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People who complain and whine about the U2 album…

Even if Apple just recently gave people the option to delete the new U2 album off of their Iphones, Ipads or Ipods or whatever… people are still complaining and bitching. After all this has been going on, I am starting to figure out why people are hating.

Here’s the deal…

People like free things. Don’t lie about it. Everybody loves free things. The reason everybody is hating on Apple and U2 is not because they gave out a free album. It’s not because of Apple or Itunes. People are only complaining and bitching because it all depends on the artist who is giving away the free album.

We all know that U2 has been one of the most hated bands for a long time now. In the past, U2 used to be one of the most respected bands in the world but after the album, “Achtung Baby”… that’s when U2 got a lot of hate when they decided to change their genre of music and go electronic for their albums, “Zooropa” and “POP”. Then Bono got himself into this Africa activism for starving children and all that stuff which is part of why they teamed up with Apple.

America loves free music but like I said it all depends on the artist who’s giving away free music on Itunes.

How much do you wanna bet that if artists like Taylor Swift, Adelle or John Mayer gave out a free album on Itunes… everybody wouldn’t mind it. People would have been all for it.

It’s all about the artist, not Apple.

How much do you wanna bet that those people who complained and whined about the new U2 album being forced on their gadgets didn’t even listen to the album? They just felt like hating. Haters are gonna hate.

Sharon Osbourne just recently called out Apple and U2 for this on twitter, she’s hating on them too. I personally think that the only reason Sharon is hating ’cause she’s mad that Apple didn’t ask Ozzy to be a part of it. If Apple asked Ozzy or Black Sabbath to give out a free album, I’m almost 100% positive Sharon WOULD be on board for it.

I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time Apple is gonna do this. They’ll do this again with a different artist but who knows who???

The reason Apple did this ’cause Steve Jobs was good friends with Bono before he died and I’m sure this is what Steve would have wanted. I think they did it in Steve’s honor. I can see Apple giving away free albums by Bob Dylan next ’cause Steve was a huge fan of his.

Like I said above, everybody likes free music… don’t lie about it… some people just hated U2 being the first one to do it.

No matter what people think of this idea… I think it’s a good marketing strategy. It’s a good way to get artists out there. Apple will probably do this more. This will be an ongoing trend.

I mean, if people hate Apple so much then why did they get an Iphone or an Ipod??? There are other gadgets out there and other brands. That’s why people have agreed to use Androids and there are other Mp3 players too.

I used to hate Apple and at first, I never wanted anything to do with Apple products until now. Now I’m in love with Apple products and think there is nothing wrong with them.

There’s no reason for people to complain. They just complain ’cause that’s all they’re gonna do. Once again, haters are gonna hate. I think they’re just jealous that U2 got shoved in everyone’s faces like that.

Instead of complaining and whining… just listen to the album. I think it’s a great album and the boys are back musically!!! I’ve listened to it a couple of times already.


U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence” is actually a pretty great album, surprisingly!!!

There’s a lot of U2 hate going on but I don’t understand it. I stopped liking the band for a long while myself but I don’t “hate” them. I still respect U2 for their legacy and I still love their earlier music. Honestly, I think I stopped liking U2 after their, “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” album which was their best new album in the 2000’s years, in my opinion.

I listened to their new album, “Songs of Innocence” they just released for Itunes for FREE two times already. I’m very impressed with the album. It seems they got their old school sound back a little bit. I can hear a lot of 70’s and 80’s style that U2 used to have back in the day. There’s a lot of Ramones and the Clash influences on the album which is what the album is about. It’s a homage to those two legendary bands, I believe.

This is Bono’s best singing and the Edge’s guitar playing, WOW!!!! The whole band is pretty tight all the way through. I think the songwriting is very impressive on this album.

My two favorite tracks on the album are “Sleep Like A Baby Tonight” and “Raised By Wolves”. “Cedarwood Road” is a very good song too. The song “Sleep Like A Baby Tonight” kind reminds me of their classic song, “Bullet the Blue Sky” a little bit.

I was pretty impressed with the new U2 album so I’ll probably keep it. Sometime I’ll have to figure out how to get the album on my Ipod Touch. I’m sure there’s a way, i’ll figure it out.

I know a lot of people are upset that they have to get forced to have the album on your Apple gadgets but give the album a chance. Give it a listen and you might actually enjoy it yourself. I know a lot of people are pissed at Bono at this idea but I think it’s pretty cool! It’s a good marketing idea for your band and creative! Because of this, I’m sure U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence” will be a no. 1 album on the Billboard Charts.

If you have an Iphone or an Ipad or whatever, you should give the album a listen. I think U2 just won my respect back.


Was the new U2 album really FREE??? Technically, it wasn’t…

It may seem like that Bono have joined the free music movement but in reality, he hasn’t. Technically, the album wasn’t free at all. Apple paid the band U2 for this. I bet Apple paid U2 a lot of money for this, I mean a lot of money… possibly millions. Why did Bono agree to try to give this album away for free? 

Simply because he feels the charts today are broken and I agree. He’s another one who feels that today’s music industry isn’t the same anymore. 


After U2 giving away their album for a free download on Itunes, I have a feeling that more bands & artists will follow. This could be an ongoing trend in Itunes. 

I’ve just downloaded the new U2 album. I couldn’t download it on my Ipod Touch ’cause I didn’t have IOS7 on there yet but my Ipad does have IOS7 so I downloaded it for the Ipad instead. 

I’ll give the new album a listen this week and will give it a review. 


U2 finally releases their new album but they release it for FREE on Itunes!!!

Suddenly, U2 appeared out of the blue and announced they just finally released their new album titled, “Songs of Innocence”. Even though I stopped liking U2 for a while, I’ll check this album out as long as it’s free. Why not? I listened to a few clips of the album and it actually sounds pretty good. Look like they got their old-school sound back which is what I wanted from the band. I’m interested in hearing it ’cause they did a tribute for the Ramones on the album, they dedicated a song for them. 

Why are they releasing this album for free? Simply because it’s in celebration of their 10 year team up with Apple. 

I purchased the free album but it’s not in my Itunes library yet but on the U2 Itunes page, it says it will be soon so I guess we’ll have to wait. 

It’s funny, ya know… I could have sworn that U2 said they weren’t gonna release an album this year but guess they decided to release it earlier. Looking forward to hearing it, though!

I’ve heard every U2 album in their entire career. I just like their older stuff more than their new stuff. 


I say no to Leo Dicaprio starring and Danny Boyle directing, “Steve Jobs” biopic…

Since David Fincher and Christian Bale bailed out of the “Steve Jobs” biopic… Sony is already in search of a replacement for both of them. Sony is in early talks with “Slumdog Millionaire”  and “127 Hours” director Danny Boyle to helm the “Jobs” movie and Sony is eye’ing Leo Dicaprio to star as Jobs for the film.


It seems that Sony is desperate for an Oscar award winning film here. If these two sign on Danny and Leo, I’ll no longer be interested.

Why not get Ashton Kutcher for Steve Jobs again? I just saw Kutcher’s version of the “Jobs” movie and it turned out surprisingly good. Kutcher’s version of “Jobs” was surprisingly “accurate” on Jobs life and career. Also, Kutcher nailed the Jobs role pretty well. Kutcher’s version of “Jobs” is available for Netflix streaming so you should check it out yourself. Kutcher is the only actor who is able to match Jobs pretty well. I’m sure Kutcher would be up for this if Sony would ask him. I used to never be a fan of Ashton Kutcher but he’s been winning over my respect lately.

As for my choice on who to direct the Aaron Sorkin scripted, “Jobs” movie… I’d say the guy who directed “American Hustle”, David O Russell.


David Fincher is OUT of “Steve Jobs” biopic film…

David Fincher is out of directing the “Steve Jobs” biopic film that is going to be scripted by Aaron Sorkin. Why is Fincher no longer directing, “Jobs”??? Well it’s because Fincher wanted a $10 million dollar paycheck and he wanted complete control over marketing so Sony is saying no to both of those. Seems like Sony just fired his ass.


That’s good, though! I want Fincher to get to work on, “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and he needs to concentrate on “House of Cards – Season 3”.

Speaking of Steve Jobs, I just got done reading his biography book that was written by Walter Isaacs and it was an excellent book. Will this biopic movie be based on that book? Made me respect Steve Jobs even more now after reading it. Steve may have been an asshole over the years but it was his way of doing whatever he could to make Apple big and all he wanted was to make the best products. In the past, I was going to avoid Apple products like the plague but when I finally decided to check out the Ipad, I wanted one of my own so I got one. I also got the Ipod Touch which I also like. Turns out that Apple products is cool stuff.

Only thing though, will I get an Iphone someday? Nah, I don’t think I’ll ever get one.  I’ll just stick with the Ipad and the Ipod Touch. I’ll have to admit that both of those have been pretty addicting to me.

For the Ipad, I just get apps that can be pretty useful to me and the ones that are good. For the Ipod Touch, I just use that to listen to music. I will also admit that buying  albums off of Itunes have become quite an addiction to me. Can’t help it. I love music and willing to buy albums “legally” ’cause I don’t believe in illegal pirating. I like supporting the artist.

While I do like the Ipod, there’s a few things I don’t like about it…. 1) sound quality could be improved 2) buying albums from the Itunes store can take up a lot of memory on your PC. If Apple can fix those two things that would make them perfect. Other than that, I like Apple.


Neil Young will finally launch his long-awaited Pono Player…

Ever since Apple & Itunes got big, Neil Young hasn’t been too impressed with today’s sound of MP3 players and the Ipod. He just doesn’t like how the sound of the mp3 gets dummied down from the original recording. You know how when you record music on an album and you convert it to Mp3 for the internet, the sound goes down a little bit? That’s what Neil doesn’t want. He wants to stop that from happening so you can get a good, loud, and clean sound out of an mp3. That’s what the Pono player does. On the Pono player you can hear the original sound from the original recording… one that doesn’t lower the resolution of sound.

I’m sure some would accuse Neil Young of wanting to make more money and to please himself with the sound but it’s not true. He wants to improve the sound of digital music for the world. He’s doing this for all of us music lovers.

Pono Music will be launched this week on March, 15th, and the Pono player will cost $399 each.

More on the story here:


Could Neil Young change the future of digital music? Could Pono Music take over the spotlight of Apple/Itunes? I predict yes. Pretty soon, Apple/Itunes will be a thing of the past and something new will come around. I think that will be Neil’s, Pono Music. It may take some time but Pono Music will be big.

I’ll have to agree with Neil though that the sound quality on today’s mp3 is horrible. We deserve better sound quality.

I’m curious on what Pono sounds like myself. I’m sure it will sound way better than the Ipod. I think what Neil is doing is pretty heroic and I wish him luck on this.