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Cool Photo: Warner Bros. thanks Pittsburgh in a unique way…

Christopher Nolan and the film crew of Warner Bros. wrapped up their summer filming of “The Dark Knight: Rises” in Pittsburgh, P.A. That photo above is created by Warner Bros. for a Pittsburgh local newspaper.

The film crew will next head to Los Angeles and New York City to film the rest of the movie.

More on it, here.

Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” is currently filming now as well. Warner Bros. hard at work with both “Superman” and “Batman”. I’m looking forward to both of these films.

“The Dark Knight: Rises” is looking great so far though. Can’t wait to see more behind the scenes pics when they hit Los Angeles and New York. Hopefully we’ll get a pic of Anne Hathaway in the full Catwoman costume soon.


Cool Video: Bane blows up Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh, Steelers, on the set of “The Dark Knight: Rises”…

Controversial behind the scenes footage of “The Dark Knight: Rises” leaks to youtube. As some of you know, the legendary NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers make their cameo for the movie. Here is their scene in the video below. Tom Hardy as Bane warns everyone that he will take control of Gotham and later he blows up Heinz Field, as the extras in the crowd cheer on.

The explosion in the video is obviously fake but the editing department will add the real explosion in with CGI and stuff when the final take of the scene is done.

Check out the interesting videos below. So far, “The Dark Knight: Rises” looks to be a thrilling movie. Hope it’s just as good as the second movie.


Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle looks like Julie Newmar’s version of Catwoman…

So Warner Bros. showed us what Bane looks like for the “Dark Knight: Rises”, here is what Anne Hathaway looks like as Selina Kyle. Selina in the first pic is not quite in the Catwoman costume yet. She’s wearing the black leather suit, but no cat ears yet. Look like we’ll see Selina Kyle throughout most of “Dark Knight: Rises” and Catwoman won’t show until the end of the film. This isn’t the Catwoman suit yet, and I’m sure Warner Bros. will show us what Catwoman will look like soon. So far Anne Hathaway looks very much like Julie Newmar from the classic TV series. Look like Selina stole the bat-pod.

Warner Bros. is hard at work with both Batman and Superman, they are on a roll.


Cool Photos & Videos: Batman vs. Bane for “The Dark Knight: Rises”

Christopher Nolan’s next Batman flick, “The Dark Knight: Rises” is currently filming and photos and videos of filming the movie have been leaked online. Here are photos and videos of Batman vs. Bane fighting outside of the City Hall building while there’s a brawl going on with other people. I don’t think that’s Christian Bale in the Batman suit, doesn’t look like him. Looks like a stunt double for sure. Still cool to watch though.

Enjoy these, here.


Cool Photo: Warner Bros. releases Superman and The Dark Knight teaser poster!!!

Warner Bros. just released this poster yesterday. Now to keep in mind, this isn’t just a Batman poster, it’s Superman as well. Look closely, you can clearly see the Superman S shield on the first building on the left. This means that both Superman and Batman are coming to theaters in the Summer of 2012. So the Summer of 2012, will be a big year for superhero movies indeed! Very cool poster and already psyched for both movies. Yes, I will see both films in theater as I love both characters as well.


Report: “The Dark Knight: Rises” to film in Pittsburgh, P.A. this summer…

The Pittsburgh Film Office announced today that “The Dark Knight: Rises” will be filming in the city of Pittsburgh, P.A., later this Summer. Look like Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan will film the new Batman film before the new, Superman film. Pittsburgh does look Gotham City like so I can see why they would film there.

You know Christopher Nolan, he likes to film in real locations and not in a movie studio with green screens.

Deadline, reports.


Report: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Dark Knight: Rises” character revealed, Juno Temple as a street-smart Gotham girl?

Wow, Christopher Nolan is on a roll. He’s a hard working man. Going back and forth from “Batman” and “Superman”. First Nolan hires Diane Lane and Kevin Costner for the new “Superman” flick. Next here comes two new castings confirmed for, “The Dark Knight: Rises”.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is indeed signed on to the new Batman flick, WB’s kept quiet on what role he will be playing, but his character has already been leaked to the web. Gordon-Levitt will be playing, the Holiday Killer, Alberto Falcone from, “The Long Halloween” graphic novel.

The role for Juno Temple is still being kept secret, but they gave us a clue that she will play a street-smart Gotham girl. That’s a hint that she’ll be playing a costumed character, either a villain or a hero.

See the full article at, Variety.

I was thinking Juno Temple will be playing Harley Quinn, but since the Joker won’t be coming back, it can’t be possible. Harley Quinn only works if Joker is around.

There are two other young characters in the Batman comics that she would be most fitting for. She could be playing Stephanie Brown, the female Robin or Batgirl. If you knew the Batman comics, Stephanie Brown was both Robin and Batgirl. I bet that’s who Juno will be playing, Stephanie Brown. Obvious prediction.

I have read, “The Long Halloween” graphic novel. I have it in my book collection. It seems Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy have been borrowing a lot of plot ideas from that novel. They still continue to borrow stuff too, I’ve noticed.


In defense of the Robin character…

Why is there a lot of hatred for this Robin character? I don’t understand it! Whenever a new Batman movie is on the way, and whenever the Robin character is mentioned, the character will get a lot of negative criticism by the fans. A new rumor for Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight: Rises” hit the web recently that Robin might be introduced to the new film. It kind of makes sense to bring in Robin for the next film. If you’re going to use Bane as the main villain for the next Dark Knight flick, might as well use Robin then. Bane was mostly used in “Batman & Robin” comics and animated series.

Why was the character, Robin, brought into the Batman franchise? Try to remember that Bruce Wayne’s parentsĀ  were murderedĀ  in a random mugging in the alleys of Gotham. BruceĀ  had nothing growing up. His parents being murdered, ruined his life forever. So Bruce trained himself into crime fighting to what he would become, Batman, later on. Batman needed a crime fighting partner. So Bruce, preferred that partner to be young. When he got together with Dick Grayson the first Robin, Bruce taught him detective work, taught him some fighting skills and acrobatic stuff. The reason for Robin is that not only that he would be a good crime fighting partner, Bruce is trying to recreate what he lost in his childhood, a family. Bruce wanted to be a part of something he never had growing up.

Even if Robin may possibly be used for the next Batman flick, I don’t think it’s going to be throughout the whole movie. Maybe Robin maybe mentioned very briefly, maybe he will get a small cameo at the end of the movie or somewhere in the middle. Robin have always been an important character of the Batman franchise. He was created hoping to attract children to the Batman franchise too.

I have no problem with the Robin character. Robin is also a useful crime fighting partner. He is smarter than Batman. Faster than Batman and more mysterious. I find it kind of funny how a lot of people like Hit-Girl from “Kick Ass” and everyone is hating on Robin, what’s wrong with that picture? What ever they do with Robin, I’m sure Chris Nolan won’t fail us. In Christopher Nolan, I trust.