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Warner Bros. reveals subtitle for “Batman vs. Superman” film and new logo…


This is pretty sweet!!! The new Batman logo is getting a lot of mixed criticism but I like it. The logo is trying to keep away from the Michael Keaton and Christian Bale design. Totally original!

I’m sure this film will be just as good as “Man of Steel”!

I guess everyone can easily predict on how this movie is gonna go so this movie might be a bit too predictable. Batman and Superman will be enemies throughout most of the movie… then they team up to form Justice League at the end of the film. They might surprise us with something different, though.

When are they gonna show us the new Wonder Woman? Hopefully soon.


Edit to add: I just wanted to add, noticed how the background is kind of blue. Maybe that’s a sign that Batman’s new suit will be colored blue after all???

Zack Snyder reveals Ben Affleck in Batman costume and new Batmobile!!!


When Ben Affleck was first announced to play Batman for the upcoming untitled, “Batman vs. Superman” flick… movie fans weren’t very kind and had very critical opinions of Ben in the role. Maybe all those critics will have a change of opinion to something more positive now that this photo finally came out. I think Ben looks really good as Batman and I think other fans would agree now.

This is why you can’t badly judge early, ya know?? 🙂

I think the new Batmobile looks cool too.

I kind of figure WB’s was still gonna still use the Dark Knight Batman which is predictable but the new suit does look a little different than the previous Batmans, though. The ears are a lot smaller which is what I like.

I think Ben has what it takes to play this role! I think he’ll kill it and will do a good job. I’m not a huge fan of Ben’s liberal politics but he always have been a good actor and director… I’ve always respected him.

I was hoping they would add some color to the Batman suit ’cause Batman had various styles of suits over the years. I was hoping they would ditch the black armor and rubber suit but guess not. Ben still looks badass, though!

Now lets see a photo of Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume next please. 🙂




Zack Snyder gives us sneak peek on new Batmobile for “Batman vs. Superman”!!!


Zack Snyder just dropped this tweet today. Giving us a little sneak peek of the new Batmobile that Ben Affleck will be driving for “Batman vs. Superman” film. In all the previous Batman films, the Batmobile was huge protected with black armor. Look like they’re not doing it that way with this new Batmobile. They’re going old-school it looks like.


Zack Snyder confirmed to direct “Justice League” film which is no surprise…

I had a feeling that Zack Snyder was going to get the opportunity to direct, “Justice League” film.

I know “Man of Steel” got mixed reviews but I thought “Man of Steel” was an excellent film. I never understood the mixed reviews of the first “Man of Steel”. I thought the film was well-done. It was realistic, heartfelt, action-packed, etc. Just like a Superman movie is supposed to be. I’m also looking forward to “Batman vs. Superman” too.

I know Zack’s casting choices are really weird but it’s just his way of keeping his Superman re-boot as original as possible. It’s just his way of trying to keep away from the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve universe, know what I mean? He’s just trying to keep it different as possible.

Now that they got casting for the new Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). I wonder who they’re gonna get for the Flash and the Green Lantern? I’m sure they’ll find people for those two characters soon.


Jessie Eisenberg is the new Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons is the new Alfred for “Batman vs. Superman”…

So the big news today in the movie world is that Warner Bros. has found actors to play Lex Luthor and Alfred for the “Batman vs. Superman” film. Jesse Eisenberg who is most-famous for roles like, “Zombieland” and “The Social Network” is the new Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons who is most-famous as the leading villain for the film, “Die Hard With a Vengeance” is the new Alfred Pennyworth.

Sure enough, there are mixed opinions from movie fans about this casting. I’m noticing that people have no problem with Jeremy Irons as the new Alfred and I agree that’s a good choice but everyone has a problem with Jesse Eisenberg playing the new Lex.

Everybody’s complaining that Jesse is too young to playing Lex. I agree that Jesse is young. He’s like 30. Maybe they just want to go for a younger Lex this time around? In the “Man of Steel” film, they changed all the characters. In the first movie, the casting choices sparked some controversy especially the black Perry White who is played by Laurence Fishburne. When the movie came out… people had no problem with the casting and got positive responses.

I see Zack is doing the same thing with “Batman vs. Superman”. Making changes with the characters again. The reason they have to do this is this is Zack’s way of staying away from the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve films. Maybe they felt that an old Lex Luthor has been done to death so they’re gonna go for a younger Lex which is a good idea.

People are saying hateful things about Jesse playing Lex. People are already going, “uggghhh, this movie officially sucks”.

Do people have to be so opinionated and hateful this soon? I wouldn’t judge this early. I’m not saying whether or not Jesse’s a good choice but who knows, maybe he DOES have what it takes to play Lex. Maybe Jesse does have what it takes to be menacing and evil. I’m gonna wait ’til I see a trailer or something and then I’ll make my opinion on whether Jesse is a good choice or not.

People are quick at judging ’cause that’s the way the internet works. Popular opinion have always been a huge problem online.

I’m willing to give this a chance. I respect and have faith in Zack Snyder ’cause he’s clearly not afraid to go for what he wants for his films, not caring what the public thinks. He just gives what’s right for the film and that’s all I can say.


Why movie fans shouldn’t be hateful about Ben Affleck playing Batman…

So the big news that the upcoming, “Superman vs. Batman” movie has been pushed way back to the Spring of 2016. The reason for this move is that Warner Bros. didn’t want this film to compete with the new “Peter Pan” movie ’cause you can betcha, “Peter Pan”, will be a huge box office movie and also, WB’s wanted to compete against Marvel for the “X-Men: Apocalypse” movie being released around the film’s new release date. Sure enough, this got movie fans all excited thinking that this move is going to replace Ben Affleck ’cause of his rumored injured leg. Movie fans in facebook and other movie sites has been saying hateful things about Ben Affleck, it’s crazy.

Ya know, I’m all for Ben Affleck playing Batman and I’m willing to give him a chance. You can’t badly judge him ’cause of his “Daredevil” role. Yes, he wasn’t the greatest as Daredevil, I agree that film was horrible but that film was in the past. Ben’s acting has improved and matured ever since then. Ever see, “Argo”, and “The Town”? He was phenomenal in those films.

When it comes to film, I try not to follow popular opinion. I’m all about MY opinion and my OPINION alone. I’m not gonna dislike this actor and dislike that movie ’cause many others dislike it. I’m all about being real. I don’t jump the bandwagon.

If you give him a chance, I think Ben is gonna make a great Batman. I think everyone will agree once the movie comes out. Zack Snyder knows his actors, he’s good at choosing them. He doesn’t pick an actor for no reason so when he picked Ben Affleck for Batman then there must be something about him. The thing is, I’m tired of all the good looking and pretty looking actors playing Bruce Wayne/Batman. Time for something different and unique. With Ben’s version of Batman… I don’t think you’re gonna see the Dark Knight character ever again. I think this Batman will have a different costume and new look. Zack changed all the characters for “Man of Steel”, he’ll do the same with Batman and Wonder Woman.

I wish movie fans wouldn’t be so opinionated and hateful. They shouldn’t badly judge when the movie haven’t even came out yet. At least wait until you see Ben in the new batsuit and then you might have a different opinion on him.

With all this being said, I think Ben is gonna kill it as the new Batman. It could be the Batman that we’ve all been looking for… just wait. Don’t judge this soon. Wait until you see photos, a trailer, etc.

If you look at Ben’s face, you can clearly see that a face like that is good for a mask… it is probably his mouth. When Ben wore the nun mask for, “The Town” film, I think that is partly what helped him get the Batman role. There’s something about Ben wearing the Batman costume that made them want to hire him. When the film crew are auditioning for actors to play in Superhero films the key for them getting the role is how good they look in the costume. If they look good enough, chances are, they’re gonna get hired. That’s the first thing they look at is how good they look in a costume. That’s how Henry Cavill got the role for “Man of Steel”.

Give Ben a chance. I have total faith in him and I think Ben is gonna play the better Batman than all the previous ones: Keaton, Clooney, Kilmer, and Bale. Trust me, Ben will make a great Batman.



Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor for “Batman/Superman” movie??? Yes, please…

Warner Bros. is interested in hiring Joaquin Phoenix for an unknown role for the upcoming “Batman/Superman” film and speculation is already going around that he could be playing Lex Luthor. Is Joaquin going to have to shave his head bald for this role?

More on the story, here:

I agree with this pick. Joaquin plays menacing and evil characters quite well, and he can be pretty scary!! Joaquin maybe a weird guy in real life but the man sure can act!

Maybe Lex won’t even be bald in the next film. Keep in mind, that Zack changes all the characters for his Superman movies so he might have a different vision for Lex as well. Maybe everybody is wrong and he could end up being the Flash or Green Lantern instead? Maybe even Jimmy Olsen?


Jason Momoa in talks for major role in “Batman/Superman” movie but no one’s saying what role he is playing…

“Game of Thrones” star, Jason Momoa is in talks for a major unknown role in the upcoming, “Batman/Superman” movie by Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. For now, nobody’s talking on what role he is playing but it has been speculated that he could be playing a character named Doomsday or the Martian Manhunter.

More on the story, here.

I wouldn’t be too quick to judge that he could be playing a villain character ’cause of his muscular build. What if he could be playing a good guy too? He might even be the next Green Lantern or the Flash ’cause after all… this “Batman/Superman” is setting up for the upcoming, “Justice League” movie. Jason could be a decent Green Lantern or the Flash ’cause both of those characters have muscular physiques too. Just cut Jason’s long hair and shave his facial hair and Jason would make a great superhero! Maybe that’s why they’re being secretive on his role ’cause he could be playing one of the Justice League characters.


Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman for “Batman/Superman” film…

Warner Bros., and Zack Snyder has announced that they have found their Wonder Woman for the upcoming, “Batman/Superman” film. Actress Gal Gadot has been hired to play Wonder Woman. I don’t know much about Gal Gadot. In fact, I’ve never even heard about her until she was announced for this film. Then I read that she was in a “Fast and Furious” film or two. I think I remember her from “Fast 6” when I saw that film in theater earlier this year.

WB’s choice of her is getting mixed opinions but I like the choice. She’s a total hottie. I’m reading a lot of complaints that people are saying that Gal is too skinny to be, Wonder Woman. I’m like really? Wonder Woman is supposed to be skinny. Lynda Carter was real skinny when she played the character for that TV show.

I’m excited for Wonder Woman… she’s finally gonna be on the big screen for the first time! If this film is a success which I’m sure it will be, hopefully Wonder Woman will be getting her own spin-off film. I’m sure Gal will play Wonder Woman for the “Justice League” movie as well. Can’t wait to see Gal in the Wonder Woman suit!!!


Ben Affleck is your new Batman and here are my thoughts…

Like most, I am pretty surprised they picked Ben Affleck as the new Batman for the “Man of Steel” sequel. Warner Bros. announced the surprising news last night. Wow. They were pretty quick on hiring the new Batman so it looks like they’re in a rush. You see? Zack Snyder works fast, I wasn’t joking around.

To be honest, I think Ben is the perfect choice to play the role. Ben seems to be a fan of comics and superheroes himself as he has already played Daredevil, once for Marvel. The team behind the “Batman and Superman” film were looking for a slightly older Batman. I guess that’s the reason why Ben was picked ’cause he fit that perfectly. All the Batman’s from the past: Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale were all pretty young at the time when they were first hired for their roles. Ben in his 40’s. This would make Ben the 5th Batman actor.

A lot of people online are trashing their choice of Ben playing the new Batman/Bruce Wayne but give him a chance. I think Ben is gonna be great. He’s gonna look great in the suit, I’m sure. The Batman suit is probably gonna be a black and rubber suit again but hopefully they give it a new style. New look and new color. They changed the Superman suit around, some, they’re probably gonna do the same with the Batman suit. I’m looking forward to seeing what Ben is gonna look like in the Batman suit so I’m sure Warner Bros. will release a photo of it soon to show us.

In Ben’s defense, I think he’s a very talented actor. He always has been. He can play any role that throws at him, no matter the genre. Sounds like Warner Bros. want to give Batman a different feeling and Ben would be great for that. Give Ben a chance and don’t be so quick to judge. He’s gonna be awesome! I think Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck will be a great team-up!