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Cool Video: “Dexter – Season 6” trailer is finally here!!!

Well, here it is. “Dexter – Season 6” trailer finally hits the internet this weekend. Looks pretty good. Even though “Season 4” is the best season so far, I don’t know if any other season will be able to top it. I still haven’t seen “Season 5”, but it’ll be coming out on DVD in late August.

Dexter Season 6 will start airing in Oct., so I’ll make sure I order the Showtime channel before then. I’m such a huge fan of the show.


Cool Video: Michael C. Hall the man himself briefly responds to “Dexter going after Casey Anthony” rumors…

Michael C. Hall, the star of “Dexter” was spotted walking the streets of Los Angeles, and TMZ stopped him. Of course, they had to ask him if Dexter will kill Casey Anthony.

See the video at, TMZ.

Seems like Michael is not a big fan of the paparrazi although he does seem like a nice guy. Notice how Michael is trying to avoid TMZ a little bit but he was nice enough to answer their questions.

While Dexter is a fictional character, I think it would be pretty cool if Casey Anthony can be written in as a character for an episode of Season 6. Casey Anthony could be played by a different actress on the show.


Brock reviews: “Dexter – Season 4”

So last night, I watched the final two episodes of “Dexter – Season 4”. I was very impressed with this season, and I think this is the best season like everyone else. John Lithgow was the special guest as the Trinity Killer, which he won a Golden Globe award for this show. Michael C. Hall also won a Golden Globe award for this Season, which both awards are well deserved. While John Lithgow did an amazing job, playing the villain, this isn’t the first time he played a villain. Lithgow played a villain in many Hollywood films such as “Cliffhanger”, “Ricochet”, “Raising Cain”, and “Santa Clause: the Movie”.

I think “Season 4” of Dexter is the darkest one of them all. There are some pretty big twists and turns this season. It kept you guessing ’til the very end. The ending to “Season 4” was so shocking, I don’t want to tell what happens, but I can give you a clue that another important character of the series got killed off. I’m not saying who.

In this season, Dexter continues to follow “The Code” on where he kills bad people to add blood to his slide collection. He also killed a few innocent people which weren’t part of his code. Nobody really found out who Dexter really is, but the Trinity Killer (Lithgow) found out who he was toward the end. The Trinity Killer is a different monster than Dexter, who was obsessed with killing innocent women.

This show continues to be addicting. I’ve been loving every episode I’ve seen. I’m already looking forward to “Season 5”. Since “Season 5” is not on DVD yet, I will order Showtime channel this week so I can watch “Season 5” on their ON DEMAND thing.

I’ll catch up with “Dexter” before the new Season 6 starts airing on Showtime in Sept. I’ve also watched a few more episodes of “Lost” last night. I will review the first season of “Lost” after I finish it which will be a while. The first season of “Lost” is a pretty long season.


Report: Colin Hanks set to play main villain for “Dexter – Season 6″…

The son of Tom Hanks, whose name is Colin, has been signed for a major villain role for “Dexter’s Season 6”. The show already had John Lithgow and Jimmy Smits playing the main villains, Colin’s character will be totally different than them. Showtime is keeping Colin’s character a secret for now.

More on the story, here.

This show is going to help Colin become more well known, indeed.

I still haven’t seen the rest of “Dexter – Season 4” and I only started watching the first 3 or 4 episodes so far. I still need to watch the rest of Season 4 and then I’ll need to catch up with Season 5. I have plenty of time to catch up with the show before Season 6 gets here. Season 6 will air on Showtime sometime in Sept., I believe. The show is usually on Sept. every year.


Cool Video: Showtime finally reveals teaser for “Dexter – Season 6” this fall…

Showtime dropped this video teaser on the Dexter facebook page today. They tease Season 6 as “Hell Breaks Loose”. Does this mean we’re going to get an angry Dexter who goes on a murderous rampage in the worse ever possible? Sounds like it.

I just started watching Season 4 on DVD. When I finish Season 4, I’m going to have to order the Showtime channel for my DVR box ’cause I don’t have Showtime yet. I will catch up with Season 5 on the Showtime – On Demand thing. Season 5 should be coming out on DVD/Blu Ray this Summer now that Season 6 have finally been announced.

I’m such a huge fan of the show. Other than HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”, Showtime’s “Dexter” is pretty high on the list as one of my favorite TV shows. I just don’t want “Dexter” to end. I hope the show will last for a long time and hope “Season 6” won’t be the final season. I think the show will be around for a long while. As you can see “Dexter” is the most talked about show on the internet. That’s how I got into the show ’cause everyone was talking about it online and I became interested. Glad I finally got into Dexter. Smart storytelling, Melissa Rosenberg is a great writer.


Report: Michael C. Hall to star in independent big screen film, “Love, Scotch & Death” after he finishes “Dexter – Season 6″…

“Dexter” creator, James Manos Jr. will re-team with Michael C. Hall again, after they wrap up “Dexter” Season 6 this year. James and Michael will do an independent big screen film titled, “Love, Scotch & Death”. Actress Vera Farmiga will star with Michael in the film. The film will be written & directed by James Manos Jr.

The movie “Love, Scotch & Death” will be about a man just returning home from a stressful vacation, he learns that his parents died of natural causes and is forced to navigate his way past an unsympathetic funeral director, his children, manic wife, an eccentric priest and over-sexed neighbors.

Deadline, reports.

While the movie sounds good, I’m more excited for Season 6 of “Dexter” coming. It quickly became my favorite TV show and I’m already addicted. I just started Season 2 on Netflix. I will be buying 3 & 4 on DVD soon. Will watch Season 5 on Showtime on Demand since Season 5 is not out on DVD yet. I want to catch up before Season 6 comes.

I’m not sure why Netflix removed Season 3 & 4. Maybe Netflix will soon stream Season 3, 4, and 5 since “Season 6” is coming.

I love “Dexter” though. “Dexter” and “The Walking Dead” are both great horror shows. We need more horror TV shows. Don’t get me started on “True Blood” ’cause I always hated that show.


BREAKING NEWS: Michael C. Hall, leading star of “Dexter” officially cured of cancer!!!

This is really great news for “Dexter” fans. The wife of Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter has announced that the “Dexter” star is officially cured of cancer. He no longer has it.

More on it here:


Congratulations to Michael! I’m happy for him. As long as he lives, more “Dexter”, will be on the way. 🙂