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The Rock’s 5 Greatest feuds in WWE…

In celebration of the Rock’s long awaited return to WWE, I thought it would be pretty cool to talk about his greatest feuds from the past. Here are the Rock’s 5 best feuds in WWE, in my opinion.

  1. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan – This is when the nWo first returned to the WWE. The goal was to destroy the company that Vince McMahon created, so Kevin Nash, Scott  Hall and Hulk Hogan was brought in. They ended up feuding with the Rock. Hulk Hogan was originally brought in as a heel, but Hogan’s heel turn didn’t work out so well because he kept getting cheers by the crowd during the Wrestlemania X8 – “Icon vs. Icon” match they did. That’s what forced Hogan to go back to the Red & Yellow, American Hero Hogan. It was a very powerful feud and one of my favorite story lines of all times.
  2. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – This is obviously one of Rock’s best feuds. It’s the reason it made the attitude era so great. They did that legendary match together at Wrestlemania 15, which is one of the greatest matches of all times. Then they had another match together at Wrestlemania 19.
  3. The Rock vs. Mick Foley – They’ve feuded for years and they’ve been friends in story lines, back and forth. Foley only had one Wrestlemania main event match which was at Wrestlemania 2000, it was a Fatal 4 Way match between Triple H, The Rock, Mick Foley, and the Big Show.
  4. The Rock vs. Bill Goldberg – This feud wasn’t very long but it was very good. Rock was a heel at this time, the WWE tried to give the Rock a heel turn but that didn’t work out so well, because the crowd would cheer for him no matter what he did. It was a really great feud though.
  5. The Rock vs. The Undertaker – Rocky had a big feud with ‘Taker in the late 90’s. They had a match together at a Survivor Series ppv which I remember, clearly. They had many great moments together, the Rock’s sense of humor, making fun of the Undertaker were pretty priceless. I’ll never forget this feud.

We shall have many more great Rock feuds up ahead. Rock vs. Cena should be entertaining at ‘Mania, but I have a bad feeling that the Rock will be feuding with CM Punk and the new Nexus very quickly. Nexus might be after the Rock at WM-27, so that night might end pretty bad for the Rock.


How long does the Rock plan on sticking with WWE?

I’m guessing the Rock’s return to WWE is full time, at least for a long while. I believe Dwayne is taking a break from Hollywood so he can return for us wrestling fans. People may think he’ll just be around for Wrestlemania and then leave WWE again to go back to Hollywood, but I don’t think so. I think he plans on sticking around longer than that.

If he was just in WWE for part time then, Dwayne wouldn’t have made his official facebook page and twitter, which is promoting his wrestling career, not acting in film. Plus, more evidence that Dwayne plans on sticking around longer is that WWE made a new Titantron entrance video for him, shown below.

I think he wants to have one last match against John Cena. Which will be cool. A Rock vs. Cena feud never happened before and it’s about time that it should happen. I would like that feud to happen even if I’m no fan of Cena either. We need to prove who the real wrestling icon is. Cena is no wrestling icon, he’s just a poser. The Rock is the true wrestling icon, we all know that.

I’m happy to finally see the Rock back ’cause it’s getting old having Cena take over the whole show all the time. Triple H will be returning soon too, so we’ll soon have some of the big main eventers back. I don’t think the Rock will wrestle matches,  he’s just at WWE to perform. It might be possible that he could have his final and last match against Cena though. Cena vs. The Rock should be the main event at WM-27, but it’s probably gonna be Cena vs. The Miz w/ the Rock as special guest referee.


Stephanie McMahon is the anonymous RAW GM???

On RAW last night, before the Rock was announced Wrestlemania guest host, RAW showed footage of a woman’s legs stepping out of a long black limo. They just showed her legs, and not her face, keeping this woman anonymous. So since they kept her anonymous, she is obviously the RAW anonymous GM. When I saw that, Stephanie McMahon immediately came to my head.

It’s no surprise to me that one of the McMahon’s could be the RAW GM. Ridiculous, in my opinion. I was hoping the GM would be Jericho or Batista.


Is Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Duane Chapman, the Wrestlemania guest host??? I say yes…

On last night’s RAW, Vince McMahon was the first one to come out to make his announcement. What is it? No, it had nothing to do with Nexus or the RAW Anonymous GM at all. He revealed that there will be a Wrestlemania guest host. He didn’t say who it is, so the fans can keep playing those guessing games again.

I’d say that the WM-27 guest host is none other than Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Duane Chapman. Remember, WWE, contacted him a while back for a deal to appear at Wrestlemania in some type of role.


Thought: Why WWE pushed Alberto Del Rio to main event status so quickly?? Please read here to find out why…

I’ve been reading some wrestling message forums and blogs, and many wrestling fans are questioning why did WWE give a new guy the Wrestlemania main event status so quickly? Yes. I agree it’s a little weird. Alberto Del Rio have only been around for a few months. His performing have been creating a buzz around the wrestling world.

If you want to know why WWE did this, here is why.

WWE wants to give Mexican wrestlers more recognition. They are about to sign more Mexican wrestlers in the near future. As I believe they want to do Mexican tours, perform shows in Mexico. WWE do world wide tours yearly, and they will do four shows in, Mexico, in the Month of May. Check it out, here.

Since Wrestlemania 27, is on April 3rd, a month before the Mexican tour, I’m pretty sure, Alberto Del Rio will be made World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania. WWE wants to make Alberto World Heavyweight Champion for the Mexican fans, when they go on the foreign tour. WWE wants the Mexican fans to feel happy that their home country hero is a champion. Get the drill? It’s easy to understand. Mexican wrestling fans deserve this. Alberto maybe a hated wrestler in the USA since he is a heel, but I’m sure he’s LOVED by all Mexican fans in Mexico. He’s a hero to Mexicans.

I think Alberto is a great performer. I think Eddie Guerrero was the best Mexican performer, no one could top him, but Alberto is my second favorite. Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio are Mexicans as well. Why couldn’t they give it to Chavo or Rey Mysterio instead??? It’s because Alberto is more recognizable and has more star power. Alberto got popular quick because of his good looks and his excellent mic skills. He’s also very entertaining.

I hope you understand why WWE did this. I think it’s a good idea too as Mexican fans deserve a Mexican champion!


Possible matches for Wrestlemania 27

Well, the road to Wrestlemania has officially begun. Wrestlemania 27 will take place on April 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia. What matches do I think will happen this year? Well, here is a few possibilities that may happen.

  • John Cena vs. the Miz for the WWE Title – There’s a huge possibility that Cena could be part of the 30 Man Royal Rumble matchup, and of course, he’ll win, so he can headline Wrestlemania to face Miz for the WWE title. Cena will indeed become WWE Champ again at the next Wrestlemania like always.
  • CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett – The Nexus have thrown it’s former leader, Wade Barrett out of the group. So looks like Wade Barrett will be feuding against CM Punk for a long while.
  • HHH vs. Sheamus – Triple H maybe returning soon just in time for Wrestlemania. HHH may get his revenge against Sheamus this time around. WWE could possibly be saving HHH’s return at the Rumble. Will HHH show up during the 30 man rumble match? I think it’s a possibility.
  • Beth Phoenix vs. Awesome Kong – If the newly signed Awesome Kong makes her debut in time for Wrestlemania which she probably will, I believe she’ll face against Beth Phoenix, because Beth is a big and muscular woman and it would make sense if she went against another big woman.
  • The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (if not Brock, then it will be against Kane) – If WWE can get Brock in time for Wrestlemania, it would be Undertaker vs. Brock. If they can’t get Brock, then it’ll just be Undertaker vs. Kane again.

Those are the matches I can definitely see happening so far, if I come up with anything else, I will add it in.