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Results of the Powerlifting meet at Albany Strength from over the weekend just posted…

My actual last name is Brockway. It’s just that Brock is just a staged name for my online web presence. These are my best lifts for that day.

It was a great time.

Now to focus on their push & pull meet in August which is just a bench and deadlift meet. I wasn’t able to smash the 300 lb. deadlift at the last one but the next one, I should. I also have plenty of time to really bring up my numbers on the bench press too which is what I want to focus on. I want to focus on bringing my bench press numbers to 200 lbs. or more. I’m now on the road to 200 lbs. on bench and I think I can be able to get there this Spring/Summer.

I love Albany Strength gym. Wish I could live in Albany so I can be a walking distance near there ’cause it’s a very cool gym. Albany Strength gym is the best gym in the Capital Region.


5 reasons why Powerlifting is such a blast…

The sport of powerlifting is getting popular but it’s not for everyone. Some are gonna criticize the sport for sure. You’ll hear some people say things like: “Oh, there’s nothing special about showing off how much weight you can lift”, “They’re just a bunch of ego lifters”, “Powerlifting is for fat asses who got nothing better to do,”, etc. blah blah blah, I can go on and on. After competing in three powerlifting meets, powerlifting can be a lot of fun for a lot of reasons and I can name a few of them. I’ll name 5 reasons why powerlifting is such a blast…

  • You can meet new people: This is the best part of powerlifting is all the new people you’ll meet at these things. When you go to a powerlifting meet, you’ll probably be a little worried that powerlifters might be a bunch of arrogant jerks. Honestly, I thought exactly that almost but when I did three powerlifting meets, most of the lifters at these meets are actually very humble, down to earth and friendly people. There are no ego at these things. You’ll see no one trying to act better than everyone. This isn’t WWE or boxing. In powerlifting meets, you’ll see everyone helping each other and supporting each other for their lifting. We all want to see everyone at their best in these meets. When you go to a powerlifting meet, you’ll see lots of camaraderie all over. That’s one thing I like about powerlifting is ’cause people are so cool at these meets. You can meet lots of new friends out of these things.
  • It’s a thrill that you can be able to lift heavy things: Probably the biggest reason why powerlifting is so popular now. People just get a thrill of lifting heavy things. That’s why powerlifting is becoming a huge obsession to me. It is a blast to lift heavy things and it’s exciting to see your 1 rep maxes and pr’s go up. You don’t realize your own strength and you can surprise yourself with these things.
  • It’s fun to perform for a live audience: Another reason powerlifting is addicting. It’s a blast to perform your lifts in front of a live crowd and hearing everyone cheering you on. If you do well at these powerlifting meets,  you could earn the spectators respect and you could grow a fanbase/following in powerlifting. Performing your lifts in front of an audience is great. You get to show everyone what you can do in a gym.
  • You get to experience something new and different in life: If you’re bored in life, powerlifting will give you something to do. Powerlifting will get things off of your system and gets your mind off of everything else. It keeps you busy and helps pushes you to work a lot harder in the gym.
  • You’ll notice that your physique improves better than bodybuilding style training: Ever since I started powerlifting, I’ve noticed that my chest pecs have really started beefing up, big time since I started bench pressing again. Feels real good. I’m starting to get the bodybuilder look that I want ’cause I got into powerlifting. My forearms getting bigger finally too. Your physique will improve massively after all the heavy lifting you’re doing and it’s fun to see.

That’s all. Powerlifting is for everybody. Anybody can get into the sport so don’t be afraid to try it out sometime.


My third powerlifting meet at Albany Strength went real well yesterday… kicked some ass like I said I would…

So yesterday was my third powerlifting meet at Albany Strength. It went very well. I knew I was gonna do well and I told ya so.

Like my Instagram post says, my best pr’s from yesterday:

Squat = 150 lbs.

Bench = 155 lbs.

Deadlift = 290 lbs.

Total score = 595 lbs.

I smashed all the numbers I wanted to smash except I missed one lift. Attempted 300 lbs. as my final attempt on deadlift but missed. Oh well, people there were really hoping I would smash 300 lbs… even the owner/director of Albany Strength who is John was hoping I would smash a 300 lbs. but didn’t have it in me unfortunately.

Even though I missed the big 300 lb. deadlift, I’m still pretty proud of these numbers ’cause I really brought them up, big. Even the owner/director of Albany Strength who’s name is John Payette was shocked that my numbers were way up this year. I just simply told him that I’ve been working extremely hard. Hard work pays off.

Ya know, when you miss lifts at powerlifting meets, the last thing you want to do is feel bad about it. You don’t ever want to feel bad about missing lifts ’cause everyone misses lifts at powerlifting meets. Even the greatest powerlifters you see miss lifts too. There were plenty lifters that were missing lifts all over. It’s not a big deal so just be proud of the effort.

Some of you may say, why did I miss the 300 lbs. deadlift? Truthfully, I blame it on those 100 lb. weight plates ’cause they felt wicked heavy. I was able to smash 300 lbs. at the gym at the YMCA but at Albany Strength, I couldn’t do it. Is there a difference between the Y’s weight plates and Albany Strength weight plates? Could be. I’m pretty sure I didn’t lose some deadlifting strength, maybe I did, I don’t know. Maybe I maxed out on deadlift a bit too early before competition.  Maybe I didn’t “peak” and “taper” correctly, I don’t know. I’ll figure out what happened. At the Battenkill Y, I’ll try to attempt a 300 lb. deadlift again and see what happens. I’m pretty sure it’s the difference in weight plates.

Like I said, I don’t feel bad about missing a 300 lb. deadlift, I feel proud that I went for it anyways. I feel proud that I brought it and put on a show like I’ve been promising. I didn’t disappoint the spectators which was the goal.

John the owner of Albany Strength says there’s going to be another powerlifting meet in August so I have plenty of time to really bring my numbers up for the next one. I think I’m going to have to train at Albany Strength more often ’cause it’s a wicked cool gym. I’ll figure out how I’m gonna get there. I don’t have a membership at Albany Strength but I can get in with a $5 day pass.

After the meet got over with, I got a lot of compliments by a lot of people. People told me “Good job”, got a lot of hand shakes, fist bumps and high fives.

It was a great time like always. Met some cool new people and it’s always a blast watching the other lifters and cheering them all on. I love powerlifting. It’s becoming a huge obsession.

Now I have plenty of video footage, I’ll finish the rest of “My Story – Part 2” this week.


It is now 1 week out of powerlifting meet at Albany Strength… the meet is this coming Saturday…

Well, today I’m planning to hit the gym for back day but it’s gonna be another light, easy and quick day of lifting. I am done heavy lifting until meet day this coming Sat. March 30th at Albany Strength. Starting tomorrow, I’m gonna take 5 days off of gym ’cause I need plenty of resting and healing before meet day. Want to keep my strength so I can do well and kick ass on meet day March 30th.

That’s how you want to do powerlifting. Spend months and months with strength training but when it comes getting close to meet time, you gotta start calming down on the lifting by doing light weights and then take some days off before meet day.

So this week, I’m not gonna do much of anything. Don’t want to do too many physical things at all. I got to do stuff this week to get my mind off the competition. Gotta do stuff like play my guitar, play video games, watch movies, do some reading, etc. I’m also gonna start filming for “My Story – Part 2” this week as well.

I’m getting pretty stoked for my third powerlifting meet at Albany Strength gym this coming Saturday. I’m not nervous at all as I’m very confident that I’m gonna kick ass and bring it like I’ve been promising. I know I’m gonna do well. Of course, I’m gonna film all kinds of video footage of the meet for “My Story – Part 2”.

Can’t wait for March 30th, it’s gonna be a great day.


Plans for my power lifting meet at Albany Strength next Saturday…

So now it’s one-week out of the Power Lifting meet at Albany Strength next Saturday, I gotta start planning all my attempts for the big three lifts for that day. I’m gonna go for the numbers that I can do with good form, but I think I’m gonna challenge myself on a few things to get new PR’s that day.

I’m gonna write these planned attempts on a piece of paper and bring it with me to the meet.

Here are my 3 planned attempts for all three lifts for March 30th meet:


Squat: Attempt 1 – 115 lbs. Attempt 2 – 135 lbs. Attempt 3 – 150 lbs.

Bench: Attempt 1 – 135 lbs. Attempt 2 – 150 lbs. Attempt 3 – 160 lbs.

Deadlift: Attempt 1 – 285 Attempt 2 – 300 lbs. Attempt 3 – 315 lbs.


For bench, I wasn’t able to get 160 lbs. at all lately. I’ve got it once before and hoping to get it again next Saturday. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to unracking the bar myself instead of having someone give me a lift-off? That could be the reason I wasn’t able to hit 160 ’cause I was unracking the bar myself and making me weaker. If I have a spotter give me a lift-off, then maybe I’ll definitely smash a 160 lb. bench easily? I’m gonna give it a shot.

As for deadlift, I’m planning to challenge myself with a 315 lb. Last time I maxed out on deadlift at the gym a few weeks ago, I smashed an easy 310 and felt like I could do a little more. I think I’ll be able to smash a 315 with no problem. 315 lbs. is gonna be tough and I’m probably gonna be a little shaky but I think I can do it. We’ll see.

When you do a powerlifting meet, you have to make your opening attempts an easy lift. When I watch live powerlifting online, a lot of lifters open too heavy which is why they miss too many lifts. I’m not gonna do that. It’s a smart thing to do is to open your attempt pretty easy. Your second attempt should be easy too, semi-heavy but something manageable, ya know? When you want to challenge yourself with the big ones, that should ALWAYS be your final attempt. Make the first two pretty easy and then challenge yourself last.

If I happen to miss the 160 bench and the 315 deadlift then who cares? Not the end of the world. Just move on and keep working for it.

I’m getting excited for the next Power Lifting meet, though. The meets at Albany Strength are such a blast. I love showing off what I can do and love watching other lifters as well.

Btw, it seems like people are already enjoying the “My Story” video. 30 views on youtube and almost 80 views on FB. Not too bad.

The next “My Story” video will be the Albany Strength powerlifting meet so I think that video will definitely get a lot more views then. I’m already thinking about and plotting what “My Story – Part 2” is gonna be. “My Story” is gonna be an ongoing series, I think.


“The Brock’s Videoblog: My Story – Part 1″…. it’s online now!

Hope you guys enjoy. I had to re-upload this video a couple of times ’cause I noticed some issues with “volume” in some scenes so I had to get that taken care of. Now I think it’s perfect and ready to go online.

Enjoy, y’all. This is only the beginning of “My Story” and I’m only getting started.


I’m so glad that I’ve gotten into powerlifting full time, it’s totally worth it!!!

I’ve decided to get into powerlifting training full time ever since my first powerlifting meet back in Aug. of 2018. Before then, I never saw myself as a powerlifter. I always saw myself as a bodybuilder type of lifter. How did I discover and got myself into powerlifting?

Well, it’s kind of a funny story. What happened was I got these friends in facebook who are powerlifters. They do powerlifting meets all the freakin’ time and I watch their live videos of their meets every time they do one. I would comment on their videos a lot giving them compliments on their lifting and stuff. I told them that they are inspiring me to get into “powerlifting” and one of them ended up inviting me to a powerlifting meet at Albany Strength which was a push/pull meet. A meet that had only deadlifting/bench press. Originally at that first meet on Aug. 31st 2018, I wasn’t going to be in it and compete. I originally just wanted to be a spectator and just watch live in person. One of my friends who is a pro powerlifter ended up asking me to compete in the meet myself and I’m like, “Okay, as long as I’m going to be there might as well try out my very first powerlifting meet which was a success”. After that first meet, I became obsessed and hooked with powerlifting. Since that first powerlifting meet, I’ve been doing some serious strength training and doing a lot of barbell stuff. I’ve been doing the big three lifts: squats, deadlift and bench ever since that first meet.

I’ve always been a hypertrophy type of trainer and now I’ve gotten into strength training full time. It’s worth it, though ’cause I’m feeling stronger and stronger each week. Yes, you can get strong doing regular “bodybuilding” style of training but you’ll get stronger even quicker with powerlifting. Since I’ve gotten into powerlifting full time, does this mean I’m no longer a bodybuilder? No. I’m doing both full time. To get strong in powerlifting meets, you’ve got to continue to do hypertrophy training ’cause that’s part of building strength too. Big muscles helps get you stronger so you got to continue to build muscle too.

My goal in life is not only look great and muscular, I want to be able to get real strong as well. I want to lift the bigger weights and powerlifting will help me get there. I love powerlifting. It’s a great sport to get into and ANYBODY can get into the sport. I want to get real strong ’cause I hate being weak. At my first powerlifting meet, I admittedly started off pretty easy but it’s a good thing to do for a beginner powerlifter. I’m only getting started.

I’m noticing that my squat personal record has finally caught up with my bench press p.r. My squat personal record is 150 lbs. and my bench press is 155 lbs. I’m not quite at 160 for bench but I’m going to give that number another try at the meet on March 30th. I’ll do strength training on bench for the next couple of weeks to see if I can hit 160 on meet day. I want to get lucky and hit the bigger numbers on meet day. While my latest p.r. on deadlift is 310 lbs., I’m going to challenge myself and try to lift a 315 deadlift as my third attempt. I’m going to work up to that number too.

I’m getting stoked for my third powerlifting meet on March 30th which is in a few weeks. For the next few weeks, I got to do more strength training and one week before the meet, I’ve got to do something called “de-load”. What does “De-load” mean? It means you’ve got to lift everything lighter for a whole week and I plan on doing just that. I don’t want to fatigue myself and wear my body out before meet day. I want to keep my strength for meet day so I can lift the bigger numbers. I hope to lift a 160 bench on meet day and I’m gonna give it a try as my third attempt. If I can’t get it again then oh well, better luck next time but I promise March 30th will be a great day for me and I won’t disappoint the audience and won’t disappoint the judges. I hope to get three white lights on everything. Gonna do my very best.