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Netflix Pick: “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”

So last night, I finally saw the movie, “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”, a movie I’ve always wanted to see, so I watched it on Netflix. The movie stars Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes.

The film takes place after the events of Hurricane Katrina. It’s about a police Seargant named Terence McDonagh (Nic Cage), who was just promoted to Lieutenant for rescuing a drowning man in a prison cell (the prison was flooded due to the Hurricane). After the prisoner’s rescue, Terence suffered a serious back injury which would last for the rest of his life, so he was forced to get on medication, Vicodin, to help stop the pain. From there, he became addicted to painkillers, alcohol and drugs. Terence girlfriend Frankie (Eva Mendes) is also a prostitute and a drug addict.

They call Terence, “Bad Lieutenant” for a reason. Terence doesn’t follow the law when busting people, he treats other criminals however he wanted. Whenever Terence caught other people with drugs, instead of arresting them, he’ll do drugs with them and talk with them like a friend. There was this one scene in the film where he caught a guy making out with a prostitute in the alley ways. Instead of arresting them, Terence would make out with the prostitute in front of the guy. Later in the film, Terence ends up in a murder investigation.

I thought this was Nicolas Cage’s best role in a long time. He really showed his acting talent in this one too. Warning though: Nic Cage plays an asshole like character through most of the film, he has a temper tantrum. I thought Nic Cage played the best asshole, he was actually kind of scary and it made you think, “Damn, you wouldn’t want to mess with this guy”. Plus, I thought the story to this movie was interesting. The plot was good. The film was entertaining as the film did had some really crazy scenes.

This is a film worth checking out for you Netflix users. Many people don’t like Nic Cage too much but this is was his most realistic role, he was pretty serious in this  film. Check it out. I was pretty impressed with the film.


Report: Netflix to start streaming all Star Trek shows starting July 1st!!!

Space, the final frontier. Yes, that’s right Trekkie’s. If you have Netflix and if you LOVE Star Trek like I do, well you Star Trek fans are in for a treat! Netflix will soon start streaming all Star Trek TV shows on July 1st. Yes, that includes the original Trek, TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise. Deep Space Nine won’t be available until Oct. 1st. This is such great news for me. I’m so glad I have Netflix finally! Look like I’m going to be busy this summer, watching Star Trek shows! wOOt!

Read the report,  here.


Netflix Pick: Dolph Lundgren’s “The Killing Machine” brutal and graphic action flick…

So the first movie I watched on Netflix tonight was Dolph Lundgren’s newest directed film, “The Killing Machine”. It’s a straight to DVD movie, but I actually liked the film.

The film tells a story about a man named, Edward Genn (Dolph), who is a loving husband and he’s a father. He is being hunted down by Russian hitmen. His family doesn’t know about his dark past. He used to work for the Russian mob, he was a killer. Not anymore, he left the Russian mob to raise a family, only to put his family in danger. The whole movie is pretty much about this guy trying to save his family and seek revenge against this Russian mob boss who’s trying to kill him.

This film is just another example of why I think Dolph would make a perfect director for, “The Expendables” sequel. “The Killing Machine” is very low budget, but still a fun action movie. It was a very violent action movie. More violent, than “Command Performance”. There are plenty of gun shooting, fighting and blood in this movie.

The movie’s a short 90 minute flick, but it was still a blast to watch. Dolph is a good action movie director, probably better than Sly. If you have Netflix, I’d suggest you check this one out. I’ll be reviewing Netflix movies on here more often so I’ll name these topics, “Netflix Pick” for all you Netflix subscribers out there, I’ll recommend you stuff to watch if you can’t think of anything.


Dexter is my new obsession…

So I’m finally a proud subscriber to “Netflix”. I know everyone has “Netflix, these days, and I just finally got mine yesterday. What is the first thing that I started watching? The Showtime serial killer series, “Dexter”. This is the main reason why I wanted “Netlflix”, so I can catch up on “Dexter”. I’ve already seen 7 episodes of the first season and loving it to death so far. I’m sure the seasons will get better as I watch ’em.

I’m not sure if I can watch all 5 seasons on “Netflix”, I’ll look into it. If I can’t, that’s okay, I’m probably gonna start collecting the DVD box sets for “Dexter”.

“Dexter” is such an intense story, very intelligently written and good acting by Michael C. Hall. I’m already hooked to the show and I’m dying to see the rest of it. The reason I never saw “Dexter” before because I never had Showtime on my Time Warner Cable box. I’m going to have to get Showtime, because what if they start making new episodes for a Season 6? You never know.

I’m happy I got “Netflix”. I plan to watch other movies and other TV shows on there too. After I catch up on “Dexter”, I plan to check out the TV show “Lost” which I also never saw. Netflix is great.

Tonight, I plan to watch a movie on “Netflix”. Not sure what I’m going to watch yet, but I’ll decide something. Lot of good movies on there.


Report: “Star Trek” “Twin Peaks”, “Frasier”, “Twilight Zone” and many more TV shows coming to Netflix brought to you by CBS…

To fans of the original “Star Trek” and the original “Twilight Zone” TV series, you’ll soon be able to stream them on Netflix this Spring. CBS made a two year deal with Netflix to bring us a slew of TV shows everything from “Medium”, “Twin Peaks”, “Star Trek”, “Frasier”, and more.

The Hollywood reporter, reports.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan so I can’t wait for this ’cause I haven’t seen the entire original Star Trek series. I’ve seen a lot of episodes but not all of them. Now I’ll get to in the Spring!

I don’t have Netflix yet, but I will be getting it hopefully soon. I can get Netflix directly on my PS3 now.