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Thought: Nothing wrong with Rihanna and Carrie Prejean having nude pix at all in my opinion…

I don’t understand why the public is making a big deal and act like it’s a bad thing that celebrities like Carrie Prejean and Rihanna having nudie pix.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with it at all. Let me explain…

People all over the world pose nude for pics and make pornographic pictures all the time, even real people like us do it also. As long as you’re doing it legally and as long as you’re doing it on a website that allows nudity, I find it a cool thing that people expose themselves for the world to see. In my opinion, nude photography is fantastic art work and people should do it more. If you’re so proud of how your naked body looks, don’t be afraid to show it off. Nothing wrong with it!!!! EVERYONE does it.

I don’t understand why people like Rihanna and Carrie Prejean are upset at the nude pix leaking the web, ’cause that’s what the real world is all about these days. If you don’t want people to see your privates, then it’s best you don’t take nude pictures of yourself at all, ’cause who knows who can steal your pics and anybody could have put them online?

This nude pics thing isn’t such a big deal at all. I’m sure Donald Trump would agree. So would Hugh Hefner. Don’t be surprised if Hugh Hefner would want a Carrie Prejean Playboy pictorial shoot. Playboy will offer Carrie a deal sooner or later.

Nothing wrong with people making home made pornographic pics at all. I actually think it’s a cool thing that people do it.

I’ll be on the lookout for Donald Trump’s Press Conference about Carrie Prejean’s fate today.


Report: Carrie Prejean’s fate is all up to the Donald…

The USA Pageant officials announced today that they aren’t responsible to decide whether the pageants gets to keep their crowns or not. Like I already said the other day, it is all up to the Donald himself, since he owns the Pageant.

TMZ reports:


I still think the Donald will still support her. He will let her have her California crown and maybe even let her be in this year’s runners up that she was disqualified for.

If Donald does this, Perez Hilton will be bitching about him for weeks and weeks. I’m sure of it! Be careful Perez, if you’re reading this. You know how the Donald treated Rosie O’ Donnell, I see a heated Donald Trump vs. Perez Hilton media feud pretty quick. It all depends if Donald supports Carrie which I think he will. He already gave a hint of that the other day.

Oh yeah, I’ll admit that Carrie is pretty fuckin’ hot looking too, seriously.


Thought: Brock thinks Donald Trump will not strip Carrie Prejean off the crown…

Donald Trump, the owner of the USA Pageant will hold a Press Conference on Tuesday to announce his decision on whether Carrie Prejean will keep her Miss USA crown or ditch it.

If you know Donald Trump’s personality on how he works with his employees for his huge empire like on “The Apprentice” for example, you can very well believe Donald Trump is an unpredictable man.

In this article, it looks like the Donald is defending her, he’s not angry with her at all it seems:


It’s very likely that she could keep her crown and he might actually say “You’re fired” to Perez Hilton being the judge. Never know.

Seems that the Donald loves Carrie from the sounds of things in that article. He didn’t bring up Perez Hilton’s name once, so the Donald may have some harsh words to say about him Tuesday at his press conference.

The Donald made it pretty clear Carrie Prejean never did anything wrong. I’m looking forward to Tuesday about this. This will get interesting! It definitely looks like the Donald is siding with Carrie on this one.


Thought: Come on, Clint Black, concentrate on your music, don’t worry about becoming a TV star…

As a huge fan of Clint Black’s music in the country genre, I just don’t understand why Clint is trying to turn himself into a TV star. I’ve been watching Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” every Sunday night just for laughs, it’s actually pretty entertaining, seeing Tom Green, Dennis Rodman, Andrew Dice Clay, and Clint Black teaming up together.

Clint Black appeared on “Secret Talents of the Stars” as a stand up comedian, which that show only lasted one episode and it got cancelled pretty quickly. Now Clint is a contestant on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” this year.

Clint Black is a talented singer/songwriter that I admire, that I don’t think he needs the mainstream fame that he’s going after. Yeah, I know, Clint Black is not that well known of a country music artist, maybe that’s why he’s using TV as a ploy to promote his music.

He’s doing fine as a music artist. He doesn’t really need the TV fame. The dude is stepping in Ozzy Osbournes shoes, first as a music artist, then turning himself into a TV star.

Next week’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” will feature a very heated Dennis Rodman vs. Clint Black feud. Videos of the segment has already leaked youtube.


Report: Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” casted…

Donald Trump has chosen his cast for this year’s “Celebrity Apprentice”. For this year’s “Celeb Apprentice” includes celebrities such as singer Brian McKnight, funny man Tom Green, NBA star Dennis Rodman, country singer Clint Black, standup comic Andrew Dice Clay, ice skating legend Scott Hamilton, talk show legend Joan Rivers (barf), and more.

TMZ reports:


Tom Green and Andrew Dice Clay would make the show more entertaining. Those two guys will piss the Donald off pretty quickly that it won’t be long for them to hear those two words.


Report: Donald Trump to save McMahon’s home…

No, not Vince McMahon, not the McMahon who Donald Trump shaved his bald head at Wrestlemania. I’m reffering to Ed McMahon, who is mostly famed for being in the “Publishing Clearance House” TV commercials and he has also been Johnny Carson’s sidekick in the past.

Ed McMahon is about to lose his home due to foreclosure and Donald Trump plans on buying it so McMahon can still live in it and have a place to stay. Trump plans on being the landlord for now but Trump will be leasing it to McMahon later.

Trump and McMahon never knew each other personally, but Trump says he’s a fan of McMahon’s TV personality which is why Trump is helping him, he says it would be an honor to help a TV icon.

The Associated Press reports:


After Trump being an asshole to other celebrities, he’s finally doing something good to a celebrity for a change. Ed doesn’t deserve to lose his home.