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5 of John Lennon’s best songs…

Lennon was gunned down 31 years ago today, and I thought it would be cool to post my favorite Lennon songs in his solo career.

Here they are:

  • ImagineI could listen to this song a 100 times a day and would never get bored. We all should love it. It’s his anthem.
  • Cold Turkey  – This song is true rock n’ roll at it’s best. Lennon sounds angry in this song and definitely had a message to say in it.
  • Working Class Hero This is one of my favorite acoustic songs of all time. I could probably do a cover of it myself.
  • Give Peace A ChanceJust a beautiful song, period.
  • Power to the PepoleLennon was definitely the best at writing songs about Peace and Love. He definitely helped changed the world with his songs.

That’s it, enjoy, and RIP Lennon.


Happy 70th Birthday – John Lennon

Today is the day we celebrate the great music of John Lennon, who touched and inspired everyone’s lives, including mine. If he was still alive, he would have been 70 today. If he was still alive, I’m sure he’ll still be doing what he has always done, make music. If he was still alive, I can still see him releasing albums, touring, still being in a healthy relationship with Yoko and the rest of the Lennon family, etc. Just imagine how Yoko and their sons will be celebrating John’s birthday today. I’m sure they’ll be celebrating in a special way.

RIP John.



Thought: What if Mark David Chapman did get released from prison on parole?

I know Mark David Chapman got denied parole for the 6th time just recently, but what if he was accepted? What would his life be like outside of prison? The reason Mark killed John Lennon was that he wanted Lennon’s fame, everyone knows that. Do I think Mark would kill again if he did get out of prison for parole? In my opinion, I don’t think he would. I’m not defending the guy, don’t get me wrong. I think when he killed John Lennon that day, Mark thought he was going to take his fame and today, I’m sure Mark realized that didn’t solve anything.  Mark just wanted to kill, John Lennon. That’s it, nobody else. Read Mark David Chapman’s history for proof that his only mission was to kill John and he got it.

Reading Mark’s history, he had a lot of problems in his life. He had a huge obsession with Lennon ever since he was a child. His favorite band has always been, The Beatles, which would be the only band he would listen to through his whole life. I don’t think he would have killed Paul, Ringo or George…John was his only target. I don’t think he would kill Lennon’s surviving family members either, that would be Yoko Ono and their sons.

So do I think Mark deserves a second chance at life out of prison?

Yes and No.

For the yes, I can see him being on the outside, trying to change to become a better person, getting more professional help and all that. He probably wants to be with his wife, Gloria full time, also. For the no, he killed a rock n’ roll legend, a legend that meant a lot to so many music fans. I don’t think Mark was all that dangerous of a monster, he just killed Lennon in a fit of jealous rage, that was all. Maybe he does deserve freedom on the outside, maybe he doesn’t. I can understand Yoko and their sons being afraid of this man, but I think there is a possibility that Mark respects Yoko and her family.

Who knows, maybe Mark already became a better person while in prison ’cause over the years he has been in prison for good behavior reading his history which is why he kept getting awarded for parole possibility. Again, I’m not defending the guy, I hated what he did, but I don’t really see him a dangerous animal though. He was just a crazed Beatles fan that made a big mistake. I’m sure he learned from it by now.


BREAKING NEWS: Yoko loses lawsuit battle against use of “Imagine” for Ben Stein’s movie…

Oh my, it’s very rare that Yoko loses to a lawsuit battle out of all the millions of lawsuits she files over the years, but yep, this is one of the ones she loses after filing it herself with her sons Julian and Sean.

The judge says “no” to winning the rights because he proves the song “Imagine” being used for the film that it’s in the favor of a “fair use” doctrine. Which basically means, if the song is in use for criticism and commentary, it is not an infrigement of copyright.

More on it here:


There, take that Yoko, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Report: Yoko Oh-no still suing mad…Mrs. Golddigger fight over copyright of shocking Lennon video…

Yoko is still on the fight and still suing mad but something different this time. This time it’s over a video  that shows John Lennon before the breakup of the Beatles hunched over the piano, writing songs, smoking weed and making jokes about putting LSD in President Nixon’s tea (LOL!). She is fighting the rights over this to keep the images private and not be made public.

The Associated Press reports:


Dayum, she has been friggin’ sue happy lately. I keep posting the same pic above of Yoko because she looks angry in it. I post it when she sounds angry in news articles.

The way I see this…it’s not about saving John Lennon’s legacy, it’s all about the same thing that everyone else fights for…money money money money… Yoko aka Mrs. Golddigger.



BREAKING NEWS: Yoko Oh-No on a suing rampage again…

Yoko Oh-No is at it again. First she threatens to sue female rock artist Lennon Murphy for rights over her first name, now she is suing the producers that challenges the concept of the Darwinian evolution. She is accusing them of using John Lennon’s historic song “Imagine” without her permission. The name of the film that wants to use the song is titled, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” which stars comedian Ben Stein who starred in a string of Red Eye commercials and hosted Comedy Central’s “Win Ben Stein’s Money”.

The complaint in the suit asks the court to stop the film from promoting, distrubiting, promoting the movie and seeks financial damages.

The Associated Press reports:


No, the way I see it, the world of blogosphere’s is not accusing her of “selling out” because of the use of the song in that film. Yoko’s always been a sellout for years.

It’s a fact that the fans of the Beatles despises this evil woman.

Yoko and J.K. Rowling would be good friends, they should drink together in a bar talking about stuff like how powerful, ego-ish, and controlling they are.