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Why Steve Jobs was an important figure in the music industry…

Even though Steve Jobs, wasn’t a musician. He never played an instrument, and he never sang anything, but he is still considered a music artist in some way. Why? Because it was him that brought us the Ipod and Itunes. Before then we were listening to music on portable CD players and cassette walkman’s. Nobody buys music on CD anymore because everyone is buying music digitally now, all because of Itunes.

Steve was a huge music lover himself. He was a huge fan of the Beatles. I think he also dated folk music legend, Joan Baez, briefly. The photo above is the boys in U2 unveiling the, “U2 Ipod Edition” that was released years back. Steve Jobs changed the way we all looked at the music business.

Famous musicians including Guns N’ Roses, Coldplay, Nikki Sixx, Mick Jagger, and more. Help grieve the death of Steve.

Read what musicians have to say about him, here.

I’m sure you can read a lot more by musicians in twitter as well. Like him or not, Steve created an impact in the music business. Changed it forever.

I love the Ipod.


R.I.P.: Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

I guess it’s time for another obit. Entrepreneur and inventor, Steve Jobs, who was the co-founder, chairman and chief executive for Apple Inc. has died after a long battle with cancer. He is famous for creating the Apple II series computer way back in the 70’s. The Apple II became so popular , which helped create, the Macintosh. Jobs latest creation, the Iphone’s and Ipad’s became a huge hit worldwide. Jobs changed the world by inventing new ways for people to communicate.

I was never into those gadgets. I never really understood them. I thought about getting an Iphone but changed my mind. I think a regular cell phone is good enough for me. If I had an Iphone, I just don’t want people bothering me 24/7, everywhere I go. I don’t see how people could do it but that’s just me.

Steve Jobs always had my respect even though I was never into Apple that much. The only thing I have by Apple is the, Ipod Nano. Like Steve or not, he did change the way we looked at the world over the years. RIP Steve.


BREAKING NEWS: Alright, Beatles fanatics, start getting the Fab Four albums digitally now!!

Wow! This is really amazing news! Apple and The Beatles always been strict with Itunes and digital music, look like they’ve had a change of heart all of a sudden! Before, you couldn’t get Beatles music on Itunes. Now you can! Yes, that means you can download all of their studio albums. That’s great, because I stopped buying CD’s. I buy albums digitally from Itunes mostly. I’ll be able to collect all of the Beatles albums, which I will start doing soon. Thanks to Apple and Paul McCartney/Ringo Starr for making it happen for us!




Cool Video: James Cameron’s “Avatar” trailer is now online…and looks amazing!!!

After hearing about James Cameron’s new sci fi adventure flick “Avatar” for  years now, I wasn’t so sure about it at first. Now the trailer is here, the film looks fantastic. I will definitely see this in Dec. and now I’m sold to this movie. This movie looks very impressive. Can’t wait to see it now!



My new Ipod…

Today, I just picked up a 8GB Ipod from Best Buy. Everybody I know pretty much has one, so I figure it’s time that I would get one for myself.

I set it all up and it’s all good to go. I purchased 14 songs from Itunes from the $15 Itunes card I purchased at Best Buy along with it.

I purchased a mix of local music and national music. Just bought some of these songs: Lady Gaga “Poker Face”, Weird Al Yankovic “Craigslist”, Soundgarden “Outshined”, Phish “Down With Disease”, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Gold Lion”, Joe Nacco “Crazy Scientologist”, Sean Rowe “Old Black Dodge”, Lunic “Love Me”, Railbird “Locomotive”, a couple of Teenage Casket Company songs, and several more.

Itunes store can be pretty useful ’cause if I hear songs on the radio that I really like and if I don’t want to buy the full album, I could just buy that one tune.

I know I said I hated Lady Gaga many times, I still do, but I’ve said a few times in the blog that I like her one song, “Poker Face”. “Poker Face” is actually a really good song that I can listen to, but the rest of her stuff, no. I figure “Poker Face” would be a good tune to work out to, that’s why I picked that one.

Now that I think about it, I don’t have to buy Phish albums on CD at all. I can simply buy all the Phish albums from Itunes. Itunes record store is much cheaper than the record stores at the malls.

I mainly bought an Ipod so I can have some tunes to work out with. Listening to music while working out at the gym or where ever is a pretty important part of the workout. It makes you work faster and harder, gives you more energy. Music does that.

Next I need to buy an Ipod arm band, so I can just have the Ipod on my arm while I’m working out.