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Report: Lindsay Lohan finally agreed to pose for Playboy???

Lindsay’s been turning down Playboy repeatedly over the years, but it looks like she is finally up for it. Well, she’s gotta find work somewhere since she isn’t being accepted in the Hollywood business, right? I would call this a “rumor” for now, so don’t believe it as of yet. I won’t believe anything until I see a Playboy magazine with her on the cover at newsstands.

More on the story, here.

If this turns out true, I’m sure this will be the biggest selling Playboy issue of all time. Even if she is the most hated celebrity in America, people won’t resist this magazine. I know a lot of people are going to buy it out of curiosity.

I’ll definitely buy it if it’s for real.


Report: Hugh Hefner himself, disappointed with, “The Playboy Club” cancellation…

Even Hugh Hefner, the man himself, seems to be a fan of the show as he had just expressed disappointment for the cancellation of, “The Playboy Club”. Even he agreed that it should have been on cable aimed at an adult audience.

More on the story, here.

I’m pretty sure Hefner approved this show because I’m sure NBC had to get his written permission to make it anyways.

Give it time, another network will buy it, I’m sure.

I think it should be on HBO or Showtime, that way there could be nudity on the show too. That is another reason why I didn’t agree with that show being on NBC. If it’s Playboy, then there have to be nudity for, “The Playboy Club”, right?

I think people should know about Playboy’s history and they had a lot of that in the show.


BREAKING NEWS: NBC cancels, “The Playboy Club”, after airing only 3 episodes!!!

While this is no surprise to me and I kind of saw this coming myself, NBC decided to cancel, “The Playboy Club”, TV show even after airing 3 episodes. Why? Probably because of the low ratings and the controversy with the PTC.

More on the story, here.

Such a shame. I thought it was a pretty good show so far, it was decent. I think the only reason the ratings were low ’cause people were turned off by Playboy being on a family friendly station.

Hopefully another TV station will pick up the rights for, “The Playboy Club”. Maybe HBO or Showtime will be interested in it. They would be the better networks for this show to be on ’cause it would be more appreciated by people.

I DVR’d the last and final 3rd episode of “The Playboy Club” last night and will probably watch it tonight. I hope another network will buy the show and continue it. I’m sure it will happen.


“The Playboy Club” premiere…brief review…

I just watched the DVR’ed episode of “The Playboy Club” premiere, here is my brief review.

Here’s the synopsis from episode 1:

“In Chicago, 1963, Maureen, a worker at a bar called “The Playboy Club”, is almost raped by mob boss Bruno Bianchi when she, along with a lawyer named Nick Dalton, accidentally kill him. They cover up the murder and hide the body in the river. While Bianchi’s son John and the rest of the mob start to uncover what happened, subplots include a worker named Brenda, who is seeking to be the first African-American Playboy playmate, Alice, who is secretly lesbian in a sham marriage with a gay man named Sean, and Carol-Lynne, who recently becomes the “Bunny Mother” of the club.”

As some of you know, this show created a lot of controversy over the past couple of weeks. Just out of curiosity, I just had to watch the first episode to see what this show is like. Did I like it? Yeah, it was actually pretty good. Back in those days, was the beginning of Playboy and this show want to show you how it all started.

While this show is mostly fiction there is a lot of real history in it. The PTC called the show, “pornographic material”. It is not, “pornographic material” if it doesn’t have naked women showing off their privates. This show doesn’t show any of that stuff. Yes, the women do show a lot of skin and cleavage, but that’s about it. I don’t see how that’s considered, “porn”.

Amber Heard, did a good job in this show. I enjoyed her performance. I remembered her from, “Zombieland”, and the “Friday Night Lights” movie. “The Playboy Club” is a soap opera and mob story. It is a show aimed for both men and women.

A lot of people accused this show of exploiting women. Well yeah. Women go on Playboy and other adult magazines, because it’s a free country. That’s the beauty of America folks. People make their own decisions and do what they want to do. If women wants to take their clothes off in front of a camera, so they can publish them for the world to see, that’s their choice. It bothers me that other people attack women for wanting to pose nude. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with it. As long as it’s legal, they have that choice to do it if they want to.

I’ll admit it, I do have an interest in, ‘porn”. I’m not addicted to porn, I don’t collect it, but I need my eye candy too, right? Hey, I’m a guy, that’s what they do, look at porn. If you say you’re not into porn and offended by it, you’re lying. Everyone is into it.

I like Playboy. I respect the legacy they created with the magazine and the Playboy empire, and all that. I don’t like how the magazine is today, but the earlier history of the magazine is really incredible stuff, and “The Playboy Club” TV show wants to school you in on their past.

I read that the ratings for this show was pretty low, and I think the reason was, that people didn’t like Playboy on an NBC family friendly station. “The Playboy Club”, should be on an adult friendly station like HBO or Showtime if they want to get more viewers. Other than that, it’s a good show. I kept thinking it was going to suck, but I actually watched through the whole hour. Thumbs up.


Report: Hugh Hefner re-buys Playboy empire, takes it private…

First Hugh Hefner gets engaged to 24 year old, Crystal Harris, and now this! Hugh Hefner re-buys Playboy Enterprises as a way to stop Penthouse magazine from buying it. The Hef plans to take the company private like the old school days of Playboy.

More on the story, here.

To those who think this is about money, I don’t think it is. Hugh Hefner, doesn’t want Penthouse magazine to take over Playboy, it’s simple as that. I can’t blame him. I don’t want FriendFinder/Penthouse owning Playboy too. Only Hef should have control of Playboy. No one but him.

I like Playboy more than Penthouse. Penthouse magazine isn’t good anymore. Penthouse was good before FriendFinder bought it. I buy Playboy magazine once in a while, whenever something good is in it.


Toni Braxton to pose nude for Playboy???

Famed R&B singer, revealed to the whole world that she is up to pose nude for Playboy, yes, show tits and ass, all of it. She revealed the news on her twitter page. It doesn’t surprise me. I mean, look at all scantily clad bikini pictures she’s already put out over the years. Is the world ready to see a 43 year old MILF, in the nude? Would this hurt her career or make it better?

This might hurt her young fans, fans that are in their teens or younger because I’m pretty sure there’s going to be angry parents who won’t let their kids buy her albums only because she did Playboy. I think the only reason Toni wants to do this ’cause no one knows who Toni Braxton is anymore. She was a big star in the 90’s when her “Secrets” album came out, but she is just another one hit wonder artist. I think she wants to do Playboy hoping to get recognized again, an attention seeking thing.

Not many female singers pose naked. Madonna may have posed naked a lot for the media but that’s because she’s allowed to. The public accepted Madonna to pose nude for the public because Madonna has always been seen as this sexual pop star. Toni Braxton is not like Madonna at all.

I like Toni, I’m not knocking her, but I think her doing Playboy is a bad idea. I’m sure you agree. Most female artists don’t pose naked for the public for a reason, because simply put, it’s a bad career move. Madonna did it in her younger years, because she can.


Report: Hugh Hefner is Hollywood hero, Playboy founder saves Hollywood sign…

Man, how fuckin’ awesome is this! Just proves that Hugh Hefner really is a great guy and he actually cares for other things. Not just himself. He actually spent the last of $900,000 needed to save the Hollywood sign straight from his own pockets.

More on it here:


Way to go, Hugh! Big respects on this one, pal! 🙂


Report: Marge Simpson to pose for Playboy, for reals!!!

Marge Simpson, the iconic character from the hit TV show, “The Simpsons” will be doing a nude pictorial for Playboy. NO KIDDING! Hugh Hefner is not joking around either. Yes, the animated Marge will be showing it all off. This ought to make Homer proud. This is for the celebration of the Simpsons 20th Anniversary.

More on it here:


I’m sure the pics will leak on the net early.

Also, Playboy should one day get Miss Piggy from the Muppets to pose nude ’cause that would totally rawk.


Report: Hugh Hefner reveals Diablo Cody is writing his biopic film, to be produced by Brian Grazer…

The Hef exclusively announced on his Twitter page that Diablo Cody could be the one writing the script for his upcoming biopic film that will be produced by Brian Grazer.

See The Hef’s twitter announcement here:


Diablo’s a great choice.

Since Brian Grazer is producing does this mean that Ron Howard will be directing?


Report: Hugh Hefner finally stepping down as owner of Playboy empire??? Virgin Media’s, Richard Branson may buy the company…

Look like the Hef is finally burnt out from Playboy after all these years of him owning the legendary magazine company. First, he put his house next door of the Playboy mansion for sale, and now he’s got the entire Playboy magazine publishing company on sale for $300 million. Rumour has it that, Virgin Media’s, Richard Branson is interested in buying it.

I think the Hef will put the Playboy mansion for sale up next sooner or later. I can understand why the Hef is getting burnt out and tired of all this work since he’s about 80 years old.

More on it here: