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Megan Fox and U2 on SNL last night…

I never really watch SNL anymore, but I had to watch the SNL 35th premiere last night ’cause my favorite celebrity woman, Megan Fox, was on last night. I kept thinking to myself that the new episode would be a stinker and a borefest, but it wasn’t. It was surprisingly entertaining and actually funny all the way through.

Meg did a good job hosting.

I’m glad she is appearing on TV more often. As for U2 they were pretty good as usual, but I thought it was kind of silly that Bono was singing through a glow in the dark microphone toward the end of it, and Bono was swinging back and forth on the mic like a kid at the playground.

Usually SNL ends with their “ending” theme with the SNL band, but they ended the show with U2 playing a third song while the credits were rolling. Maybe this is a new way of SNL ending their shows from now on, their musical guests will end the show, not the SNL band.

Today’s SNL is kind of getting better and improving. I like Seth Myers, Will Forte, and Andy Samberg the newer guys. I used to like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but they’re no longer on the show although they still make occasional appearances.

I only watch SNL if there is a good host on, I don’t watch it every week.


Report: SNL’s “MacGruber” coming to the big screen, with Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillipe in talks to join cast…

Will Forte’s popular character on SNL, “MacGruber” is coming to theaters near you. Of course, Will Forte will be playing MacGruber, which is a parody of the classic TV series, MacGyver, obviously. Actors Val Kilmer, and Ryan Phillipe are in talks to join the cast of the film.

It is no secret that Hollywood makes films adapted from SNL characters over the years. With films such as “The Blues Brothers”, “Wayne’s World”, “Coneheads”, and the two Roxbury brothers in “Night at the Roxbury” that starred Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan, the two guys that bop their head to the “What Is Love” song.

Variety Reports:


Very cool. I like MacGruber, funny stuff. The film ought to be funny too if they do it right.


Thought: Lost my appreciation for “The Rock”…

I used to love “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, he used to be a hero and I’ve idolized the guy for years ever since back when he was in WWE. When he turned his back on wrestling and became a movie star, he came out with a few good movies like “The Rundown”, “Scorpion King”, “Get Smart”, and “Walking Tall”…those were really great flicks, in my opinion.

Everything he has done after that: “Doom”, “The Gridiron Gang”, “The Game Plan”, and “The Race to Witch Mountain” hasn’t been interesting.

The Rock has been known to be this bad ass tough guy that we all loved to look after him. You know the most electrifying man in entertainment is gone. The dude is no longer interesting anymore. WWE wants the Rock to come back to wrestling for a few occasional appearances, but Rocky turns it down everytime ’cause he’s too busy making movies.

The Rock not only turned his back on profesional wrestling, he also turned his back on all the wrestling fans that loved him. The Rock won’t come back to WWE for a small run for his wrestling fans. I am beginning to think that the Rock is a big egomaniac, a self absorbed sellout that only cares for himself.

At least come back to Wrestlemania for one last final match, Rocky, come on!!!!! We all want to see the Rock layeth the smackdown for one last time. We all miss the Rock in WWE terribly, the WWE hasn’t been the same without him. He’s no longer interesting anymore. He’s turning himself into a mainstream celebrity. He no longer wants to be seen as a pro wrestler anymore.

I saw him host Saturday Night Live last night, there hasn’t been one segment where he brought his Rock WWE character back, so I guess he wants to act like that his wrestling character don’t exist anymore, since he is going under Dwayne Johnson, not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Rock is a sellout, and a fame whore. Go ahead and ignore the wrestling fans dude. Continue to promote yourself in the mainstream. We wrestling fans want the Rock back to wrestling at least for a one time only appearance, but the Rock keeps turning his back on us. He’s no longer the Rock anymore. He’s no longer the People’s champ. He’s no longer the electrifying man in sports entertainment to perform in front of “millions and millions” of Rock fans.

The Rock is no longer cool anymore as he once was. Come on Dwayne, go back to the tough guy image, you don’t need the celebrity thing.


Tonight’s Saturday Night Live Weekend Update special on NBC…

I watched the tonight’s “Saturday Night Live – Weekend Update” special for the Elections. And it was a LOL riot fest! I laughed hard throughout the whole thing! It was hilarious!

I find the 2nd Obama/McCain Debate spoof to be the best skit of the entire show. During that Debate 2 with Obama/McCain was mostly making fun of Tom Brokaw’s “time limits” when speaking. Bill Murray who is a former SNL star made a cameo during that skit and he was hilarious as usual.

Rumours were swirling that the real Sarah Palin herself was supposed to do a cameo but I didn’t see her on there. Look like Sarah is not on tonight but she will be on in the future, definitely sometime before the Elections happen.

SNL “Weekend Update” spin off was great. SNL should do this more often.