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Song Of The Day: “Electric Funeral” by Black Sabbath

One of my favorite tunes off the “Paranoid” album. Tony the riff master killing it in this song, “Electric Funeral”. Just a badass tune all the way through.


Ozzy still hopes Bill Ward will be part of the upcoming farewell reunion…

Black Sabbath is not quite finished with their career yet. They have one last album and one last tour in the works; however, the band still wants Bill Ward to be a part of it. The reason? Ozzy simply wants the four original members to finish what they started.

Bill bailed out on the last reunion ’cause he complained that he didn’t get a negotiable contract so Sabbath went ahead without him. Why? Why did Sabbath go ahead without Bill Ward and didn’t give him what he requested? Was Bill asking for too much money? That’s probably it!

Like most fans, I’m hoping they bring Bill back ’cause Sabbath deserves to go out with it’s founding members. I’m sure Bill still can kill it on the drums. I just wish he would stop being so strict and greedy. It’s just music, Bill!!! Who needs a negotiable contract!!! Just go up there and play!!! The end!!!


Is Tony Iommi done with Black Sabbath??? Not yet…

Tony Iommi maybe suffering cancer right now but even that is not slowing him down. He is just going to keep playing music until he can’t. Ozzy says that Black Sabbath is planning one last studio album and tour in 2015. The album will feature Tony, Geezer and Ozzy in the line-up still. Will Bill Ward be on board for the final Sabbath album? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see what Bill says. He’s probably still gonna say “no” until Sabbath gives him what he wants, a negotiable contract but anyway, even if Bill doesn’t want in… who cares. Sabbath have went through so many members over the years.

Anyway, the next Sabbath album will be considered the 20th Sabbath album and would be the 10th album w/ Ozzy as singer.

I thought Sabbath’s latest album, “13” was pretty sick but it could have been heavier and darker. Hopefully, the next one will be a lot heavier. “13” was still a great album, though.

Even with cancer, Tony is still a pretty amazing guitarist and he can still come up with badass guitar riffs and play ripping solos. I’m sure he’ll do the same with the next album.


Ozzy-era Black Sabbath finally on Itunes!!!



After many years of Ozzy-era Black Sabbath avoiding Itunes, the band finally decided to have a change of heart. I’ll probably get all these except for the first Black Sabbath album which I already have on CD. The rest of ’em I’ll probably get so I can listen to on my Ipod Touch at the gym. All of these albums are great, though.

When will Kid Rock and Garth Brooks ever have a change of heart with Itunes???


Black Sabbath’s “13”, I think is the best album released this year… so far, anyway…

When I first heard the new Black Sabbath album, “13”, I was like… eh? It’s okay but could have been better but now I think this album is the best album released this year. It’s definitely a grower for sure. I can’t stop listening to this album. I’m always throwing it on my CD player and keep coming back to it. This is the best thing that Ozzy has done in a long long time and I’m very proud of him. Really, I am. Ozzy’s solo career haven’t been that great over the years and now that Sabbath is back — he’s back to making kick ass music again. The songwriting is really good on this album. Tony still has the great riffs and the sick guitar solos. Sabbath still has the vintage heavy sound they’ve always had; however, they have a more modern sound this time around. They want to fit with the current metal sound a little bit which is a good idea. They don’t sound as scary and dark anymore like they used to but this album is still a pretty sick album. Loved it. Ozzy, Tony, and Geezer still has it.

As far as Bill Ward goes, who needs him? Sabbath has went through like 20 different drummers over the years, and don’t blame the band for the Bill Ward departure. Black Sabbath said repeatedly in interviews that they really wanted Bill to be a part of this reunion but Bill wanted no part of it. It was all Bill’s decision alone that he wanted out. It’s lame blaming Sharon Osbourne for this too. Band lineups changes over the years, it happens. Despite Bill not being in the band, their new album, “13”, was no. 1 in various charts all over the world… and that includes the Billboard Top 200 in the US. So the album is successful without Bill, anyways, so who needs him, right?

Congratulations to Black Sabbath. After a 30-50 year career… everyone still loves Sabbath.

I don’t see this album being the final Sabbath album ’cause the guys have been talking about doing more after this one. As long as Tony is still alive, they’ll keep doing what they do. I’ve always loved Sabbath with Ozzy fronting. Dio-Sabbath was cool too, though.

Black Sabbath being successful proves that metal can get big again. I wish metal would take over the mainstream again.


Black Sabbath’s new album, “13”, number one?

Just like with Queens of the Stone Age making a no. 1 record, it’s hard to believe with Black Sabbath as well! Black Sabbath are now no. 1 on the Billboard top 200 for their new album, “13”. After all these years, Sabbath w/ Ozzy fronting, still has the love!

If rock musicians keep going and keep up the good work, we can have a rock revival in the industry for sure!

Congrats to these guys, well deserved. I listened to “13” with free Itunes streaming. The album is pretty good but I still prefer their classics more. I’ll admit they aren’t the same without Bill Ward on drums.

Now their comeback is a success be on the lookout for even more Sabbath w/ Ozzy albums in the future as long as Tony is still alive.


Report: Black Sabbath extends North American tour… but can Tony handle it???

Originally, Black Sabbath had 4 or 5 shows to their tour but now they added a bunch more shows. Sadly, the band is not playing NY State… yet… but who knows, maybe they’ll add a NY show soon? To you NY Sabbath fans, the closest we’ll get to see them are either the Philadelphia or Boston shows.

Hopefully, Tony Iommi can handle this long tour ’cause as some of you he has lymphoma cancer. Can Black Sabbath go through all these shows successfully without anything happening to Tony? They could play a few shows, and all of a sudden, Tony has an emergency situation which will force them to cancel the rest of the tour. That could happen. We’ll wait and see if they can pull this tour off.

This could be the final Black Sabbath album and tour. I can’t blame the guys for wanting to do so much with Sabbath ’cause they want the band’s career to end on a positive note before Tony dies. Despite Bill Ward not being in the band, fans should support this band anyway ’cause of Tony’s cancer. Lymphoma is an impossible cancer to fight, so Tony may not actually have that much time left. That’s why the band is in a rush to get stuff done. It’s gonna be a sad loss when it’s time for Tony to go ’cause he is such an important person in music. There can’t be Black Sabbath without him so the band will probably call it quit after he dies. Sabbath was Tony’s band to begin with.

See the band’s tour listings, here.