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Confirmed: Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son) to star in “Karate Kid” remake…

Jaden Smith, who is the real life son of iconic actor Will Smith, is set to star the leading role in “The Karate Kid” remake. Yes, Jaden Smith is confirmed to play the Daniel Laruso character in his version of “The Karate Kid”. Jaden Smith’s character probably won’t have the Daniel Laruso name since Jaden is black, so the writers will probably give the leading character a new name to be more fitting.

The film is being written by Chris Murphy and the remake will have the similar plot from the original version, a film about a young boy who moves to a different town with his mother, gets bullied by older kids just for going after a love interest and he learns to defend himself by learning karate from a martial arts master. Look like this remake will be aimed toward the black community kind of like “The Wiz” being remade from “The Wizard of Oz” as an example.

Variety Reports:


Will we get a cameo by Ralph Macchio in a different role in the remake? Maybe Macchio will even be Jaden’s trainer in the film? They better give Macchio a role in this film ’cause the film will probably bomb if Macchio isn’t in it. Ralph Macchio is a full grown adult now (he’s in his 40’s now believe it or not, he’s no kid anymore), he doesn’t do acting anymore, but mostly directing films but it’s appropriate if he appears in the remake.

I love the Karate Kid movies. I like all three of them. I don’t like the 4th one with Hillary Swank though.


Report: Spielberg and Will Smith to remake “Oldboy”?

Will Smith may finally get his chance in doing a film with Steven Spielberg. Smith and Spielberg never did a movie together. Universal Studios is in negotiations with Steven Spielberg to direct and Will Smith to star the lead in the remake of “Oldboy” which Dreamworks is in the process of securing the remake rights.

“Oldboy” is a 2003 Korean film which is about a man who gets kidnapped and gets held in a shabby cell for 15 years without explanation. Suddenly, he is released, been given money, clothes, and a cell phone, and vows to get revenge on whoever destroyed his life.

Spielberg had always wanted to make a film with Will Smith and the opportunity may actually happen.

Variety Reports:


I’ve always wanted to see Spielberg and Smith work together too. This is going to be cool. Looking forward to it.


Report: Warner Bros. greenlights “I Am Legend” prequel…with Will Smith returning…

Warner Bros. studios has greenlighted a prequel to the hit film “I Am Legend” that stars Will Smith. Since the film made a sky rocketing $584 million worldwide, Warner Bros. wanted to keep the franchise going but since it is difficult to make a sequel of the film, it’s leading character was killed at the end, they had no choice but to make it a prequel instead to keep Will Smith as the leading star.

Will Smith is set to return as Robert Neville and director Francis Lawrence is set to return to direct again.

The prequel will focus on the final days of humanity in New York City before a man-made virus caused a plague that made Neville the only survivor. The prequel will explain why the virus turned human beings into monsters. The film will probably show Neville’s normal life before the city was attacked.

Variety Reports:


Good idea for a prequel. I liked “I Am Legend” it was entertaining. There are lots of unexplained questions in the film that needs to be answered and there is a need of a prequel I think. I’d say bring it on! I’d go see it.


Report: Will Smith named the most richest actor in the world…

While Will Smith may not look like a rich man, he truly is. Will Smith may walk around public hardily ever wearing suits or expensive tuxedos, he just wears normal and casual clothing like all of us. He never rides in expensive limos, he just drives regular cars like all of us. He’s just a normal person that he don’t have to look like a rich person, he’s just being himself like he’s always been his whole life.

Forbes compiled a list of Hollywood actors who make the most money from the movies they make, of course, it’s no surprise to me that Will Smith tops them all. Johnny Depp comes second and Eddie Murphy comes third.

More on it here:


Of course, Will Smith is the richest actor in the world. That is no surprise. The Big Willie style made hit after hit, pretty much all of his movies are hits. I don’t think he ever made a film that bombed once. He’s pretty smart and intelligent at choosing the right films that fits him.

While his acting in films is okay, he is an entertaining actor and that’s what he’s in it for, he’s an entertainer. I’m sure he’s still getting checks from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.