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I will be seeing Phish at SPAC Aug. 16th!!!

Yep, you heard that right. Just ordered tickets to see Phish at SPAC before they even went on sale! I ordered inside tickets for it. So I’m definitely going! Getting psyched for the concert.

I don’t own a single CD by Phish, but I’m going to start getting some. I’ve heard Phish’s music lots of times before, but honestly, it’s much better seeing them live than hearing them on CD. I’ve seen Phish already once before and their shows are such a blast. How did I get them before they went on sale? I know someone that works for SPAC in Saratoga Springs.

Going to be a great time. I also want to see Billy Joel and Elton John at the Times Union Center but the tickets to that one will be pretty pricey, I definitely want to see Metallica in Albany in the Fall though.

I don’t go to national concerts much anymore, but when an artist comes around here that I admire, I’ll definitely go. The Phish shows are worth going to and worth the money for sure. Looking forward to the show! Can’t wait!

I’m glad Trey agreed to have Phish for Saratoga Springs. I remember him saying that Trey promised us a Phish concert after he completed drug rehab here in the Capital Region. Trey lived in Saratoga Springs during his rehab here, so I can see why he would want to play here.


Report: Phish add more shows to their tour, and yes, they are coming to Saratoga Springs at SPAC!!!

Trey Anastasio and the original members of the jam band, Phish, has officially reunited. The band has already been playing a few concerts over the U.S. They added some more gigs to their tour. The band is making a stop to SPAC in Saratoga Springs on August 16th of this summer. I think I’m definitely getting inside tickets for this one.

I have seen Phish live once before and wouldn’t mind seeing them again. I also saw Trey Anastasio solo concert before as well, so that makes it two times I’ve seen Trey on stage. The jam band concerts are such a blast! I love going to them.

See if the band is playing around your area here:



BREAKING NEWS: Springsteen, Phish, Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, David Byrne, and Wilco are the major headlining acts for Bonnaroo…

Yep, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will finally have their opportunity to share the stage with Phish after all these years, that will happen at Bonnaroo 2009 festival. The Bonnaroo Festival is a 4 day music fest with various stages and the festival is at Manchester, Tennessee. Festival will take place on June 11-14.

Other headlining acts are the Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, David Byrne, Wilco, and more. A lot of other surprise appearances by Ben Harper, Kaki King, Merle Haggard, Rodrigo y Gabriela (an instrumental acoustic duo that plays cover songs), and many more.

See the artist lineup for Bonnaroo here:


Sounds like a good show. I’m sure a 2 or 3 hour Springsteen set will be better than his ridiculous 12 minute Halftime show at the Superbowl.


Report: Phish is officially reunited but for part time or full time?

Are you down with disease? Yes, that’s right. Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman are back together again to play for more shows!!! Ever since Trey Anastasio graduated from his drug treatment program here in the Capital District area, Trey immediately got busy to doing what he loves best…MUSIC!!!

Phish is booked for a three concert date at the Hampton Colisuem in Hampton, Virginia. Even more concert dates will be announced later in 2009. Does this mean that Phish has a full time world tour ahead of them? We’ll just have to wait and see!!!

The Associated Press reports:


It wouldn’t surprise me if the band came back full time. I lost count how many times they broke up and came back.

I can’t blame Trey though, he is probably doing the Phish reunion to celebrate getting out of drug rehab.

Glad he is happy again and hope he’ll stay off the drugs.


Report: Phish, another one to join the “reuniting” bandwagon?

Rumours are swirling the internets that Trey Anastasio and the original members of Phish maybe coming back. They could be back in the studio soon to record a new studio album with producer Steve Lillywhite. So far, Trey Anastasio himself has kept his mouth shut about confirmation of the Phish reunion although he has hinted in interviews that it might actually happen. It is very likely that the band could be coming back.

Billboard reports:


Could Trey surprise the hell out of us and make the first Phish reunion concert to happen in Washington County right here in my home area? Trey could have a Phish concert here in Washington County if he wanted to and it would be fuckin’ sweet if he did bring Phish here!!!!

I know Phish is too famous for a small town like this but hey, this is fucking Trey Anastasio! This dude will play music anywhere! It wouldn’t be surprising if Trey brought Phish here after graduating drug court, I mean, think about it. It’s a great way for him to celebrate his graduation by bringing Phish back!! Why would he want to do a boring solo show here in Washington County when Phish is the way to party? Bring out the druggies and hippies in Washington County!