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Thought: Erin Andrews, a publicity whore, not a victim?

Does Erin Andrews see all of this “stalking” and “invasion of privacy” controversy, as a ploy for more publicity and self promotion? I think so. Does she really feel humiliated and embarrassed by this, Michael David Barrett guy? No, I don’t think so at all. She didn’t look like she did when she was speaking to the media after the trial yesterday on TV. She seems confident and in an upbeat mood. Me, thinks she’s enjoying the press.

I’m not defending this peeping tom guy, but I think she’s a pathetic loser trying to do whatever it takes to put him behind bars for life for this. How is she going to prove that he has done this to many other women out there? I think she is full of shit with her claims.

She’s trying to give all her power to destroy this guy because of her “fame”. This is what happens when you mess with famous people. Too many celebrities are living in their own worlds and suffers delusions of grandeur, she is one of them.

She loves the fact that Michael Barrett helped make her more well known in the media. What he did was wrong…but this was her own god damn fault. She should have known better. With her fame and her staying at a hotel, she should have known this was coming.

Michael Barrett maybe an old creep, that is obsessed with famous women but do you find this a surprise? With celebrity and fame being so huge today, this is where all the creeps and psychos start to come out. She should have seen this coming and she should have taken her privacy a little more responsibly. Now she’s blaming the hotels for this.

The truth is, that these guys aren’t really creeps and psychos. They are innocent human beings like us. They just have an obsession with famous women like a lot of people. It’s a celebrity crush kind of thing, that’s what it is.

Me thinks, Erin Andrews, takes herself seriously and needs to get over herself already. Gotta love fame and fortune.


Thought: Brock still supports Tiger Woods…

So Tiger Woods got exposed to being a womanizer and man-whore. He came out and spoke to the media on his website today, admitting everything is true, that he had affairs with all those women.

To the people out there, that think Tiger Woods is a bad man for this, needs to get over yourselves.

I don’t support married people cheating, but this happens all the time in life. A lot of married couples out there go through it. The fact is, that he is a sex addict and a dog. Nothing wrong with being a man is there? People enjoy sex so much that they can’t get enough, they keep going.

Will Tiger and his current wife get a divorce? Probably not. I don’t see it happening.

If I ever get married to a nice woman someday, I would always be faithful and would not fuck random people, but I can understand why other people would do it. They are willing to have all the fun they can and willing to take the risks of their lives.

This Tiger Woods story maybe controversial, but congratulations, the public just made him an even bigger of a star than before. He was known as an iconic golf star in the golf world, now YOU just made him an iconic mainstream star. Controversy is great promotion. Bad press is sometimes good press. So keep talking about Tiger Woods.


BREAKING NEWS: Bryant Gumbel has lung cancer…

Bryant Gumbel, the host of HBO’s “Real Sports” and the former head anchor of “The Today Show” announced on “Live with Regis and Kelly” that he has lung cancer. He explained the surgery live on TV and was pretty open about it. He says he kept the lung cancer to himself and wanted to make the news public on TV.

More on it here:

Cancer sucks. Get well soon Bryant and fight it!


Thought: Tiger Woods car crash drama…

Who says Tiger Woods can’t be a drama queen? Even sports top players can get into gossip and soap opera. Everyone sees Tiger being a nice and down to earth guy, but now everyone is starting to see his true colors.

Tiger is not a friendly guy that everyone wants him to be?

Since after his bizarre accident, he’s been acting strange. Him and his wife, not getting along? A divorce on the way for Tiger? I kind of blame that on the accident. I don’t blame it on alcohol or drugs, ’cause Tiger seems like a perfectly healthy guy.

I just think Tiger crashed his car ’cause his anger with his wife distracted his driving. It’s obvious isn’t it?

How much do you want to bet that there will be a huge divorce with Tiger and his wife later this week?