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More thoughts on the “Batman/Superman” team up movie…

While it’s great news that “Batman & Superman” are finally teaming up together for a live-action film… I really think they should get rid of the black rubber suit on Batman. I think the Dark Knight thing is kind of old and it would be great if they give Batman a new style. New suit, new look, new everything. If they did that with Superman, I would think they would do the same with Batman. Since Christopher Nolan would still be the mentor/producer of the “Batman/Superman” film, I would think Chris would let Zack have Batman however he wants the character to be. Over the years, Batman had different styles of suits and in different colors. I think it would be pretty cool if they go back to old-school with Batman… go back to the blue and black. They gave Superman the old-school look for “Man of Steel”, why not do the same with the Batman? Zack’s version of the batsuit will indeed be a little different than Nolan’s take on it. Zack got rid of the red trunks on Superman, think how Zack would change the batsuit? I’m sure Zack would get a lot of people questioning the batsuit just like he got a lot of people wondering about the new Superman suit.

The “Batman & Superman” movie will probably be action packed and intense like “Man of Steel” was. Of course, it’ll probably have impressive visual effects and all that stuff. Who will the leading villain be? Lex? The Joker? Both?

As for the actor to play the new Batman, I’m not really sure yet but like I said before, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be the most likely choice ’cause of the “Dark Knight: Rises” ending.

It’s great news this is happening finally. I’m sure Hollywood already tried to get a Batman/Superman movie going years ago but failed. It’s gonna be a hard movie to pull off and Zack would be the only guy who can do it right. Batman/Superman had tons of comics together and animated movies. They don’t have a live action movie yet and the wait will be over soon. It will be a box office smash, for sure.

My question is, will Michael Caine still play Aflred? Gary Oldman for Commissioner Gordon? I don’t know if those guys will come back without Christian Bale but we’ll wait and see.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what they’re gonna title it too.


Zack Snyder confirms “Batman & Superman” movie at SDCC…


Every summer at San Diego Comic Con, there are all sorts of goodies that come out of it and this is one of them. Everyone knew there is gonna be a sequel to, “Man of Steel”, we just didn’t know what Zack Snyder’s plans were. Turns out that he is planning to team Batman and Superman together in one movie. It’s about time too! We always wanted Batman and Superman to have their own movie but the only problem with that is that Christian Bale no longer wants to play Batman. Bale is done with the Caped Crusader so he probably will not be in this or the “Justice League” film. That’s okay ’cause Bale wasn’t that great of a Batman anyways so let him go, ya know? So it’s looking like Batman will have to get replaced by another actor (again).

We won’t see a “Justice League” film for a long while ’cause it’s looking like Zack wants to have all the characters in “Justice League” to get their own film to build up to it. The Flash is getting his own movie too.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Batman, though. If you’ve seen the ending to the “Dark Knight: Rises”, you would know exactly what I mean (not trying to spoil things).

Looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with the first “Batman/Superman” film. “Batman/Superman” is coming sooner than you think as I think it’s slated for a 2015 release date. Why is it coming this soon? Simply because Zack is a fast worker. He made “Man of Steel” pretty quick. He can get a single film done in less than a year.

In the photo above is the official logo revealed for the “Batman/Superman” movie at SDCC.


Report: Warner Bros. announces, “Batman: Arkham Origins”, video game…

Earlier today, Warner Bros. announced the new installment to the “Batman: Arkham” game franchise. They just made, “Batman: Arkham Origins”, official. However, this one won’t continue the story after, “Arkham City”. This one is going to be a prequel. Taken place years before the first one, “Arkham Asylum”. The only thing though, Rock Steady, has nothing to do with the game anymore. They aren’t doing it, so the style of the next game maybe a little different.

It’ll focus on a younger Bruce Wayne, fighting off super villains, we never heard before such as, Deathstroke. So it’s looking like the Joker will not be the leading villain this time. The game will be getting released in Oct. for all consoles, including the PC. We should expect a trailer of the game real soon.

Like some of you should know, I’m a huge Batman fan. So I’m looking forward to this.

More on the story, here.


About the Batman re-boot, questions…

So now that the Chrsitian Bale/Christopher Nolan “Dark Knight” trilogy is over with and for good, Warner Bros. is of course, planning a re-boot. What worries me about the upcoming re-boot, is that who ever the next director is, he might try to copy Christopher Nolan’s style a bit. I hope they don’t do that. They need to take Batman into a different era. Just like what they are doing to the “Man of Steel” re-boot. You know how the “Man of Steel” re-boot is staying away from the Christopher Reeve/Donner stuff? The same needs to be done for Batman, next time.

I think the next Batman film, they need to use a different style of Batsuit ’cause the “Dark Knight” suit is getting old. They’ve been using the black rubber suit for over ten years since the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton era. I think it would be pretty sweet if WB’s went back to the Black and Blue style Batsuit. Make it an old school Batman film, just like what they’re doing with “Man of Steel”.

Yes, they would probably bring back the Joker played by a different actor for the re-boot but, they shouldn’t make the next Joker like the Heath Ledger one. They need to make that character differently as well.

Another question is, could the Batman re-boot be more successful than the Chris Nolan films? I don’t know. Tough to say. The casting, script and everything else needs to be good enough if they want people to take Batman seriously again. I feel bad for the Batman movie franchise ’cause the series has been re-booted for a few times already ’cause of directors dropping out and people moving on, and stuff. You get the deal. It’s hard to make a great Batman movie, and Christopher Nolan was the only one who can do it. Hopefully WB’s doesn’t go back to making bad Batman movies.

I guess the most important question, we’re all wondering is now that Christopher Nolan is done, what’s next? We’ll hear something soon.


About Christian Bale visting injured children in Aurora in the Batman costume…

Well, the world of social media is trying to bring out Christian Bale, to get him to go to Aurora to visit injured children who were victims of the shooting at the hospital, wearing the Batman costume and all. Really? I agree with Christian Bale visiting children and other victims at the hospital, but he shouldn’t wear the costume. He should just go as himself. On top of all this, I’m sure Christian would love to visit victims in the hospital, but he’s a very busy man with his movie career and all. He won’t have the time. Christian just released a statement of the tragedy, read it, here.

I just think Christian wearing the Batman costume at the hospital is kind of a silly idea anyway. The reason why it’s silly is because Batman is a fictional character and they need to leave it at that. The real superheroes are the law enforcement and the victims of this tragedy alive or dead.

I think it would be better if Christopher Nolan or other cast members of the Dark Knight movies would visit the surviving victims. They probably will at some point when they have the time, I’m sure they’ll get around it. Or even better maybe Christopher Nolan can dedicate his next movie to the Aurora victims, I can see him doing that. Maybe the film makers and cast will donate some money to the Aurora hospital to pay for the victims hospital coverage, things like that.

This also shows that going to the movies is not always safe. There have been all kinds of shootings and stabbings at movie theaters, all over. I think I remember one story that some guy got shot and killed at a movie theater ’cause he wouldn’t stop talking. There are sometimes psychotic people that go to the movies. This stuff is nothing new.


I made two separate posts ’cause it seems like the whole internet loves to talk about spoilers of “The Dark Knight: Rises” online. I made one review with non-spoilers and here is the spoiler post, so those who already saw the movie can discuss the storyline here.

Okay, here we go….



*****************SPOILER WARNING*************************************



The special cameos that made the movie were Ra Al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson) and the Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy). I almost forgot that the Ra Al Ghul character is immortal, and I kind of predicted that Ra’s was going to appear in the movie, anyway. It’s also no surprise that Miranda Tate ended up being Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s daughter.  I was never a big comic book reader but with a little internet research, all this Bane, Ra Al Ghul and Talia stuff were borrowed from various comics over the years.

As for the film’s questionable ending, after Batman sacrificed himself to save Gotham City, John Blake (who was an actual character from the Batman comics, btw), revealed himself as Robin John Blake, then he goes to the Batcave, discovering all of Batman’s secrets. Does this mean that he is about ready to become Robin at the end of it? Absolutely!

Now, it will be pretty cool if Warner Bros. gave Robin his own spin off movie, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt still playing the character, even if Christopher Nolan is not directing. If Warner Bros. is planning on some kind of re-boot, they can still keep the stories going with Robin. Not sure if they will do that or not, but that’s what it’s looking like.

I know it’s sad that Batman dies at the end of the movie, but in the comics, DC experimented with Batman deaths a few times before. Most everything through all the three Nolan “Dark Knight” films were inspired from comics and graphic novels. I wish there could be more Nolan “Dark Knight” films, but I understand why he wants to move on. WB’s would probably have no choice but to reboot Batman again, which would be the 4th re-boot I believe. The two Keaton/Burton films, the two Schumacher films, the three Nolan films, you get the deal. It’s going to be interesting to see how Warner’s going to reboot Batman after this. Whether they will continue the stories without Nolan or re-boot it again, whatever their plans are, will be interesting.

As for the Bane character, throughout the whole movie, I just loved the way how Bane was seen as this menacing monster, and then at the end of the movie, you actually felt sorry and sad for the guy, after it was revealed, that Bane tried to help Talia out of that prison. He got scarred because of it, which explained why he wore that scary mask. After that scene, that’s when you felt emotion for that character, and now understand all the pain Bane is going through, and why he is what he is. It turned out that Ra’s could be Bane’s father.

*********************END SPOILER****************************



Well, this is all I had to get off my chest for the spoilers discussion. Hope you enjoy, feel free to add more to it if you want. It’s too bad Heath Ledger is gone. If he was still here with us, Im pretty sure, he would have definitely been in the movie somehow as the Joker. I’m glad they used Bane though ’cause he has always been a lesser known Batman villain. He shouldn’t be a lesser known villain anymore though. 🙂


Film Review: “The Dark Knight: Rises” (with NO SPOILERS)

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cottilard

Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Today, I just saw, “The Dark Knight: Rises”, the final Chris Nolan/Batman film of the trilogy. I’m planning to do two posts on this movie, one non-spoiler post and the other with spoilers. Here is my review of the film:

Plot/Synopsis: The film is set after the events of the second movie, “The Dark Knight”. While Gotham City is almost at peace from crime because of the Dent act, Gotham City is still in danger when Bane, a terrorist leader, arrives to destroy the city. Batman returns once again, and gets some help from Commissioner Gordon and Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.

I’ll keep the synopsis above small and simple, so I won’t reveal too much. This is NON Spoiler review aimed at those who haven’t seen it.

As far as my thoughts on the movie goes, I thought it was the best one of the trilogy. Many critics online are giving this film negative reviews, that’s probably because a lot of them don’t understand the Batman character or the comics. I was very impressed that, “The Dark Knight: Rises” stayed true to the comics. I thought the film was very gripping all the way through. It was dark and intense. The film is a long one, about 2 hrs. and 45 minutes, but the pacing goes by pretty fast. I thought this was a pretty heartfelt and sad, Batman story. I thought the writing was pretty well done.

The movie was pretty much action packed all the way through. Some of the action scenes were pretty breathtaking. Especially the Batman and Bane fight. That whole fight scene had no music playing during it, which made it awesome. The film also had some pretty fun fighting sequences, explosions, and vehicle chases.

I thought Tom Hardy made a fantastic, Bane. A lot of critics complained about the character, saying he wasn’t dark and evil enough. I’m like, really? I would be afraid of that guy if Bane was a real person, he was fucking scary in that movie. A lot of reviews compare Bane to Heath Ledger’s Joker, saying Bane can’t top Joker, but that’s not a fair judgement. In my opinion, don’t take this the wrong way. I find Tom Hardy’s, Bane, much better than Heath Ledger’s, Joker. Villains are meant to be hated, but instead Christopher Nolan wants to scare people to death with, Bane. For the past two Batman movies, Batman has always been this unstoppable superhero, but Bane was the only guy who is capable enough of making Batman look weak. Most Batman villains try to kill Batman with an army of men, but Bane could do it all himself. I thought Tom Hardy looked great as Bane, and he did a good job with the speaking voice too. I’m glad the film stayed true to the, “break the Bat”, thing which is what Bane is known for.

I also thought Anne Hathaway, made a perfect Catwoman. I knew that from day 1 ever since she was first casted for the role. Have you ever noticed that the costume that Anne Hathaway wore as Catwoman, is very similar to the Julie Newmar Catwoman from the classic TV show? I bet not many people noticed that. Some of the cast members from the past few films returned of course, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Gary Oldman. I’m glad this film did more with Morgan Freeman’s character, Fox. The Fox character wasn’t in the last two movies that much, but this time, they gave Fox some more screen time which is good to see. Plus, there’s a few surprising cameos in the movie, I don’t want to say right now but in a different post with the spoilers later.

Of course, Hans Zimmer’s score never disappoints. His Batman scores are always amazing and the music of this film is the best of the trilogy.

While the ending of this movie was a bit too predictable, not surprising at all, I thought, “The Dark Knight: Rises” was an incredible film. I was at the edge of my seat throughout most of it. It was nice to see a more emotional Batman. It’s nice to see that Batman can have feelings and can be more human. Not always being the tough guy that everyone wants him to be. I love how the film went into more insights about Bruce Wayne’s life and childhood.

As far as the “Man of Steel” trailer shown before it goes. That was pretty freakin’ cool, too! Although, I was kind of disappointed that the trailer was much shorter than the SDCC version. It’s just a teaser though. I’m sure, “Man of Steel” trailer #2 will show a lot more. Hopefully, they will reveal what General Zod looks like in the next trailer.

Score for “The Dark Knight: Rises” = **** (4 stars as in “Excellent”)