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What will the plot be for “Star Wars 7”???

Will the plot for the next Star Wars movie continue after “Return of the Jedi”? I think it should! It should continue the story of Luke Skywalker. Since there will be no more Vader and Master Palpatine, they’re gonna have to create a new Star Wars villain which I’m sure they’ll be able to do easily. Maybe there should be a new young character aspiring to be a Jedi, and Luke can be his mentor/trainer. Honestly, they shouldn’t go for that direction, ’cause the plot “Training young jedi’s” have been done for the past 6 films. Time for something new and fresh. They could have a new plot where Luke, continue on for new adventures. Of course, the original cast should return like Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams (Lando), etc. I’m sure we’ll see the return of Chewbacca, C3pO, R2D2, and all other lovable characters we know. I’m sure they’ll create a bunch of new characters.

If they can get Mark Hammil back for Luke Skywalker in the leading role again, that would be freakin’ amazing. I doubt the original Star Wars gang will come back ’cause they’re getting old but you never know though! Never say never! If none of them wants to come back, then there should be more prequels. Like do prequels set between, “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope”, like they did with the “Force Unleashed” video games. If they can make live action movies based on the “Force Unleashed” video games, that would be sweet ’cause those games are great, and I can see those being made into films.

2015, is still far away yet, they need to hire writers, and directors before they start casting. It’s a long road to make a movie, they have to start off small and build their way up.

I’ll give Disney owning Lucasfilm a chance, ’cause it is a great opportunity to make Star Wars and Indy much better films if you think about it!  Keep in mind that Lucasfilm, also owns, “Willow”, and I can see Disney bringing back, Willow Ufgood to the big screen again. Warwick Davis has repeatedly said in interviews, that he’s willing to play that character again.

Anyway, back to Star Wars, it’ll be interesting to see what they’re going to do with the plot and characters of “Star Wars 7”. I’m interested.


BREAKING NEWS: Lucasfilm confirms, “Star Wars 7”, with a 2015 release date after Disney, acquiring rights from George Lucas…

George Lucas, announced last year, that he is retiring from making blockbuster movies for good. Now he’s passing the torch, to someone else to continue the Star Wars franchise. While Disney is preparing to buy Lucasfilm, they also acquired the rights from George Lucas to the Star Wars films. So yes, that means there will be a “Star Wars 7” on the way, slated for a 2015 release date.

Read the full story, here.

I guess, that’s good news that George is leaving the franchise, because the prequels were pretty much garbage except for Episode III “Revenge of the Sith”, which was a really good one.

This is a good chance for other film makers to make the Star Wars movies much better. Only problem though, I’m cool with any director making the movies, as long as Michael Bay, doesn’t touch them. Michael Bay, ruined the Transformers movies, we don’t need him ruining, Star Wars.


Report: Wow, look like George Lucas isn’t lying about retiring…does this mean no Indy 5 after all???

Earlier this week, George Lucas, (the man responsible for bringing us, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and um, quack, Howard the Duck) he told Empire magazine that he is done with blockbuster movies. He’s retiring, says he’s serious about it and wants to make experimental movies. Well, turns out that he isn’t lying and meant what he said!

George just hired producer, Kathleen Kennedy, to be in charge of Lucasfilm, so she can take over as soon as he leaves.

More on the story, here.

For the past year or so, George and Steve Spielberg have been talking about doing a fifth “Indiana Jones” film. Steve said he’ll do it whenever George is ready. So what’s the status going to be on “Indy 5”? Will George pass the torch for the creative writing for someone else or will George scrap Indiana Jones for good? It’s obvious that George is in charge of the Indiana Jones franchise. He’s the one that put it together. George was in charge of the writing process for Indy, Steve just directed them.

I can understand why George wants to hang it up. The guy’s a fuckin’ billionaire, dude, he’s loaded. Made so much money from the Star Wars films and Indiana Jones movies. He can do what he wants to do now. It’s not yet known what they’re planning to do with the next planned Indy movie, but it’ll be interesting to see what they’re going to do with it. Hope they do something before Harrison gets too old.

If George does end up passing the torch of the Indy franchise to someone else, I won’t be heartbroken about it. The Indy movies needs a better writing team anyway. Hey, I enjoyed, Indy IV, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, but it had a lot of problems with the writing. I’m sure the next Indiana Jones films would do fine with a better writer and better producer behind it. As I said, I liked Indy IV, just get rid of Shia Labeouf and the stupid fridge explosion scene, then the movie would have been fine.

I hope they will still make another Indy film ’cause the series deserves a good closure.


Today, officially marks the 30th Anniversary of the first Star Wars film, “A New Hope”…

Love George Lucas or hate him, you can’t deny that he is a creative genius and was pretty successful of his storytelling. While I am more of a Star Trek fan, I can appreciate Star Wars. I do like the original movies and the prequels too. George Lucas got so much hate and disrespect over the years. The man was never afraid to do what he wanted to do. He was never afraid to tell the stories he wanted to tell, whether other people liked it or not. All the success George got with Star Wars over the years, he didn’t get it for nothing. He created it all himself. The first Star Wars movie was heavily inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s film, “The Hidden Fortress”. I believe he wrote the script from there. It wasn’t easy for George to get studios interested in, “Star Wars”, as he kept getting rejected. George really wanted the stories to be told, and he did all he could to get the films made. George really worked hard. Congratulations to George on 30 years. He must be proud even to this day.

I might even watch, “A New Hope” later tonight.


Thought: In response to the latest George Lucas controversy…

For the past week or so, George Lucas, the man who created “Star Wars” is in a huge backlash because he made changes with the new Blu Ray’s. In the “Return of the Jedi” Blu Ray he made Darth Vader scream, “Noooo”, while Emperor Palpatine is shooting electricity at Luke. They also replaced Yoda’s puppet character into a CGI version of Yoda for the original trilogy.

What I find hilarious is the Star Wars fans hating on George Lucas now when they should have been hating on him a long time ago? I’ve lost my respect for George ever since he re-did the original trilogy to add some scenes and add more special effects. Plus, I hated the prequels. “The Phantom Menace” and “Attack of the Clones” were garbage films, I didn’t like them at all. I must say that “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” was actually a pretty good movie though.

I’m a George Lucas hater like a lot of you. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the original movies before George decided to mess with them. I’m just sick of seeing Star Wars everywhere. We already got a Star Wars animated series going on now, “Attack of the Clones”, and there is a possible Star Wars live action TV series on the way too.

Why is it that George concentrates on Star Wars only and he can’t do something original? It’s because he’s a HACK! In other words, he sucks. He mostly does Star Wars for most of his life because he’s only successful at that and nothing else. If he tries something different, it fails. Look what he did to Indy IV, “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, perfect example.

No offense to Star Wars fans, I find Star Wars overrated. I’m a Star Trek guy, big time. I like Star Trek more, ’cause they tell actual stories. Star Trek is insightful, and more entertaining. I wish people wouldn’t knock Star Trek because a lot of people find it boring. I don’t find it boring.

Sure, don’t get me wrong, I respected George Lucas’s legacy he created with Star Wars back in the day, but now he’s a fucking joke. He’s got a really big ego and another reason he continues to work with Star Wars is because it helps make him money. He don’t need to work. He should have retired a long time ago after the original trilogy. How many more versions of Star Wars can George come up with? I don’t think he’s going to stop anytime soon.


Happy Star Wars day!

Every year on May the 4th, Lucasfilm will always release something new that has something to do with Star Wars. This year, it has something to do with the long awaited “Star Wars” movie on Blu Ray. Yes, all 6 Star Wars films are coming out on Blu Ray later this year.

Today, the Star Wars website, revealed what the cover box art is going to look like. You can either buy the original trilogy or the prequels separately or buy all 6 of them in one box set. I plan to buy them both separately.

See the video here, it’s nothing but art and images from the movies, plus the covers of the Blu Ray boxes. To see the extras on the Blu Rays, click here.

The Blu Rays hits stores on Sept. 16th. I’ll be sure to save up some money before then ’cause I’m definitely getting this.


Report: All 6 Star Wars movies coming to Blu Ray in Fall of 2011…

Yes, that’s right Star Wars fans! In the fall of 2011, not this upcoming fall, but the fall after, all 6 Star Wars films will be hitting Blu Ray.


While I’m more of a Star Trek fan than Star Wars, I’ll probably end up getting this. Simply because, I am also curious on what the Star Wars films will look and sound like on Blu Ray. I’m wondering if there is a big improvement than regular DVD.


Report: Star Wars “The Force Unleashed II” announced for Oct. 26th…

In celebration of Star Wars Day today, Lucas Arts announced they will release “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II” for all video game consoles for Oct. 26th later this fall. I’ve never even played the first one yet. I will buy the first one and play it soon since the price of the first game dropped to $19.99 at Best Buy.

More on it here:


The game looks really good, I’m already interested. Will probably get it but need to play the first one though like I said.


Report: Star Wars: The movie series, Star Wars: The Animated series, Star Wars: The Live action TV series, and now Star Wars: The concert tour?

George Lucas maybe done with the 6 Star Wars films, but his huge ego lately is doing whatever it takes to keep Star Wars going.

Lucas has done “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” the animated movie, then he’s planning an animated series and live action TV series both at the same time. Now he is planning a concert tour?

Yep, you hear that right. There will be an orchestra and choir playing the music from all of the Star Wars movies created by legendary composer, John Williams. The C-3po actor, Anthony Daniels will be at these tours to host them and to narrate them. He won’t be out wearing the golden robot suit.

The Associated Press reports:


George’s obsession with Star Wars is getting even stronger! He’s gotta make a living somewhere since he won’t be successful doing anything outside of Star Wars!