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Report: Wow, look like George Lucas isn’t lying about retiring…does this mean no Indy 5 after all???

Earlier this week, George Lucas, (the man responsible for bringing us, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and um, quack, Howard the Duck) he told Empire magazine that he is done with blockbuster movies. He’s retiring, says he’s serious about it and wants to make experimental movies. Well, turns out that he isn’t lying and meant what he said!

George just hired producer, Kathleen Kennedy, to be in charge of Lucasfilm, so she can take over as soon as he leaves.

More on the story, here.

For the past year or so, George and Steve Spielberg have been talking about doing a fifth “Indiana Jones” film. Steve said he’ll do it whenever George is ready. So what’s the status going to be on “Indy 5”? Will George pass the torch for the creative writing for someone else or will George scrap Indiana Jones for good? It’s obvious that George is in charge of the Indiana Jones franchise. He’s the one that put it together. George was in charge of the writing process for Indy, Steve just directed them.

I can understand why George wants to hang it up. The guy’s a fuckin’ billionaire, dude, he’s loaded. Made so much money from the Star Wars films and Indiana Jones movies. He can do what he wants to do now. It’s not yet known what they’re planning to do with the next planned Indy movie, but it’ll be interesting to see what they’re going to do with it. Hope they do something before Harrison gets too old.

If George does end up passing the torch of the Indy franchise to someone else, I won’t be heartbroken about it. The Indy movies needs a better writing team anyway. Hey, I enjoyed, Indy IV, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, but it had a lot of problems with the writing. I’m sure the next Indiana Jones films would do fine with a better writer and better producer behind it. As I said, I liked Indy IV, just get rid of Shia Labeouf and the stupid fridge explosion scene, then the movie would have been fine.

I hope they will still make another Indy film ’cause the series deserves a good closure.


Report: Indiana Jones rumoured to be re-released in 3D???

After the not so surprising announcement that LucasFilm plans to re-release all 6 Star Wars films into 3D versions in the near future, Lucas also plans to do the same with all 4 Indiana Jones films.

The rumour came from this site, here.

I honestly think, seeing “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in 3D would be badass. I always thought that would be a great 3D movie, but the rest of the Indy movies, I wouldn’t see in 3D, just “Raiders”. Plus, it would be badass to see “Raiders” on the big screen for the first time, since I never got to see it when it first came out. It’s my favorite Indy movie of them all.


Report: Indiana Jones “Bermuda Triangle” storyline is not true, says Frank Marshall…

Earlier this week, rumours hit hard on the next “Indiana Jones” plot that it was going to be about the Bermuda Triangle. Turns out it’s just a bullshit rumour. Frank Marshall the producer, took to his twitter page to squash the rumours.

More on it here:


Thank god it’s not true. I didn’t like the Bermuda Triangle plot anyways.

I would prefer the next Indy movie to focus on something serious. I’d still stand by it that if George and Steve wants the next Indy movie to be successful, they need to make the next one more like “Raiders”. If they make it a popcorn flick again, they will get another backlash by haters. Make the next Indy movie like “Raiders” where fans can be happy.


Report: Shia Labeouf and Harrison Ford both hate “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” too?

Not only that Shia openly admits to hating “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, he is also admitting to hate “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Guess what folks? Shia isn’t alone on hating the new Indy movie. It seems that Harrison Ford even hates it himself. Although Harrison Ford himself haven’t spoken publicly trashing the movie, like he didn’t mind Shia passing the word for it. Now you figured out why George Lucas and Spielberg are planning to do Indy V, because they are trying to make a good Indy movie.

In my opinion, Shia shouldn’t blame himself. It wasn’t him that ruined the movie. I believe it was the writing, too much CGI. Maybe the public didn’t like the idea of mixing Indiana Jones with Science Fiction when it should focus on history. “Crystal Skull” felt too much of a popcorn movie instead of a serious movie like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “The Last Crusade”. Plus the most popular complaint about the film of them all is when Indy hides in a refrigerator to protect himself from an atomic bomb. I’ll agree that the scene was kind of silly, but I think the rest of the movie was fine. Honestly, I actually liked Indy IV “Crystal Skull”. It wasn’t a bad film, I liked the idea of mixing Indy with sci-fi, it made it a different Indy movie. It was entertaining, that’s all it is. I think Lucas had too much Star Wars mixed into Indy, that could be what it is.

When these guys start to do Indy 5, lets hope they make it right so Indy fans can be happy. They need to make the next Indy film more like, “Raiders/The Last Crusade”. They need to keep away from the popcorn CGI baloney and make it a serious Indy film. I hope they make the next one real good so they won’t get a backlash by the haters again. I have a feeling though, Lucas and Spielberg will probably make Indy V a popcorn film again, wouldn’t surprise me. Lucas and Spielberg are a couple of HUGE egos who don’t care what the fans want to see, yet they only amuse themselves with their film making.

More on it here:



Report: “Indy 5” confirmed to be moving forward…

Lots of teases and rumours going around for a long time that “Indy 5” is in the works. Talks of an Indy 5 has been going ever since, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” hit theater. Producer Frank Marshall, confirmed the news that “Indy 5” is in the works.

It’s no surprise to me ’cause Harrison, George and Steve has been talking about it for a long time.

AICN reports:


As long as they don’t use the Indy passing the torch to Shia idea, I’m all for an Indy 5. Lets hope they make the next Indy more like “Raiders” or “The Last Crusade”, and stay away from the silly popcorn action and make a serious Indy movie for once.

I LOVED “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, great film, but I would like the next Indy movie that all Indy fans would love. “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is a movie you either love or hate, we need the next Indy film that we ALL could love. SO DON’T FUCK IT UP NEXT TIME GEORGE AND STEVE!!!


Report: George Lucas still moving ahead with Indy 5…

Harrison Ford says that George Lucas is in “thinking mode” for Indy 5. Lucas is serious about doing Indy 5 and continues to move forward. Ford speaks out on the status for Indy 5 with LA Times, giving hints that it’s definitely gonna happen and Ford seems to be game to continue to play Indy, but Ford refuses to do voice overs for an animated Indy film.

After Lucas doing “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated film, he now has an “Indiana Jones” animated film in the planning stages.

“Indy and the Crystal Skull” will be hitting DVD/Blu Ray Oct. 14th, so be on the lookout for that.

More on it here:


The more Indy, the better! I fucking love Indiana Jones. “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was amazing, I loved the film to death.

The film did leave open for another movie, bring it on George!


Report: George Lucas ditches Mutt Williams for “Indy 5″…

Well, ever since “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” came out in theaters and became a box office smash, Lucas and Spielberg are already planning another Indy film. And thank god for this, you won’t be seeing Shia Labeouf in Indy 5, because it seems that Lucas did not like the character. In the next Indy movie, they want Indy to search for something. Lucas wants Indy to go on the next adventure alone without Mutt or Marion.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


While I did love Indy and the Crystal Skull very much, I kind of found Mutt Williams annoying. Frank Darabont’s version of this movie didn’t even have the character in it at all. Spielberg and Lucas have been loving this Mutt Williams character too much that they seem to quickly change their mind.

If “Indy 5” does get the greenlight by Paramount, lets hope they do a different story on the next one. Make the next one not be a sci fi the next time. Because “Indy 4” had a lot of mixed feelings by Indy fans about the sci fi stuff. I personally loved the sci fi being mixed into Indy but most people didn’t.

We need an Indy film that “everybody” can enjoy.


Thought: Now I wish Darabont’s version of Indy IV was made instead…

I can’t believe this. I’ve just read a review from Frank Darabont’s scrapped “Indy 4” script by Lucas. Frank Darabont’s version is titled “Indiana Jones and the City of Gods”, but it basically had the same plot where Indy have to save the Crystal Skull from the Russians. In David Koepp’s version, many of the scenes in the current Indy film were stolen from Darabont’s version.

One thing I want to point out though, that Mutt Williams played by Shia wasn’t in Darabont’s version but everything else you see in the new version is Darabont’s creation. This makes me want to hate George Lucas even more.

I loved the “Crystal Skull” movie don’t get me wrong, I think it would be a better film if they used Darabont’s script in the first place.

Click here and be shocked:


Why the hell would George Lucas say no to Darabont’s script and then says yes to Koepp’s when both are basically the same exact story and has the same exact scenes?

But nope, George liked the Mutt Williams character to give it a Star Wars feel. The Darabont version sounds better.

Darabont should sue Lucas. I’m serious and hope he does.



Film Review: “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”…

Starring: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Shia Labeouf, Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone, and John Hurt.

Directed by: Steven Spielberg


Tonight, I just got back from a late night showing from the mall back from seeing “Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

The story and synopsis is basically Indiana Jones being kidnapped by the Russian military army which is lead by Irana Spalko (Cate Blanchett). The film is set 20 years after “The Last Crusade”, this means the Nazis disband when World War II was over with, so now Indy is fighting his life against the Russians. In the Area 51 Warehouse, Irana shows Indy a creature or alien where she wants Indy to find the object that leads into a crate into the warehouse. For some reason Irana is obsessed of finding this object called the Crystal Skull and she will not give up until she gets what she wants. Indy gets help with Mutt Williams, Marion Ravenwood and Oxley to stop the Russians from taking the skull. Indy tries to discover the secrets behind the skull for the rest of the film.

That’s all I’ll go about the story now, ’cause I don’t want to talk about the entire movie ’cause there are some surprising moments. That above is just a synopsis.

As far as my thoughts of the movie goes. It was a thrill ride. The film didn’t bore me one bit, I didn’t yawn at all or didn’t even fall asleep. “Indy and The Crystal Skull” is made what an Indiana Jones movie is supposed to be. I felt that “Indy 4” came close to being almost like “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. The action scenes in the film were absolutely breathtaking.

A lot of CGI was done in this movie, but hey, I didn’t mind it in this movie ’cause it’s pretty cool to see an Indy movie in this current time. In the early Indy movies didn’t use much computer effects. As far as the acting goes, I think the acting of Harrison Ford, Karen Allen and Cate Blanchett pretty much stoled the show. Harrison Ford still plays Indy like he always had. Karen Allen still played Marion like she was in “Raiders”, same attitude and same personality. Cate Blanchett, wow, what a great villain! I like the idea of a female lead villain ’cause male villains gets boring!

One thing that I love about Indy 4 is that it mixes history with science fiction. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull is a science fiction movie, big time. You’ll know when you go see it. So for my thoughts on the movie? I thought it was AMAZING!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! I’m definitely gonna see it again! Seriously, I was totally impressed with the movie. Spielberg has a lot of science fiction experience like with E.T. and Close Encounters, and he mixed all that with Indy. Interesting!

Does the Ark Of Covenant make a return in the film? You’ll have to go and see it yourself. Because I’m not gonna say if it’s in the film or not. 🙂

Score for “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” = **** (4 Stars as in “Excellent”)



Report: Indy scored $25 million on opening day Thursday…

People just love going to the movies on Memorial Day weekend! Indy 4 scored  $25 million on opening day yesterday. That is higher than “Prince Caspian” and “Iron Man” ever made on opening day. Could Indy 4 actually top world records over James Cameron’s “Titanic”? It’s possible.

Variety Reports:


I still haven’t seen Indy 4 yet, but I definitely will this weekend. I will review it of couse.

Since this film got a lot of mixed reviews, I hope I like it. I probably will although I don’t think it will be the best Indy film.