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Cool Video: Neil Young rocks Glastonbury 2009, playing mostly his classics again…

My musical hero, Neil Young, rocks Glastonbury 2009 over the weekend. Here he is right here. Look like there were no, Springsteen and Neil Young jam like I was predicting. I love Neil. He’s such a hero to me, I love all of his music. I like a lot of music out there, but Neil Young stands up to me the most than anything out there.

Neil Young covers a Beatles tune as soon as he hits the stage.



Report: The Beatles are getting their own Rock Band game…

The Beatles maybe getting their own video game for the Rock Band franchise. The Beatles label Apple Corps. will talk more about this at a press teleconference today at 10:00.

Ac/Dc was the first major band to get their own video game for Rock Band that is a live Ac/Dc concert of 18 tracks.

Billboard reports:


Although we all know the Beatles Rock Band game will include all their greatest hits, lets hope they include some songs of the Beatles that are not well known as well.


Report: No Metallica and Beatles “Guitar Hero” video game just yet, game officials say…

Since the release of “Aerosmith: Guitar Hero” rumours circulated the net that Metallica and the Beatles may each release their own Guitar Hero video game by Activision. Red Octane the game’s publisher denied the rumours although Metallica hinted on their official website that it “might” actually happen.

The Red Octane officials say there are no current plans to do a Metallica and Beatles: Guitar Hero games. They are not ready to comment on Metallica yet. However, the company plans to do a Guitar Hero on other legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin and Ac/DC.

Billboard reports:


I hope Guitar Hero releases a Led Zeppelin video game, that would be so fuckin’ sweet!

If Activision and Red Octane asks Led Zep, I’m sure Jimmy Page would be game for it. Page is good with Led Zeppelin fans and Pagey would want the opportunity to experiment with a videogame, it’ll give Pagey an opportunity to explore new sounds with Led Zep’s music. Pagey is such a huge sound guy and he’ll probably produce the music on the game too.

While Jimmy Page is known for his guitar playing, he is underrated at his producing skills. He’s one of the most talented and creative producers on this planet.


Report: First Aerosmith, then Metallica, and now the Beatles may get their own Guitar Hero videogame…

With Aerosmith soon to be releasing their own Guitar Hero videogame this summer, Metallica just announced their’s, and now Apple and EMI are in negotiations with Activision to get the Beatles own Guitar Hero videogame. Yes, a Guitar Hero videogame with nothing but Beatles tunes.

More on it here:


I hope Yoko would let us have this one. A Beatles Guitar Hero videogame would be cool, I’m down with this one!



Report: The Beatles sue to stop 1962 tapes from releasing…

Lawyers of the Beatles sued to prevent distribution of unreleased recordings made during Ringo Star’s first performance with the band in 1962. Apple Corps Ltd. claims that the unreleased songs were taped without the consent of the band and Fuego Entertainment had no right to distribute them. Feugo defended themselves by saying the recordings were legally made. Feugo president says that they had not been served a copy of the $15 million dollar lawsuit.

More on it here:


Hmmmm…I wonder if Yoko is behind this one.