Video: Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly interview was surprisingly really good!

I watched the Megyn Kelly and Trump interview last night on TV and I thought it was surprisingly really really good. Megyn was surprisingly respectful to Trump this time. To my surprise, I even thought Megyn herself was pretty likeable throughout the interview and I thought she did a great job this time. She was professional and showed a lot of class.

This interview they did should be good enough to show the #NeverTrump crowd that Trump isn’t as bad as like the media says he is, ya know? I just had a few Trump haters admit on my FB page that he wasn’t all that bad during that interview.

Trump may have made some mistakes during the campaign and may have said some stupid stuff but he even admitted that on the show and says we got to learn to move forward from our mistakes.

When it comes to Trump treating women horribly, Trump said on the show that he only treats Rosie like that. The media wants to make it look like that Trump is horrible to women ’cause he talks trash at Rosie O’ Donnell. Trump has every reason to talk trash at Rosie ’cause she’s the one who started their feud to begin with.

Trump is the kind of guy that if you treat him with respect, he’ll respect you back. If you don’t treat him with respect, watch out. He doesn’t attack people unless they attack him first, you see? Trump is a human being and he has feelings too. Just one thing to keep in mind, y’all.

I thought it was a great interview. Glad I watched it.


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