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Sly says “Rambo: Last Blood” will have surprise ending… will Rambo get killed off at the end? Probably…

Sly posted this video on instagram saying that “Rambo: Last Blood” is now going through the editing process and he says the film is coming along great so far. Sly also says that this film is gonna surprise a lot of people and the ending is gonna be unexpecting.

What’s gonna happen at the end of “Last Blood”??? Will Rambo get killed off at the end? Probably. It’s the only way to end the series. A lot of people want Rambo to live and don’t want him to die but heroes living at the end of movies is getting old and tiresome. Time for a new idea and something interesting, ya know? What happened at the end of “Last Blood”? Will Rambo sacrifice himself to save the missing girl from the sex traffickers or do the bad guys win this time? I think it would be an interesting idea if the bad guys won this time ’cause it would be shocking and unexpecting.

Since the film is going through the editing process, I think we’ll get a trailer real soon. Probably this Spring for sure. This could end up being the best Rambo film of the series, we shall wait and see. I hope the film isn’t gonna be a short one this time. Rambo 4 was only 1 hr. and 20 min. Hopefully “Last Blood” will be a good 2 hrs. or a little more.



Sylvester Stallone shows an interesting still image of Rambo from “Rambo: Last Blood”…

Sly Stallone just posted this interesting still image of Rambo from “Rambo: Last Blood” which is the fifth installment to the Rambo franchise coming out in Sept. As you can see, this is an intense and cold look which Rambo is known to giving facial expressions like this. When he gives you that look, watch out. Rambo is about to explode in a violent rampage.

As you can see in this photo, looks like Rambo either turns himself into the drug lords and sex traffickers or he just got captured by them. Looking at this image, Rambo is surrounded by them.

Some of you may ask, how is it possible for Rambo to be able to survive when getting surrounded by bad people? Well if you knew Rambo and saw the first previous 4 films, Rambo is capable of killing a bunch of people all in one shot by himself. That’s why Col. Trautman says in the first movie, “a good supply of body bags”.

Rambo will be no different in “Rambo: Last Blood”. If you thought the fourth Rambo film in 2008 was violent, it’s looking like that this film will be 10 x’s more violent. Sly is hinting you about that in this instagram post by saying a “brutal storm is about to burst”. Seeing that Sly put his body on the line for this film, it’s looking like this will be a violent movie.

Can’t wait for this flick. When will the trailer for “Last Blood” get dropped? I think we’ll get our first trailer sometime this Spring.



One of the reasons I respect Sly Stallone so much is that he’s not afraid to sacrifice his body to put on a good action movie…

When Sly does action movies, he has done most of his own stunts over the years and he was never afraid to put his body on the line just to put on a good action movie. He has gotten serious injuries while filming action movies in the past, many times. His most serious injury that he had while filming was that Stone Cold Steve Austin broke his neck for real and now part of Sly’s neck is made of metal ’cause of it.

“Rambo: Last Blood” must be a pretty serious action movie if Sly said that film put a lot of damage in his body. A lot of people have been skeptical of “Rambo: Last Blood” ’cause of its Western feeling of the film so far but Sly kept teasing on instagram that “Last Blood” will have a lot of violence and blood and I believe him. Trust Sly, y’all. Rambo “Last Blood” will make us Rambo fans happy, I’m sure.

It seems to me that Sly doesn’t care if he gets injuries or puts damage to his body or not ’cause the man is willing to do anything to put on a great action movie. This is impressive especially for a man who’s in his 70’s right now.

I can’t wait for “Rambo: Last Blood”, though as the film is hitting the theaters in Sept. and I’m sure we’ll get our first trailer real soon. Hopefully we get the trailer this Spring ’cause I’m sure there will be a lot of heavy marketing of the film this year. Could be the biggest action of the movie of the year if marketed right. Hope it does well in the box office.


“Rambo: Last Blood” finally gets a release date… the 5th Rambo film will be released on Sept. 20th…

“Rambo: Last Blood” the fifth installment to the Rambo franchise has just finally got a release date. The film will be hitting theaters on Sept. 20th. The film’s plot will be that Rambo will be trying to find a missing daughter for a friend of his.

‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Will Be Spilled In September Via Lionsgate

If you check Sly’s official instagram page, he’s been sharing all kinds of screen shots from the new film but they’re all in black and white. The film is in “color” of course, just the photos being released are in black and white. So far, the movie is looking interesting and it’s looking like to be a different Rambo film than the previous ones.

Yes, the film is looking like to be a modern day Western so far and many of Sly’s fans are being skeptical of the film for that reason. They are all saying, “This is not Rambo”. Yeah, Rambo has short hair and he’s looking like a cowboy now. Sly warned many times that this will be a different Rambo film. For a long time, Sly’s been wanting to have a Rambo film to be more like a Western and looks like they’re doing that now.

Make no mistake about it, y’all. Sly would know what Rambo fans would want. While this film is so far looking like a Western film, I’m sure the dark and violent Rambo still hasn’t changed. There will be plenty of action, blood and violence in this film for sure. Trust, Sly. I predict this film will be even more action packed and more violent than the previous 4. I’m sure Rambo’s problems with PTSD still hasn’t changed. Remember the quote from the first film, “You just can’t turn it off”.

I’m already predicting this could be the best Rambo film of the series but we’ll see. We haven’t even seen a trailer yet but now we got a release date, I expect our first teaser trailer real soon.

I’m happy for Sly that he changed his mind about retiring Rambo and he decided to give us one more. It don’t hurt to give us one more Rambo film ’cause we deserve another one. I’m looking forward to this one and this movie I’m looking forward to seeing more than anything else this year. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great movie and Sly won’t disappoint us.


Sylvester Stallone shows on Instagram that he’s still working on his Edgar Allan Poe movie… when will we ever see it on the big screen?

In the past, Sylvester Stallone has expressed interest in writing and directing a biopic film about famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Sly used to talk about his “Poe” movie through interviews but he hasn’t been talking about it lately. So for those wondering on whether or not he’s still working on it can stop wondering ’cause he’s still working on it even to this day. Sly’s “Poe” script has gotten many re-writes as you can see and he spent many years researching the project.

So yeah, Sly hasn’t bailed on his “Poe”  movie and it’s still gonna happen but when? Hopefully pretty soon ’cause this is a project of Sly’s that I’m most interested in. Will Sly star as Edgar Allan Poe? No, probably not. I remember Sly saying in the past that he won’t play Poe due to his age. I believe a younger actor will probably end up playing Poe. Sly will probably just write and direct the film.

Hopefully the “Poe” movie will soon get the green light so it can start filming either in 2019 this year or next year in 2020. Did Sly post this video ’cause he’s teasing us that this film will finally move forward into production? Hopefully. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m glad Sly is taking his slow time on the film, though. It’s good to take your time and not rush.


Cool pic of Sly Stallone and Arnold having dinner together in Vegas… why have they been hanging out lately? Planning a movie or something?

Sly’s official clothing line on instagram posted a cool pic of Sly Stallone himself and Arnold having a Sushi dinner together at some restaurant in Las Vegas. Sly is just getting done filming Rambo and now he has some free time to do whatever he wants for himself so it looks like him and Arnold took a trip to Vegas this week. I notice Sly and Arnold has been hanging out again. Why? Are they planning a movie together or they just plain hanging out as buddies and that’s it?

Well Sly still has “Expendables 4” in development and maybe Sly’s been talking with Arnold in starring in the next Expendables movie. That could be what’s going on.

You see, Sly and Arnold may not have starred in many movies over the years together but they have been great friends for many years even though both of them are action movie icons. For many years they’ve avoided starring in films together until now. Now the two of them have starred in 4 films together: the first three Expendables and the first “Escape Plan” movie. Will they star in more movies together? “Expendables 4” yes, absolutely but as for other films, I don’t know.

I’m not a big fan of Arnold’s politics but I still respect him the Hollywood icon that he is, you can’t deny that. I love Arnold in the movies. Always had for a pretty long time. I grew up watching Arnold in the movies and I grew up watching Sly’s movies too. I grew up watching both of them.

I’m glad to see Sly and Arnold have become best friends. Maybe one day Sly will direct a movie with Arnold in the leading role and Sly won’t be in it. That’ll be cool too and I can see that happening one day. I hope they will do “Expendables 4” and they probably will.


Is Sylvester Stallone getting ready to retire from acting pretty soon? Me thinks so, yes…

Well, Sly just wrapped up filming “Rambo: Last Blood” which means he’s all done filming for the movie. Next thing you know, Sly announced that he has retired the Rambo character for good too. So Sly retired Rocky and now Rambo.

What’s next? “Expendables 4” still needs to happen and that film is still in the works so I would think “EX4” could be Sly’s next film. “Expendables 4” could start filming anytime now, probably in 2019. Sly is still committed to doing “Expendables 4” and that’s probably gonna be the last time he’s gonna play Barney Ross too.

With all this going on, is Sly getting ready to retire from acting pretty soon? Yes, I believe he is. He did talk about retiring from acting in the past  before but he’s not going to retire from Hollywood for good, though. I remember Sly saying in the past that he wants to write and direct more films that he’s not starring in more.

After “Creed II”, he’s got more movies coming out that he’s working on: “Backtrace” “Rambo: Last Blood”, “Tough As They Come”, “The Expendables 4” and “Scarpa”. That’s pretty much it.

I really believe he’s about to hang it up on acting pretty soon… he’s just going to finish those movies listed above and that’s probably it. That’s understandable… Sylvester is 72 years old right now and I think he still has some action movies left in him before he gets too old. If he wants to retire from acting to focus more on directing then that’s great.

The man obviously has a huge passion for making movies, you can tell that he loves it. That’s why he keeps working. Sly probably wants to direct more ’cause it’s probably not as hectic of a job as acting. Sly has a family and he wants to spend more time with them.

Usually famous actors who spent most of their lives acting in movies just get so tired of it and they want to do something different. That’s why a lot of famous actors over the years has turned to directing like Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson and many others.

As far as Sly Stallone goes, I’ve always respected this man immensely. I remember in the past when Sly’s career was in a slump, he got hated on and criticized so much. Now you don’t see people hating on him anymore. Sly finally got the respect he deserves and he earned it. He definitely turned his career around for sure, love him or hate him.