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Report: Michael Jackson estate finally moving forward on making the biopic film about the King of Pop…

So the Michael Jackson estate executor, John Branca, has finally started to shop for producers and studios to help make the biopic film to the big screen about the late, King of Pop. Branca approached, Montecito Pictures, which is owned by Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock, to help finance and produce.

Read more on the story, here.

This is just the early stages and just moving forward. So there are no screenwriters, directors and no cast yet. I bet the director will be none other than Kenny Ortega who did, “This is It”.

As for who to cast Michael Jackson himself, they would need 5 different actors to play him because of his various transformations over the years on his image. They would need black actors to play the younger Jackson of course, but as for the full grown Jackson, any actor can play him. You know about Michael Jackson’s white skin due to his bad plastic surgery, any actor (including a white actor) can play that kind of Jackson.

I think I remember Johnny Depp, wanted to play Michael Jackson for the biopic, and I think that’s a perfect choice right there, in my opinion. Depp would make a good Jackson. They would probably get Jaden Smith for the child Jackson of the Jackson 5 era.

If they do a good job and make it right, I can see this movie being a very powerful drama. Will they do everything about Michael’s life in this movie? Will they even add the pedophile trial and the Conrad Murray stuff into the film? They probably will, wouldn’t surprise me.

As for who to play the young Jackson during the “Off the Wall” to the “Thriller” era, I’m not sure, but they would need a young black actor for that too. It’s gonna be difficult to cast Jackson for sure. I vote Forrest Whittaker or Laurence Fishburne for Conrad Murray.

Anyway, it’s gonna be a long while to see the Michael Jackson biopic arrive to the big screen. I see it being released in 2013 – 14. Glad they’re finally starting to do one. I’m looking forward to it!



Ghostbusters III, questions that needs answers…

While the original actors of Ghostbusters are aging, do you think they’ll still be able to play their characters well? If you played, “Ghostbusters – The Video Game” like I did, you’ll know that they still have what it takes to play their characters. They still have the voices down pretty well. If you don’t think they can, play the video game. You’d be surprised to hear yourself that they still got it. Even Bill Murray played Peter Venkmen well in the video game. I think they’ll do fine with the new film.

What I’m a little worried about is the script. I hope it won’t be another “Ghostbusters II”, that film was horrible. We need Slimer to return and hopefully Staypuff as well. As far as Vigo The Carpathian, I hope they don’t make him return ’cause that was a terrible villain.

We hope for a Ghostbusters film that is much like the first one. The first Ghostbusters film was a classic. I’ll always love that film so much. I’ll never get tired of it. What we need for “GIII” is a celebration of the first film. The Video Game did a pretty good job at that.

We want “GIII” to be scary as hell, along with the comedy mixed into it like the first one. We don’t want it to be a family film like the second movie was. I’m fine with the new young Ghostbusters taking over for III, I just want a good script and I want good casting with the young Ghostbusters.

Like I always say, I’m all for another Ghostbusters movies ’cause it deserves another film to close out the trilogy. There will probably be a new Ghostbusters trilogy after this for young Ghostbusters to take over and the original cast can retire after the 3rd movie.

Just like I hope Warner Bros. does a good job with Zack Snyder’s “Man Of Steel”, I hope Sony does a good job with “Ghostbusters III” as well.

Maybe the next film can be successful without Bill Murray, who knows. I’m not getting my hopes up. They need him. I’m sure Bill will respond to this soon, he’s just waiting for the right time ’cause he knows the media will be all over it. He’s making his careful decision and thinking things over. He may be a pain in the ass about it, but even Bill wants the next movie to be good like all of us. If you think about it, we are not alone, even Bill is worried about the next film.

I wish them luck on “Ghostbusters III”. Since they maybe start shooting next year, they’re going to start casting soon. We know for sure that Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Harold Ramis and Sigourney Weaver are returning…but we haven’t yet heard from Bill Murray and Rick Moranis. It would be great if everybody returns. Lets hope they make “GIII” a great film where we could all walk out of the theater with smiles on our faces.


Report: Alan Paul’s “Big In China” book to be made into a movie, possibly directed by Ivan Reitman???

Most people may have never heard of this man, but Alan Paul, is an American journalist who writes for different music magazines. He mostly writes for, Guitar World, magazine.

Alan Paul is a blues musician, who lived over in Beijing, China for a while. While there, he formed a blues band named, Woodie Alan. The band, Woodie Alan, become famous over in China. Alan Paul, wrote his experiences over there in a memoir, as you see in the pic above. The book is now out in stores everywhere I believe. Ivan Reitman’s “Montecito Pictures”, just acquired the rights to make the book into a major motion picture. The film could possibly be directed by, Ivan Reitman himself.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

This book sounds very interesting to me! I’ll be going to the mall tomorrow, and I’ll probably take a walk over to “Barnes & Noble’, and I’ll look for this book. I’m interested in reading it.

If you don’t know who Alan Paul is, watch the videos below. I think he’ll definitely become more well known once this film hits theaters.




Report: Bill Murray claims he haven’t read the “Ghostbusters 3” script…

Not too long ago, Ivan Reitman announced that he sent the script for “Ghostbusters 3”, to Bill Murray to get his approval of the film. Bill recently had an interview with Howard Stern on Sirius. Of course, Howard had to ask  him about the script.

Bill confirmed he does have the script, but he claims he haven’t read it. He says the script have been sitting on his desk at his home office but he doesn’t know how long he haven’t read it. He says he’ll read it at some point because he doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings who’ve been wanting him to read it.

Read Bill’s full interview with Howard, here.

Come on Billy! Pick up the damn script and read it! I’m pretty sure he has all day to read the script, for some reason he doesn’t want to. As you can see, Bill is STILL being picky with the, “Ghostbusters 3” movie. He’s very difficult about it for whatever reason. I guess Bill wants to make sure that the story is going to work in order for him to give it the greenlight.

It doesn’t take that long to read a movie script. They can take a couple of days to read. I’ve read movie scripts before.

It’ll be a shame if Bill says, “No”, to G3. So hopefully he’ll get around to reading it, lets cross our fingers if he’ll like it enough. I respect Bill’s honesty and keeping things real though. Gotta give that.


Report: Is Bill Murray in or out of “Ghostbusters 3”????

Deadline, wrote this interesting article about the difficulties in making “Ghostbusters 3”. Why is “Ghostbusters III” so difficult to get the green light? It’s because Bill Murray have always been strict and picky with the third film. You’ve read most interviews with Bill about Ghostbusters 3 over the past year and Bill haven’t been so kind about the third film. Bill mostly laughed at all Ghostbusters 3 talk every time he was asked about it.

That’s why they sent the script to Bill first, to get his approval. Get feedback from Bill. In that article, Sony wanted to make it clear that they will not make a Ghostbusters film without Bill. If Bill is in, they will get right to work. If Bill is out, then no film at all, it’s simple as that.

I think there’s a good chance Bill will say yes ’cause he was wearing the Ghostbuters suit for the “Zombie Land” movie too.

It’ll be nice to see Harold Ramis back as Egon as well, as I know that Harold doesn’t act much anymore,  he mostly concentrated on directing movies over the years. I hope the GIII script won’t concentrate on the passing the torch to younger Ghostbusters eitiher, so we’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed if Bill wants in or not. We’ll hear from Bill soon on his answer, maybe in a few weeks or so. He’ll have to take the time to read the script and make his decision.

I really hope  a GIII film will happen ’cause it deserves one more film to close out the trilogy.


Report: Ivan Reitman says “Ghostbusters 3” script is done and have been sent to Bill Murray!!!

Ivan Reitman, the director of the first two “Ghostbusters” films, announced that the “Ghostbusters 3” script is finally done and sent to Bill Murray to get his approval. Ivan says Bill haven’t read the script yet and says the script is good enough to get the film made.

The Associated Press, reports.

We all know how strict and picky Bill is with the next Ghostbusters film. Lets hope he’ll be happy with this script whenever he gets around to reading it. I think Bill Murray still looks really good in the Ghostbusters suit. Remember, he put the suit back on for the “Scream” awards last year. He looked pretty happy wearing the suit again, so there’s a possibility he might come back! Hope so, cross our fingers.


Report: Ivan Reitman is still on for “Ghostbusters 3″…

This is why people shouldn’t believe everything they read online. Huge rumours spread the web that Ivan Reitman pulled out of “Ghostbusters 3” to do a romantic comedy film titled, “Friends with Benefits” instead. Well, Sony says that rumour is bullshit and Ivan Reitman is committed with “Ghostbusters 3” still.

More on it here:


That’s good. I can’t see no one directing “Ghostbusters” but Ivan Reitman. Ivan’s their only guy that can do these films, right. Even Harold Ramis and Jason Reitman can’t even touch Ivan’s style. It’s great news that Ghostbusters 3 is still happening and lets hope for a 2011 release date.


Edit to add: btw, “Ghostbusters 3” could do extremely well in the box office if made right, it could be just as big as “Avatar” and “The Dark Knight”, sure. I’m sure Ivan Reitman will be experimenting with the new CGI and 3D technology, most definitely.