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New “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” still photos released by EW…

A bunch of still photos from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has been released by Entertainment Weekly and the photos are pretty cool. Something that Star Wars fans can get all excited about for sure.

You get to finally see recent photos of the two famous droids: R2 and C3PO… not surprisingly the two droids still look the same after 30 years since “Return of the Jedi”.

They still won’t show us Luke and Leia for some reason. They already show us Han Solo in the trailer. Leia was in the trailer but you can’t see her face, she was seen handing over a light saber. I think they’ll show us Luke and Leia in the next trailer possibly.

I really am looking forward to “The Force Awakens” like most people and I’m already feeling it’s gonna be the best film of 2015 hopefully.

Hopefully JJ can give us a good Star Wars movie. We need a good Star Wars movie where we can walk out of the theaters with big smiles on our faces and I think this film will do that. I think JJ will make Star Wars fans happy with this one. Looking good so far.


Mark Hamill admits to being a little skeptical of JJ doing Star Wars 7 “The Force Awakens”…

Pretty interesting. Mark Hamill is just like most of Star Wars fans. He at first was a little skeptical of JJ directing Star Wars. He was a little “cautious” about it but then Hamill admits he jumped aboard the Star Wars 7 cast ’cause he was afraid that the die-hards would get angry at him and would probably protest if he said “No”.

I agree that would happen if Mark Hamill said no to returning. I mean, look at what Billy Dee Williams is going through. Billy Dee is not playing Lando in “The Force Awakens” and a lot of fans are upset about it. That is probably why Harrison and Carrie had to jump aboard the film as well to avoid an angry mob of fans. Everyone was expecting a Star Wars reunion. They got everybody except for Billy Dee obviously. Who knows, maybe Billy Dee still has a surprising cameo appearance in “The Force Awakens” though… we’ll have to wait and see. JJ is always full of surprises and secrets.

Luke Skywalker is probably not gonna be in “The Force Awakens” that much but at least he’ll be in it. It’s looking like that Han Solo is gonna get the most screen time for “The Force Awakens”.

I can’t wait for this film, though. I hope this will be the “Star Wars” film that we all can walk out of the theaters with huge smiles on our faces this time. I’m sure that will happen.



2nd trailer of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is here and it gave me goosebumps!!! WOW!!!!

I’m blown away by this trailer. The trailer was very well done and this is HOW you make a movie trailer. I figure this trailer will get Star Wars fans pumped up and they did a good job doing just that.

Luke Skywalker does appear in the trailer, he’s the one with the mechanical hand touching R2D2 and Mark Hamill is obviously doing the voice overs. Princess Leia does appear in the trailer but you can’t see her face. Leia is seen handing someone a light saber. When Leia hands someone a light saber, did you noticed a ring on her finger? Is she and Han Solo married in this movie? That’s what it’s looking like to me. Who is Leia handing the light saber to?

Seeing Han Solo finally is fucking badass as well! Predictably Han Solo still looks the same except he’s much older now obviously.

As expected, this looks to be an action-packed Star Wars movie that would get fans jumping up and down on their seats excitedly feeling like a little kid again.

I’m blown away with the trailer. I’m sure we will see much more in Trailer #3. I’m sure they’ll let us see Luke’s and Leia’s face in the next one.

Will we see Luke Skywalker back in light saber action? I’m almost positive we will see Luke swinging the light saber around again ’cause fans will be disappointed if we don’t see Luke in action again. I’m sure it’s gonna be Luke vs. Kylo Ren at the end of the film.

I can’t fucking wait though! I’m definitely gonna try to see this on opening day.


Mark Hamill is such a great speaker!!! WOW!!

Here’s Mark Hamill telling movie theater goers no talking and no texting during a movie. Like everyone else I LOVE hearing Mark Hamill’s speaking voice. His speaking voice is so amazing.

My question is why didn’t Mark become a radiotalk show host or start his own podcast show? I think he would be great at both of those!

Mark is looking good, though. Better than he has before. Look like he’s been working out and eating right. Starting to look like Luke Skywalker again.

Mark is one of the best speakers out there and I’m sure he doesn’t even need a teleprompter at all.

Looking forward to seeing him back in Star Wars later this year! Rock on, Mark! \m/


More thoughts on the Star Wars trailer…

Like usual when it comes to JJ Abrams directing, there’s gonna be a lot of negative and hateful critics shitting on the trailer. A lot of fans are saying, “that’s it”? Well, for one, that’s what a teaser is supposed to do. A teaser is not supposed to show a lot but I’m sure we will see a lot more in the upcoming trailers. Reveal a little bit at a time.

I’m also seeing a lot of nasty criticism toward the lightsaber at the end, the mysterious black robed and hooded character at the end. Is that Adam Driver’s villain character or Luke Skywalker himself? We would never know. Like I said JJ is full of secrecy and there’s tons of it in this new trailer. As for the new lightstaber design, that’s just either for Luke or Adam Driver’s character. I’m sure not all lighstabers in the film are like that. This film is set 35 years after “Return of the Jedi” so obviously the lighsabers are gonna get a new design.

Why do we see John Boyega in a Stormtrooper suit and with no Stormtrooper helmet on? That’s another question that needs to be answered and I’m sure we will soon find out. Is Boyega’s character a Stormtrooper member and he escapes from them? That’s kind of what it’s looking like in that trailer to me.

Who’s the voice over??? I immediately assumed that the voice over was Luke Skywalker but if you think about it and listen to what the voice over is saying, it’s sounding like it’s coming from an evil character. I don’t think Luke would say something like, “the dark and the light”. It is probably Adam Driver, the voice over. It doesn’t sound like Mark Hamill.

This is just a teaser… I repeat, A TEASER!!! We will see a lot more in the next one, for sure. I’ve watched the trailer like 10 times straight.

I was pretty impressed with the teaser and can’t wait to see more. I’m noticing the Stormtrooper’s are looking a little different too.


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer is here!!! It’s freaking sick, HOLY SHIT!!!

Maybe JJ Abrams won’t let us down after all. I’m fuckin’ impressed with the trailer. It gave me goosebumps and now I’m fuckin’ psyched for Episode 7 now. The trailer has everything Star Wars fanatics would want out of a Star Wars movie: Stormtroopers, X-Wing fighters, lightsabers, tie fighters and the Millennium Falcon!!!

The trailer showed more than I expected but still there is a lot of secrecy and mystery to it. Who’s the character with the black robe and hood with the weird looking lightsaber toward the end? Is that Adam Driver’s villain character? There is also an appearance by John Boyega in a Stormtrooper suit and Daisy Ridley is seen riding some weird looking vehicle on Abu Dhabi.


No appearances by Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca and the Droids yet but I’m sure they will appear in the upcoming trailers. The trailers will reveal a little bit at a time.

This will definitely be the biggest movie of 2015, though and I will definitely be there in the theater for this one, for sure.


Look like you won’t have to go to a theater to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer after all!!!

Are you dying to see that 88 second, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer but there’s no theater in your hometown that has it? Not too worries!!! The 88 second teaser will be exclusively released to “Itunes Trailers” on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

There’s a lot of claims that the trailer has been leaked online but I’m sure those leaks aren’t legitimate so I’ll wait to see the official one.

And remember, y’all… don’t expect to see so much on the trailer. You’re only gonna see very little as I said before. JJ loves his secrecy, he’s obsessed with it. I’m sure it’ll be a sick teaser and sure it will get everyone talking and debating about it.

On Friday, I’ll go to Itunes and check it out.


Thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens”…

Yep, so this is the official subtitle for Star Wars 7, “The Force Awakens”. I dig the title. I like it.

Some of you may ask, why didn’t they name the title, “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens”??? Well, if you know Star Wars way of marketing, the movies usually put the “Episode (Roman numerals here)” in the opening crawl of the movie. Lucasfilm never used the Roman numerals for posters and VHS/DVD boxart.

I remember in the first Star Wars movie they didn’t use the subtitle and roman numerals for the box art of VHS/DVD’s and they just called it “Star Wars”… they only used “Episode IV: A new Hope” for the opening crawl.

It’s just their sneaky little marketing strategy.

I expect Disney/Lucasfilm to release a teaser sometime at the end of the year… probably around Christmas. What big movie will the teaser trailer be attached to??? Since “Star Wars Episode VII” is Disney, they’ll probably attach it to “Into The Woods” w/ Johnny Depp or they could put it in front of the new “Hobbit” movie, either one.

Once again, I hope JJ don’t let us down. I’m praying for a great Star Wars movie here.


“Star Wars – Episode 7” maybe all done filming the scenes but J.J. still has lots of work to do…

JJ Abrams maybe all done filming with the cast of “Star Wars Episode 7” but JJ still has a lot of work to do on the film so we still have a long road to go before completion. What’s next for JJ after filming the movie? Well, there’s gonna be a lot of editing and putting the film together. I’m sure JJ’s gotta add in a lot of special effects like CGI and lens flares (ha!). I’m sure JJ has a lot of light saber effects and laser beams from all the laser guns in the film which is gonna be a lot of work. They also gotta work on the sound editing and all that stuff. Plus John Williams still have to come in to record the score for the movie (which the score is usually the last thing). I’m sure John Williams will put on a killer score for the film and also sure the main Star Wars theme song will be kept for the opening crawl. JJ’s also gotta do some final touches for the film. Tons of work left to do on it.

What will the critical reception of the film be when the film is out? It’s too early to say but I predict the film will probably get mixed reviews but hopefully not. I’m hoping all the reviews will be positive and hoping this will be the film that will make Star Wars fans happy.

I’m sure this film will have plenty of action. Will an older Luke Skywalker be in a epic light saber fight? I would absolutely think so!!! If Luke Skywalker is returning to the new Star Wars movie, fans would be disappointed if he wasn’t swinging the light saber around so I’m sure we will see Luke in action again.

Speaking of Luke Skywalker, I have noticed something about Mark Hamill. In the beginning of filming, Mark Hamill mysteriously grew a beard for the Luke Skywalker role but after the film wraps, I’ve seen that Mark Hamill shaved the beard off after looking at his recent pics so does that mean that Luke shaved the beard during the movie somewhere? Why did Luke shave the beard? So it’s looking like that the script might be about Luke gone missing. There’s gotta be a good reason that Luke grew a beard. Luke may have been held captive, ya know, held prisoner by some people so he might of grew a beard that way and when Luke got rescued, he shaved it off.

Bearded Mark Hamill during the filming of Episode 7.

Recent pic of a clean shaven Mark Hamill after the wrapping of Star Wars Episode 7.

Just making some observations here.

Once again, I hope JJ won’t let us down and hope he’ll make us happy this time. I hope it’ll be a good Star Wars film myself. JJ knows a lot about Star Wars so he seems to know what he’s doing. I’ll definitely be in the theaters for this one.