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Brock defends Madonna’s – Superbowl Halftime performance…

During the Halftime Superbowl which had the legendary Queen of Pop, Madonna, performing with Cirque Du Soleil, feedback of the performance started filling up my news feed in facebook. Mostly negative feedback. People saying hateful things about Madonna.

No matter what you think of the Madonna performance, she didn’t get hired for the Superbowl for nothing. She had quite the legendary career. In order for a band or an artist to get the opportunity to perform the Superbowl, they must have a legendary career. That’s what Madonna has. A legendary career, so she is qualified enough to get the Superbowl gig. I think she deserves it.

I think Cirque Du Soleil was interesting. Madonna has always been well known to perform on stage with a bunch of dancers, she’s been doing that stuff for years. Even if Madonna’s performance was lip syncing for sure, of course, (pretty much all Superbowl live performances from the past were lip synced, anyway), you still have to hand it to her.

She did really good dancing up there. I was pretty impressed with her dancing skills. She still has it with the dancing. Not bad for a 53 year old woman, right? She was doing some pretty physical and technical dance moves up there. She also looked really good up there too. She did look a little nervous, but she pulled it off.

I thought she did a good job. She didn’t do anything sexual and she didn’t do any lesbian stuff or anything like that. She didn’t do anything stupid or controversial just to get media attention. She concentrated on the performance and music part of things.

She’s all done with the sexual stuff, ’cause that’s not her anymore. She maybe crazy and wild in her younger years, but she’s too old for that stuff now. No matter what you think of that performance, she still has it with the dancing. Madonna is an entertainer, and a rock & pop artist. I did like her song selections tonight too.

I’ve always respected Madonna. Even though I don’t like her current music today, I’ll always like her classic stuff more. People should give her the respect for that performance ’cause she certainly got mine. She did a great job!





Report: Joe Francis of “Girls Gone Wild” fame wants to block Madonna’s new song…

Madonna is planning to perform one of her new songs on her upcoming new album at this Sunday’s Superbowl game, a song called, “Girls Gone Wild”, but Joe Francis happens to own the trademark for his business name. He sent her a, “cease and desist letter”, trying to stop her from playing the song.

Read the full story, here.

Oh give me, a fucking break. I think Madonna, legally has the right to use the song, so she’s safe. There are plenty of songwriters and musicians from the past who used the same title.

If he’s going to sue Madonna, then he may as well sue country singer, Travis Tritt.


Thought: Madonna shouldn’t accuse Lady Gaga of ripping off one of her songs, when Maddona has done the same thing to other artists…

Madonna’s jealousy of Lady Gaga is finally starting to show. Madonna, the Queen of Pop, recently had an interview on “20/20”, and she accused Gaga’s hit, “Born This Way” is a rip off of one of Madonna’s earlier hits, “Express Yourself”. I agree that both songs are kind of similar. I don’t think Gaga would rip off Madonna at all. Gaga has always been a fan and admirer of Madonna. So, I would think, “Born This Way” is a homage for Madonna, in my opinion. A homage/tribute, kind of a thing.

So Madonna accuses Lady Gaga of being a thief? Well, Madonna shouldn’t accuse Gaga of anything ’cause Madonna herself has stole from other artists. Madonna stole, “Deep In Vogue”, by Malcolm McLaren to use for her hit, “Vogue”, and she also stole an Ingrid Chavez song for her hit “Justify My Love”. I’m sure she ripped off plenty of other songs from other songwriters too. Not only that Madonna ripped off music over the years, she also ripped off her image that she stole from other celebrities like Marilyn Monroe for starters.

Madonna’s music career may have meant something to all of us back in the early days in the 80’s but today she’s a joke. I like Lady Gaga because she’s definitely like a modern day Madonna, but even better. I love Lady Gaga. Loved all 3 of her albums, and “Born This Way” is her best album.

People maybe getting tired of Gaga and her unique fashion, but in defense of her weird fashion ways, I think she’s just trying to express herself. I believe it’s okay to be different, it’s a free country and you can look like how you want to look like. I don’t think what Gaga is doing is for attention. She’s a talented artist. I would see her in concert if she ever came around here.


Report: Madonna confirmed to perform during Superbowl halftime, she will perform with Cirque Du Soleil…

NBC announced their performer for this year’s Halftime Superbowl gig. Last year it was the Black Eyed Peas, this year it’s going to be none other than Madonna, the Queen of Pop. This pop legend and Rock n’ roll Hall of Famer will be performing with the entertainment act, Cirque Du Soleil.

More on the story, here.

I don’t think Madonna has ever performed the Superbowl before, and I guess it’s her time. I’m not much of a Madonna fan, though, I only liked her stuff from the 80’s. This is better than the Black Eyed Peas, I can deal with Madonna than any other pop act. She would be enjoyable and entertaining. I’m sure she’s gonna do a medley mix of all her hits over the years.


Thought: What took so long for everyone to figure out Lady Gaga was ripping off Madonna?

So Lady Gaga released her new single, “Born This Way” yesterday. Everyone immediately  saw that Lady Gaga ripped that song off Madonna. Hate to burst your bubble, Gaga fans, but Gaga have been ripping Madonna off from the very beginning. Not just, “Born This Way”, pretty much every Gaga song sounds like Madonna. Gaga even borrowed from Madge’s image too. I was liking Gaga up until, “Born This Way”, it’s not a good song at all, it just didn’t grab me this time.

I don’t see these two being friends for long. Be ready for a plagiarism lawsuit, Gaga.


Report: Adam Lambert man on man kiss censored on “Early Show”, understand the ick factor…

I just want to respond to this:


There is a reason that girl on girl action doesn’t get censored on TV and man on man action does. That word again, the “ick factor”. Look it up if you don’t know what it means.

I’ve said in a blog post that people are used to seeing girl on girl make out action, while most people don’t want to see man on man action. It’s really quite simple to understand.

Do you ever wonder why in “soft core porn”, they are willing to show the woman fully naked but they never show the man’s privates? It’s that “ick factor” that straight men don’t wanna see. If you want to see everything, watch the hardcore porn.

Man on man action and male nudity is not allowed on regular TV for many reasons. Basically, the only reason is that the soft core porn industry and regular TV don’t want to turn off the straight male viewers.

I don’t see a double standard in any of this at all. It’s just the people’s way of defending “equality” and gay rights.

The censoring on the “Early Show” and cancelling the Good Morning America performance, has nothing to do with Adam Lambert. It’s all about the material that is being brought in the performance.

I agree with the censoring. I don’t think any guy would want to wake up in the morning and while switching channels you see that going on while he’s drinking coffee or something before work.

Girl on girl kissing is less graphic than man on man action.

On top of that, this isn’t the first time that famous bands brought in homosexual material into their performances. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers has done it many times, also David Bowie and Nirvana has done it. Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl made out on stage plenty of times.

Adam Lambert needs to leave this stuff at the gay bars. This is where he needs to go back to performing, not on TV. I’m not being anti-gay. Adam Lambert is an attention whore with a capital W and he’s just doing whatever it takes to help promote his upcoming album.


Thought: Madge continues to be a stupid bitch like she’s always been…

Sorry about the  word “bitch” in the title of this thread but I’m really starting to dislike Madonna very much, that I had to put it there. Two people has died at the stage collapse in France, and she claims she’s devastated and heartbroken about it.

More on it here:


In the video below, Madonna pays tribute to the people that died. I don’t see how she’s devastated and heartbroken at all. If she really was, then she would have postponed those tour dates to help mourn with those families of those two dead people, but nope, she doesn’t do that. She’s all about herself and her music.

Why does Michael Jackson die and she’s still around?