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I’m starting to trust the Judiciary Watch more than Trey Gowdy’s “Select Committee” on Benghazi investigation…

Everybody wants to treat Trey Gowdy like a hero during the Benghazi investigation but is he really? I’m starting to believe that Trey Gowdy is just another bitch for Obama who is in on the cover-up for the Benghazi crime. I mean, other Conservatives in America are going, “Go Trey Go, bring ’em down” and all that stuff but even conservatives are so blind that they don’t understand that the Gowdy’s Select Committee may even be involved on the cover-up. Keep in mind, that the “Select Committee” was started by Speaker Boehner who is also Obama’s bitch. I think the “Select Committee” was started so they can help protect the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.

When I wrote about not too long ago that the Judiciary Watch forced the Pentagon to hand over the important Benghazi documents and they revealed the truth that this administration KNEW that Benghazi was Islamic Terrorism from the get go… you have to ask yourself… how come Trey Gowdy and his Select Committee didn’t tell us this? Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee seems to be so slow and they haven’t revealed any big bombshells about Barack and Hillary yet… so here comes the Judiciary Watch revealing some major bombshells that the administration knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack all along. How come the Judiciary Watch got this info before Trey? Why is Trey so slow on everything and the Judiciary Watch seems to be getting more Benghazi truth more quickly?

Do you conservatives out there really wanna trust Trey’s “Select Committee”??? I used to believe in Trey’s “Select Committee” but I’m losing my faith in him.

The Judiciary Watch seems to be more believable and more trusting, they don’t seem to be protecting anybody. It’s interesting how this info haven’t been brought in Gowdy’s “Select Committee” yet.



Hillary Clinton agrees to testify in front of Trey Gowdy for Benghazi Select Committee…

What do you guys think? Think she can handle Trey Gowdy? I think no. Yeah, all Hillary is gonna do is lie her head off and defend herself. I think she’s gonna try to clarify herself when she said, “What difference does it make” ’cause you know Trey is gonna bring that up. I don’t think she can handle a guy like Trey. Knowing how tough he gets, he’s not gonna put up with her lies. I hope Trey destroys her. Hillary better be ready for this one! She could walk out crying. He’s definitely gonna get on her pretty hard. I hope she does show up for this!


I did watch yesterday’s Benghazi hearing on the live streaming and it was interesting. As usual each time Trey testifies somebody, they seem to be uncooperative. Always lying and protecting certain people. When will Trey ever get honest witnesses for once? I’m tired of people protecting Barack and Hillary.