenya knows he was born there ’cause if he wasn’t, they wouldn’t be using the word “homecoming” when talking about his visit there. Those Kenyans desperately wanted their Obama president of the USA and got it. Don’t Kenyans know that people from other countries can’t become president? I think it’s either Kenyans don’t understand the US Constitution or they just don’t care. Make no mistake about it, those Kenyans KNOW he WAS born there. If you search Kenya in youtube, you can see a lot of Kenyan people doing interviews saying they can’t wait for Obama to come back “home”.

It’s interesting to see how Kenya is willing to say that Obama was from there but the USA refuses to admit it. Real sad too. Anybody who actually believes Obama was born in Hawaii is real dumb, naive and uneducated.


Obama to be greeted by 5,000 naked Kenyans to protest his gay rights activism…

Obama is set to visit Kenya this weekend his home country, YES HIS HOME COUNTRY and Obama is gonna get himself a big surprise when he arrives. He’s gonna be greeted by 5,000 naked Kenyans to protest his gay rights activism. Homosexuality is a crime in Kenya and they are a big time “conservative” country. Many of them are being disappointed in his gay rights activism and they don’t want him to bring his gay rights activism in their country. Kenya leaders warned Obama that if he brings his gay rights bullshit to their country, they’ll promise him that they’ll tell him to “Shut up and go home”. Well, the Kenyans are gonna take the protest to a whole new level.

There will be 5,000 naked Kenyans both men and women to greet Obama.

More here:


Some Kenyan people maybe excited about Obama going over but not all of them. In the video below is an interview with a Kenyan man and even he is disappointed at Obama about this gay rights movement he’s doing (turn on the captions on the video if you wanna see what he’s saying in English). It’s a proven fact that Kenyans condemn homosexuality.

So now I completely see why Obama had to hide his support for “gay rights” in the 2008 elections ’cause he didn’t want to hurt his Kenyan people. Now I know why Obama had to hide his own homosexuality and why he hasn’t came out of the closet yet. If he ever came out of the closet as a gay man then his Kenyan people wouldn’t be happy at all and they would probably ban him from the country if he did. They wouldn’t welcome him back so I can see why Obama had to keep his homosexuality as a secret.

This is why Obama had to lie about being all for “traditional marriage” in the past ’cause he didn’t want to hurt his Kenyan people. He flip flopped on gay marriage in 2012 so he can get more votes and get re-elected.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what’s gonna happen when Obama arrives in Kenya this weekend. Looking forward to it. Even if it seems that Kenya worships Obama like a King… not everybody. There are some in that country that can’t stand him as well.