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Why the Obama administration won’t do anything to take down Isis and Hamas…

Simply the only reason that Obama won’t do anything to stop Isis and Hamas ’cause he doesn’t want to put any harm and danger to his fellow Muslim people. Obama is a huge supporter of Islam. I’m also 100% sure that Obama is on the same team with both Isis and Hamas. Obama just doesn’t want to screw up his goal into turning the United States into an Islam state which they have already started working on that in the Middle East.

Notice that the Obama administration haven’t done anything to attack Isis. Yes, Obama may have authorized airstrikes but that’s for surveillance, though. Just to keep an eye on them and see what they’re doing. Not exactly drop bombs or missiles on Isis.

The Obama administration appears to be very strict on sending US troops over to attack Isis. Many make claims that it would be too dangerous to send US troops over but it’s a crock of shit. Everybody knows that the US army’s job is to protect America no matter how dangerous it is. So of course, the Obama administration can send troops over there to destroy Isis any time they want to. Obama simply won’t do it ’cause all that’s gonna do is ruin his goal of turning the U.S. into a Muslim state. The U.S. military can stop Isis.

Obama is already on the move in turning us into a Muslim state. Evidence of that, Isis made threats that they would take over the White House and Isis made claims that some members are already in the United States.

The thing with Isis is very scary. They could be on their way here. They could take over this country anytime they want to. They can come over and destroy buildings in all cities, drop bombs on people’s homes and try to kill everybody that steps in their sight. The U.S. could be on it’s way to an apocalypse and this could soon be a Muslim country. That’s what Obama wants. Obama is not resting until his job is done of turning us into a Muslim country.

Sure, Obama’s presidential reign is just about over but the next democratic president can continue this mission in turning us into a Muslim country. Maybe Hillary or Biden as president could continue Barack’s mission.

There are also a lot of rumors that Obama is seeking a third term. Many would think it’s impossible but it can be done. All he have to do is declare martial law to continue his presidency after 2016.

It may seem like that Obama is strongly against Isis but the last thing you wanna do is trust Obama. Don’t be quick into buying into his lies. Obama refuses to attack Isis so that’s gotta say something.

The things going on with Isis should be good enough to see that Obama wants to turn us into a Muslim state. Just like Dinesh D’ Souza tried to warn you. They already turned the Middle East into a Muslim state… we could be next.

Google the United States of Islam map and you would see their vision.

Wake up America!!! Soon we’re gonna have Islamic flags all over our country. We really gotta do something about Obama and take him down before it’s too late.