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Thoughts on Matt Lauer firing, there are sexual predators everywhere you look, not just in Hollywood!

Why are people surprised about the firing of Matt Lauer? I’m not! I never liked that asshole anyways to begin with so good riddance! Lauer had the word “creep” written all over him for many years so I’m not surprised.

On top of that, there are sexual predators everywhere you look like the title of this topic says. It doesn’t just exist in Hollywood. There are predators in politics, journalism, sports and there are predators in real life too. They’re everywhere sadly!

It’s just that these predator men hide it very well. How are they able to get away with it after all these years? Well they probably found a way to silence the victim like giving them hush money, threatening their lives and sometimes the victims are afraid to speak out.

One thing for sure though, I find it unfair that so many people are bashing the victim for speaking out about it after all these years. Some of them are like, “Why didn’t the victim speak out about this a long time ago?” Well think of it this way… maybe the victim is afraid to speak about it ’cause he/she feels it’s a hard topic to talk about. Maybe they refused to talk about it publicly ’cause they’re trying to get it out of their minds, ya know? Maybe the victim is afraid they would get in trouble if they spoke about it. Now that all of this is going on, they just feel it’s the right time to talk about it. Now more victims are coming forward, they feel more comfortable coming forward. So give the victims a break.

Yeah, there are predators everywhere. They can be even your close friends and family. Be more aware of your surroundings and watch who you trust ’cause you’ll never know someone’s true character. There are a lot of sickos and pervs out there,  it’s crazy!

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of InfoWars, but this is a great article in regards to Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing” tape. If you’re still upset about Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing” comments, maybe you’ll have a different feeling about that now that Lauer and NBC got busted since they were the ones who leaked the tape so enjoy this read:


It’s funny… NBC tried to make Trump  look like a sexual predator and now Matt Lauer gets exposed as a predator. This is the same network that gets all over Bill O’ Reilly and Roy Moore for sexual misconduct. Everybody in liberal Hollywood tried to make Trump look like a sexual predator but they get exposed for doing the same.

So does this make Trump innocent over the “Pussy Grabbing” stuff? Oh yes, absolutely! NBC started all of that, remember that.


Cool Video: Did Matt Lauer and Kanye West quietly bury the hatchet behind the scenes???

Everyone knows about that heated feud between Matt Lauer vs. Kanye West on the “Today Show” that one morning. Well, Kanye showed up performing one of his new songs. He was obviously lip synching, but singers have to lip synch ’cause it would sound like shit if it was sung live outside. Matt was the one that gave Kanye the introduction, so Matt obviously had no problem giving him the introduction. If Matt still hated Kanye, Matt wouldn’t do it. So I think this is good enough proof that Kanye and Matt did indeed bury the hatchet privately.

Kanye looks like he’s having fun up there. Isn’t it weird how the public didn’t boo Kanye or throw bottles at him?


Report: Matt Lauer injured in bicycle accident…almost got hit by a deer…

Matt Lauer, the head anchor of “The Today Show”, was slightly injured while riding a bicycle in Long Island. A deer jumped out in front of him which caused Matt to do a flip off the bike and crash onto the ground. Matt had a separated shoulder, and scheduled to have surgery Monday. He was wearing a helmet, thank god.

The Associated Press reports:


I think the Natasha Richardson death is a wake up call that all should wear helmets when doing physical activities. Whether you’re skiing, bike riding, running, riding a motorcycle, etc. Think where Matt would have ended up if he didn’t wear a helmet. He would have been knocked out cold or worse, he could have died instantly too. So at least he wore a helmet.


Report: Matt Lauer not doing his “Where In the World…” series this year for the Today Show…

Sesame Street is not the only victim on TV of a bad economy. Even Matt Lauer host of “The Today Show” is also. Every year for the national news show, “The Today Show”, Matt will have his own series titled, “Where in the World Is Matt Lauer”. It’s a show where Matt will travel to different places all over the world and you have to guess where he is. He is not doing it this year ’cause the bad economy is not letting him afford his world trips. Instead of doing world trips, you will have to guess where he is in the United States.

Variety Reports: