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We’re not allowed to have our own opinions anymore, everything have to appease the liberals these days…

Each time a controversial thing happens in the news and if you have a different view than the liberals, you can expect a nasty backlash from them. Regardless of your political views, everybody should have a right for an opinion. If you don’t agree with the liberals, you’ll get a lot of shit from them. They’ll call you bigoted, troublemaker, conspiracy theorists, etc. Almost every name in the book. The liberals blindly follow everything the MSM (as in Mainstream Media for short) says ’cause that’s what the MSM do. Report left-wing news stories and one-sided views so they create controversial stories for more ratings and more magazine/newspaper subscriptions.

You can’t have your own opinion on gay marriage. You can’t have your own opinion on gun control and all of this “Black Lives Matter” stuff going on. You can’t be realistic about Megyn Kelly or you’ll get called “sexist” and you can’t criticize John McCain ’cause of his war-hero status. You can’t even defend Walter Palmer hunting down a lion in Africa.

If your opinion is different than liberals, you’ll be looked at as “offensive” and “controversial” when you should have every right for an opinion all you want to. That’s what the MSM does. That’s how they manipulate and control people. Brainwashing is what they do. What they’re trying to do is to get everyone to think “liberal”. It’s not gonna work with me. I’ll never think “liberal” and will never align myself with the left at all.

Liberals really do believe what the MSM say and take them seriously when they shouldn’t. If you’re conservative this is why you should ignore liberals like the plague ’cause you’ll never win with them. They won’t give up arguing with you until you agree with them, that’s how they work.

It’s not happening with me. I don’t have to appease the liberals and won’t. I will always have my own opinions and views no matter how pissed off people get.

Liberal intolerance is predictably getting worse. That’s what the MSM is teaching them. The MSM is teaching liberals to become intolerant. This really is the beginning of the end. Fuck the MSM, seriously. All those so-called journalists need to hang themselves.


Liberals really are horrible at defending gay marriage… they always come up with the same shit…

Liberals try their best to defend gay marriage but they fail every time. How? They always come up with the same shit. They can’t come up with anything new. That’s why liberals are a piece of work when debating liberals on gay marriage. Since the Kim Davis thing happened, the “gay marriage” debate started back up again.

Liberals always come up with the lame defenses when they try to defend “gay marriage”… here is the list of gay marriage defenses by libtards. They repeat themselves… always saying the same shit: “If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get married”, “You’re a homophobe”, “How will gays getting married affect your life?”, “People who don’t agree with gay marriage usually are secretly gay themselves”, etc. etc. etc. You get the deal.

All that stuff is not worthy of a response. Libtards are really delusional and misinformed people. They can’t understand that marriage was originally supposed to be between man and woman only. We did our best to defend traditional marriage but we clearly lost.

It doesn’t make someone a homophobe for disagreeing with gay marriage. We should have every right to disagree with gay marriage. I’m tired of liberals winning at everything.

We have every right to give gay marriage the middle finger and like I said, sooner or later we’ll all get arrested for opposing it. Sit tight, it’ll come.

The world doesn’t revolve around liberalism. There’s no such thing as “right vs. left”.

I’m tired of liberals accusing the “right” of being opinionated when the left are just as “opinionated” when it comes to gay marriage. The left enjoys thinking “gay marriage” being an equal right is fact when it’s not. They think they’re smarter than us but they are not at all.

People who support or defend gay marriage are a bunch of losers. This country really is obsessed with homosexuality. Are they trying to turn us all gay? It seems like that is what this country is trying to do.


Just wait until Michelle Obama comes out as a transgender man!!!

If you think America’s obsession with Caitlyn Jenner is bad, just wait until Michelle Obama comes out of the closet as a transgender man. Whenever Michelle decides to do it, the media obsession about her coming out as transgender would get a lot worse. It’ll get much worse than the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn stuff. As soon as the news of Bruce Jenner announcing that he’s Caitlyn, the world exploded. There’s all kinds of mixed reactions and a huge debate sparked out of this. Each time someone wants to get grossed out over Caitlyn Jenner, those fucking liberals will predictably attack you saying things like, “You shouldn’t judge” and all that stuff. Liberals are trying their best to get us to accept the transgender just like they try to shove gay marriage down our throats. First they shoved gay marriage down our throats, now they are doing that with this “transgender” bullshit. You can’t even have your own opinion on the “transgender” or “transexuals” whatever you want to call them.

Like I said, if you think Caitlyn Jenner was bad… just wait until all this happens with Michelle Obama. There’s no doubt at all that she’s a freakin’ man. It’s all pretty well-documented that the media seems to ignore. More and more people are starting to wake up and realize that Michelle is a freakin’ man. Just read all the comments in facebook whenever a news organization makes a post about Michelle, you’ll see people in the comments saying that she’s a “man”. You’ll see the same in youtube and other news articles when they wanna to talk about Michelle positively, people will say she’s a man. I think more people started to see it ’cause of Joan Rivers and Michelle’s appearance on Ellen when she was doing that dance.

When will Barack and Michelle come out of the closet? I predict pretty soon. Since they are trying to promote, “gay rights” and “gay marriage”, I think it’ll be pretty soon. Maybe toward the end of Barack’s presidency or after.

Whenever Michelle comes out as transgender man, the media obsession will explode. Liberals will be obsessed with her/him and this Caitlyn Jenner will be forgotten.

Is this a new way to get fame and fortune? Is this a clever way for a famous person to get richer? Come out as transgender and this is a major career boost for them. All this Chaz Bono stuff was bad enough.

I can’t stand today’s mainstream media. It’s getting worse and worse.


Hmmmmm… Obama just asked a Texas man at a restaurant if he is gay, a straight man never does that…

While doing his fund raisers and speeches in Texas, Obama stopped to get a bite to eat at a restaurant called, “Franklin’s Barbecue” which is a popular restaurant in Austin, Texas. A man named Daniel Webb who works at the cashier is a comedian and sometimes draq queen.  When Obama went up to the cashier to pay for his meal, Daniel says, “Equal rights for gay people!” and Obama responds with, “Are you gay?” Then Daniel says, “Only when I have sex”. Then they get a laugh and fist bump each other.

See the article here:


Now, a straight man would never ask another guy if he’s gay like that. You know that. I know that. Obama is getting closer and closer to the possibility that he maybe gay himself. This is another sign. Obama keeps showing it more and more. Only a gay guy would have the confidence to ask a guy if he’s gay in a public place full of people. Obama seemed pretty confident asking that question. I’m sure Daniel himself was surprised that he would ask a question like that. Come on now. Get real, guys. Obama is not fooling anyone. Obama seemed to be pretty thrilled with Daniel’s response too.

Try and deny this one!!!


Somebody finally said it!!! Thanks Joan Rivers!!!

While out in the streets of NYC Joan Rivers was approached by a news reporter and the news reporter asked Joan if the US will one day have our first gay president and Joan replied we already have one. Our first gay president is none other than Barack Obama. She also said that Michelle is a transexual.

I’m no fan of Joan Rivers by any means but she got my respect for this one. Finally, somebody had to say it.


Of course, a lot of people want to believe that Obama being gay is conspiracy theory but it’s not. This stuff well-documented. The people of Chicago knows about it. Pretty much, all of Barack’s closest friends and past acquaintances have came forward publicly with it. Larry Sinclair tried to warn America about it.

Barack have also showed plenty of signs of it over the years like his flip-flop on his stance for gay marriage. Showing support for Michael Sam the gay NFL player and all that stuff.

It’s already out there. People are just being ignorant about it ’cause they hate hearing the fact that Barack is homosexual.

We already have our first gay president. Barack just haven’t came out of the closet yet. You see y’all? I’m not alone on this stuff. 🙂


A lot of nasty critics in response to Ellen Page coming out…

Some responses in other forums and blogs about Ellen Page coming out… they’re pretty nasty… I’ll leave names out:

“Who give s a f***! I’m heterosexual & I don’t have to announce that…Your gay your gay. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!”

“agreed. yawn. I dont care. never questioned it. dont have any concerns about it. yawn. get back to work please.”

“Ok she gay. Lets move on. I enjoyed her work and never once thought is she or is’ent she gay. Why do gays feel they have to announce it and then go on and on about it.”

“Nobody actress says she’s gay. Nobody cares.”

They don’t sound very supportive to her to me and this country claims to be fighting for equal rights which is what Ellen did this for. The people of America don’t really mind if other celebrities came out but when Ellen did it, people are pissed off for what ever reason. A lot of straights all over the internet are offended of her coming out. Why? Probably because they’re disappointed that she turned out gay ’cause a lot of straights wanted to date her. Yeah, Ellen is pretty hot but it didn’t surprise me that she’s a lesbian. She had those rumors for years and there had to be a few things that were different about her so it didn’t surprise me at all.

The reason that famous people and celebrities hide their homosexuality is ’cause they have to. Why? It’ll hurt their careers… but since it’s alright for celebs to be gay in this day and age, this is why a lot of them are coming out. They’re all doing it for equality.

Once again, I’m NOT gay and NOT liberal but I totally support Ellen. I really liked her in the movie, “Inception”, that was my favorite role that she was in.

Everybody claims to support equal rights but everybody is hating on Ellen for coming out? What’s wrong with that picture?

Before anyone accuses me of hating gay people, it’s not true. I’m not a homophobe, I just don’t agree with gay marriage but I support gay people, though. I respect who they are, greatly but everybody getting offended of Ellen coming out proves how a lot of people are homophobes out there. I totally support Ellen for coming out as I thought that was a brave and inspirational move. She had balls to do that.

Do liberals really support equality? After a lot of their responses of Ellen coming out… I don’t know.


Check these videos out…

Watch each part of Larry Sinclair’s press conference and check out Mia Marie Pope’s interview w/ The Manning Report in these videos below…

Listen through the whole thing… don’t just skip through it. These were the people who ousted Barack… they were the first to bring up Barack’s possible homosexuality and his crack/cocaine addiction.

I know you aren’t gonna watch ’em ’cause I know you’re gonna be too afraid.