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“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” official poster is finally out…

Great poster. While it is a great poster, there’s still no Luke Skywalker. How come Luke is not on the poster? Why all the secrecy toward Luke? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out for ourselves when we see the film in a few months. Hopefully, they show Luke in the new trailer tomorrow ’cause like it says here… a new trailer of “The Force Awakens” will get aired during “Monday Night Football”. I’m sure the new trailer will get put online after the game. Yes, you can see Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia on the photo but no Luke.

Can’t wait for this film. I’m looking forward to it too.


What is Chewie screaming about in this new “The Force Awakens” still???

Edit to add: Actually this still isn’t from “The Force Awakens” at all. It’s a still from the “Empire Strikes Back” when Chewie got mad that the door closed ’cause Han Solo didn’t come back to base. My bad. I remember that scene too.


Some interesting character news from the “Star Wars: the Force Awakens”…

Since today is Star Wars day, I thought it be cool to give you some interesting Star Wars news in the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” coming out in Dec.

First off, who is “Game of Thrones” star Gwendoline Christie is playing? Well, Gwendoline’s character is gonna be Captain Phasma, who is that armored stormtrooper with that large gun you see in the second trailer. So Gwendoline’s character was seen in the trailer. Pretty cool. Gwendoline was heavily armored as Brienne Maid of Tarth in “Games of Thrones” and looks like she’s gonna be heavily armored again in Star Wars.


In this article you can see Adam Driver as Kylo Ren unmasked and they reveal who Lupita Nyongo will be playing. Lupita will be playing a CGI character named, Maz Kanata.


For some reason though, they are not letting us see Luke Skywalker yet. Wonder why JJ is being secretive on Luke? There’s gotta be some deep story with Luke that we don’t know about yet. I’d like to see the new Leia too.

I really can’t wait for “The Force Awakens” like most people, though.


Mark Hamill admits to being a little skeptical of JJ doing Star Wars 7 “The Force Awakens”…

Pretty interesting. Mark Hamill is just like most of Star Wars fans. He at first was a little skeptical of JJ directing Star Wars. He was a little “cautious” about it but then Hamill admits he jumped aboard the Star Wars 7 cast ’cause he was afraid that the die-hards would get angry at him and would probably protest if he said “No”.

I agree that would happen if Mark Hamill said no to returning. I mean, look at what Billy Dee Williams is going through. Billy Dee is not playing Lando in “The Force Awakens” and a lot of fans are upset about it. That is probably why Harrison and Carrie had to jump aboard the film as well to avoid an angry mob of fans. Everyone was expecting a Star Wars reunion. They got everybody except for Billy Dee obviously. Who knows, maybe Billy Dee still has a surprising cameo appearance in “The Force Awakens” though… we’ll have to wait and see. JJ is always full of surprises and secrets.

Luke Skywalker is probably not gonna be in “The Force Awakens” that much but at least he’ll be in it. It’s looking like that Han Solo is gonna get the most screen time for “The Force Awakens”.

I can’t wait for this film, though. I hope this will be the “Star Wars” film that we all can walk out of the theaters with huge smiles on our faces this time. I’m sure that will happen.



Not a lotof people are talking about John Williams score in “The Force Awakens” trailer…

How about that score by John Williams in the new “Star Wars” trailer, hey?

Yes, in the opening of the trailer when it shows the wrecked Star Destroyer… you hear the old music from “A New Hope” but the rest of the trailer is all new music composed by John Williams.

I think it was the music of John Williams who helped get fans pumped up for the next film. Without the music of John Williams, then the trailer would have been less-interesting.

I’m just posting the trailer again ’cause it’s fuckin’ badass. I’ll admit that I was skeptical of JJ doing this film at first but now I think it’s gonna be great. Star Wars fanatics should be happy with this one.



2nd trailer of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is here and it gave me goosebumps!!! WOW!!!!

I’m blown away by this trailer. The trailer was very well done and this is HOW you make a movie trailer. I figure this trailer will get Star Wars fans pumped up and they did a good job doing just that.

Luke Skywalker does appear in the trailer, he’s the one with the mechanical hand touching R2D2 and Mark Hamill is obviously doing the voice overs. Princess Leia does appear in the trailer but you can’t see her face. Leia is seen handing someone a light saber. When Leia hands someone a light saber, did you noticed a ring on her finger? Is she and Han Solo married in this movie? That’s what it’s looking like to me. Who is Leia handing the light saber to?

Seeing Han Solo finally is fucking badass as well! Predictably Han Solo still looks the same except he’s much older now obviously.

As expected, this looks to be an action-packed Star Wars movie that would get fans jumping up and down on their seats excitedly feeling like a little kid again.

I’m blown away with the trailer. I’m sure we will see much more in Trailer #3. I’m sure they’ll let us see Luke’s and Leia’s face in the next one.

Will we see Luke Skywalker back in light saber action? I’m almost positive we will see Luke swinging the light saber around again ’cause fans will be disappointed if we don’t see Luke in action again. I’m sure it’s gonna be Luke vs. Kylo Ren at the end of the film.

I can’t fucking wait though! I’m definitely gonna try to see this on opening day.