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When the new “Ghostbusters” trailer comes out in March, how much do you wanna bet it’ll go viral?

So a new “Ghostbusters” trailer is coming directed by Paul Feig and starring 4 females. When the trailer comes out, you can betcha the trailer will probably break the “internets”. Paul Feig has been showing us a lot of stuff from the film but finally, he’s gonna show us a trailer real soon. Most people have been shitting on the film for a long while now even if they haven’t seen the movie but you know all the haters will see the trailer anyways when it comes out.

I’m definitely gonna check out the trailer myself as I’m looking forward to it. Despite all the negative criticism this film is getting, this film is intriguing me. Yeah, I find it interesting so far and I think the movie will be good. Once the film itself actually comes out, I think more people will actually like it and will have a change of heart with it. Give it time. Even though people are hating on this movie, I think everybody will go see it anyways out of curiosity. People are predicting that this film is gonna bomb but I disagree. I think this film could end up being bigger than “Deadpool” or “The Force Awakens”.


Keep in mind that when the first two “Ghostbusters” came out, not a lot of people today know about those movies. There’s a whole new younger generation who has never seen the two originals. This film is aiming to attract a new audience and a younger fanbase. The film can also be for the die-hards for those who loved the first two films. The new “Ghostbusters” is probably gonna turn out to be a box office smash and break records, sorry to say.

I think the new “Ghostbusters” will turn out enjoyable and fun. Give it time.

I’ve always learned never to be critical about a movie you haven’t seen yet. I’ve never bashed something I haven’t seen yet. I just wait to see the actual film itself and then I make my honest opinion. I think people trashing a movie they haven’t seen is pretty lame and that’s the problem we’re having these days. People maybe skeptical now but if you see the actual film itself, you may actually enjoy it.

I’m looking forward to checking out the new “Ghostbusters” trailer soon.


The HI-C Ecto Cooler could be making a comeback to help promote new “Ghostbusters” film…

Paul Feig’s all-female “Ghostbusters” won’t be getting released until July of 2016. Before then, you can expect the “Ghostbusters” marketing to get pretty heavy. The new Ghostbusters will be on most food products that you will see in the grocery store including juice boxes, cereal boxes and all that stuff.

Well, Coca-cola maybe bringing back the old Ecto Cooler which I think I used to drink when I was young back in the day.

Since the Slimer drink could be making a comeback that’s a pretty good indication that the character Slimer will indeed return to the new “Ghostbusters” film.


Whatever it takes to get people interested in this film, I guess. That’s probably the only reason this drink might be making a comeback since this film is getting so much negative criticism.

Marketing will get heavy for this film around the Spring & Summer time in 2016 so be ready, y’all. Marketing is always heavy each time a new “Ghostbusters” film is out.


Film Review: “Spectre”…

Starring: Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz

Directed by: Sam Mendes

So today I went to the mall to check out the latest 007 film, “Spectre”.

Plot/Synopsis: A cryptic message from the past sends James Bond on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually Rome, where he meets Lucia, the beautiful and forbidden widow of an infamous criminal. Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE. Meanwhile back in London, Max Denbigh, the new head of the Centre of National Security, questions Bond’s actions and challenges the relevance of MI6 led by M. Bond covertly enlists Moneypenny and Q to help him seek out Madeleine Swann, the daughter of his old nemesis Mr White, who may hold the clue to untangling the web of SPECTRE. As the daughter of the assassin, she understands Bond in a way most others cannot. As Bond ventures towards the heart of SPECTRE, he learns a chilling connection between himself and the enemy he seeks.

Media is trashing the new Bond film like mad. All the so-called professional critics giving the film negative reviews all over but I don’t listen to other critics. I just watch a movie and give it my own opinion. Following popular opinion is boring to me. If everyone likes a certain film and if I don’t like it, I won’t be afraid to say it. If everyone hates a certain film and if I like it, I won’t be afraid to say it.

Don’t listen to the negative critics out there. Just go out and see it ’cause the film was that damn good. I thought it was WAY better than “Skyfall” and I thought “Spectre” topped that film for sure. I was real impressed with “Spectre”. I thought the writing was really good and Sam Mendes did an interesting take on his version of SPECTRE the underground terrorist group. I thought Christoph Waltz killed it as Blofeld the SPECTRE leader & boss.

This film had a lot of action, of course. The action scenes were more fun in this movie than “Skyfall”. I thought Dave Bautista’s character, Mr. Hinx was a pretty badass villain. He’s probably one of the best 007 villains of all time, in my opinion. Bautista did a great job playing him even though the character said one line, the character didn’t say much in the movie at all but he just walked around looking like a tough guy. Bond and Mr. Hinx had a pretty intense fight scene together on a train.

I’m also reading a lot of negative critics toward the Bond girls. Media trashing the Bond girls as well. Are they serious? I thought Dr. Madeline Swann who was the blond girl in the movie was freakin’ gorgeous and hot. Plus, Monica Bellucci *drool*. Monica maybe around 50 years old but she’s still a pretty hot MILF. Once again don’t listen to the critics. They wanna say how he’s a raging “misogynist” but I don’t see how. Daniel Craig himself may have said that Bond was a raging “misogynist” but even Craig himself is opinionated. Go back and watch the old Sean Connery and Roger Moore 007 flicks, you would see that Bond always cared for women. Bond definitely showed that in “Spectre” ’cause he was supposed to keep Dr. Swann alive and he ends up falling in love with her, of course so I think Daniel is full of it.

I thought this was a really great Bond film and this is gonna be the final Daniel Craig Bond film ’cause they are moving on with someone else in the next one. Daniel wants to be done with these movies and he wants to move on. I can’t blame him ’cause he’s been on this franchise for years now and he’s probably sick of it.

Score for “Spectre” = **** 4 stars as in “Excellent”.


Sony to reboot Lisbeth Salander franchise…

There is still no word on whether or not Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara will return for the Millennium sequel, “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and there is still no word on whether or not David Fincher is coming back to direct the sequel either.

Sony doesn’t care and they are no longer waiting for them ’cause they are moving ahead with an all new Lisbeth Salander reboot. They won’t be starting with the original trilogy by Stieg Larsson but instead, they will make the film on a lower budget.

It’s looking more likely that Craig, Mara and Fincher won’t return to the franchise so Sony has no choice but to go on without them.


Such a shame ’cause I loved the American version of “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” by David Fincher. It’s looking like Fincher won’t comeback at all ’cause he’s got a lot of other projects up ahead.

I don’t think I’ll bother reading the 4th Lisbeth Salander novel ’cause like most people, I believe only Stieg can only write the stories. They shouldn’t have continued on without him. I love the Lisbeth Salander stories ’cause I’ve read the first three books.


Kristen Wiig bummed out about all-female “Ghostbusters” criticism…

After seeing the movie, “Bridesmaids” with Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig in it… I am now kind of skeptical of the new “Ghostbusters” movie like everyone else. I can now understand where they’re coming from. The thing that Paul Feig and the cast can’t understand is that none of us want the “Ghostbusters” movies to turn into chick flicks. All the criticism really has nothing to do with women. We have nothing against women at all. We just don’t want our fictional heroes that we grew up on to change, ya know? That’s what we’re all complaining about. We just want “Ghostbusters” to stay as the original four and they are: Bill, Dan, Ernie and Harold. They are the “Ghostbusters” and not anybody else. That’s what Paul Feig and crew can’t seem to understand.

Harold Ramis is dead now so there’s no possible way for him to back as Egon. Since Harold died, the new Ghostbusters movie should have died with him, ya know?


Yeah, I saw the movie, “Bridesmaids” last week for the first time and I hated the movie. I also saw the movie, “The Heat” also directed by Paul Feig and starring Melissa McCarthy… didn’t really care for that one either.

So I guess I’ll have to say that I agree with everyone that the new “Ghostbusters” shouldn’t happen and I smell a box office flop up ahead. Kudos to Rick Moranis for having the balls to say “no”.

The new “Ghostbusters” will probably end up being a rental for me but I’ll still see the trailer when it comes out though.

To Paul Feig and the rest of the cast & crew… we’re not coming after ya… it’s called “criticism”. That’s something that you’re gonna have to deal with and it’s the name of the game of the movie business. Calling out your “critics” or “haters” is gonna drive people away from your movie even more.


Looks like we won’t see Louis Tully back in new “Ghostbusters” at all… oh well…

Rick Moranis wants to clarify to all of his fans that he’s not retired from Hollywood. He’s just very very picky of the projects he chooses. While he did take a long break from starring in big screen movies, he’s still worked in Hollywood sometimes like he did voice over work for a few animated films but that’s about all.

Paul Feig did try to get Rick to come back but Paul failed. Rick said no he wouldn’t do it and said it wouldn’t make sense.


Will we ever see Rick Moranis back on the big screen again? Keep in mind, Mel Brooks is developing a sequel to “Spaceballs” so maybe we’ll see the return of Dark Helmet. Now that would be cool. I hope we see Rick back on the big screen in a live action movie ’cause I’m a fan of his earlier work especially with “Ghostbusters”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, “My Blue Heaven”, “Parenthood” and “Brewster’s Millions”. Rick is a great actor and talented. Hope we see him back on the big screen soon.


More on Melissa McCarthy in new “Ghostbusters”…

I haven’t seen too many movies with Melissa McCarthy over the years except the only one I’ve seen with her in it are the two Charlie’s Angels films that she appeared in and “Identity Thief” (which was pretty good actually). I’ve never seen “Bridesmaids”, “The Heat”, “Tammy” or “Spy” yet but I’m gonna check those movies out as I have them on Netflix DVD rental Que.

Before I watch the new “Ghostbusters”, I figure it’s a good idea to watch all the Melissa McCarthy & Paul Feig films: “Bridesmaids”, “The Heat” and “Spy” so I can get an idea of what the new “Ghostbusters” film is gonna be like.

I should get an idea of what Paul Feig’s filming style is like before I watch the new “Ghostbusters” and I want to see how he works with Melissa McCarthy. So after I see their three films, I’ll review my thoughts.

I suggest everyone to do the same before slamming the new “Ghostbusters”, ya know? You might see how well they work together. I’m gonna watch “Bridesmaids”, “The Heat” and “Spy” so I can see why Sony wanted Paul Feig to direct the new Ghostbusters.

Those picking on Paul Feig for directing the new “Ghostbusters” probably never seen his previous films. I stand with Paul Feig on “Ghostbusters” and I have total faith in him now. I think he’s gonna make a great “Ghostbusters” film and I think he will make fans happy. People maybe skeptical now but give it time, I predict people will end up loving it once the actual movie comes out. I’m looking forward to it.


Paul Feig confirms Sigourney Weaver is returning as Dana Barrett but what about Louis Tully???

Look like the original cast from the first two “Ghostbusters” will all be making cameos in the new all-female “Ghostbusters” film. Paul Feig, the director just dropped the big news that Sigourney Weaver will be reprising her role as Dana Barrett. Did Peter Venkman and Dana finally get married this time? It’ll be cool if that’s what they’re going for.

What about Louis Tully will he make a cameo too? Was Paul Feig successful at getting Rick Moranis out of retirement for this film? It could be possible but we’ll wait and see. Hopefully he did get Rick back. There can’t be a Dana Barrett without Louis Tully! Would be awesome to see Louis back.

Paul Feig was able to get Annie Potts back so that’s another hint that he maybe successful at getting Rick back:


Rick is probably coming back and it would be funny to see Louis return.

Btw, I love Paul’s response to the haters of this movie:


Paul Feig announces that all-female “Ghostbusters” is all done filming, expect a trailer real soon!

51854526 Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon spotted on the set of "Ghostbusters" in New York City, New York on September 19, 2015.  The film is said to be released in 2016. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon spotted on the set of "Ghostbusters" in New York City, New York on September 19, 2015. The film is said to be released in 2016. Pictured: Leslie Jones, Ernie Hudson FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813
51854526 Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon spotted on the set of “Ghostbusters” in New York City, New York on September 19, 2015. The film is said to be released in 2016. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon spotted on the set of “Ghostbusters” in New York City, New York on September 19, 2015. The film is said to be released in 2016.
Pictured: Leslie Jones, Ernie Hudson FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813

Now filming of the all-female “Ghostbusters” has officially wrapped, you can expect them to put together a trailer soon. They may have finished all the scenes in the movie but they still have plenty of production work to do. They still need to add in all the CGI special effects as I’m sure there will be plenty of that, they need to add in all the ghosts and they need to record the musical score for the film.

As you see in the photo above that is Ernie Hudson aka Winston Zeddemore which he looks to be filming a scene with Leslie Jones. It looks like the three surviving original Ghostbusters will be in the film after all: Bill, Dan and Ernie… however, though, will Harold Ramis still be in the movie in some form? Will Egon make a cameo as a ghost? EIther way, I think Egon will get brought up in the film somehow ’cause they’re gonna wanna pay a tribute to Harold. I think it’ll be pretty cool if Egon would appear as a ghost.

I predict when the trailer comes out, I think more people will like it. I’m looking forward to seeing the trailer. Bring it on!


On a side note, women do deserve more respect in the superhero genre…

Yeah, I have noticed the lack of women starring in the leading roles in superhero flicks. With that being said, I think another reason Ronda released those photos of her as Cpt. Marvel is ’cause maybe it’s her way of trying to get a new movement going? She fought for women to be allowed to fight in the UFC and she was a success at that… I think she’s trying to do the same for the superhero movie world, ya know? The superhero film franchises should give women more respect.

Well, “Wonder Woman” is getting her own film so that’s a start and we’ll see how that film does in the box office. If that film becomes a box office hit, I predict Warner Brothers & Disney/Marvel will do ever more female-centric superhero films with her in the leading role. If that film bombs then there probably won’t be more after that.

I remember seeing “Supergirl” with Helen Slater and that was a great film. Even though the film bombed, I thought that film was a well-made movie.

There are plenty of female superheroes with their own comics… it’s just that a lot of them never got movies made of them.

Cpt. Marvel should definitely happen. I also think She-Hulk should happen. What about Bat-girl? I think a Bat-girl movie should happen. There’s also Magdalene. I also think Black Widow should absolutely get her own film as well.

Forgot to mention that the “Underworld” movie franchise is based on a comic even though DC/Marvel isn’t involved with that one… that comic became a hit movie franchise. Selene is the hero.

We’ll wait and see how the “Wonder Woman” film does and hopefully that film does well in the box office so there can be more female-centric superhero films. I think there should be more. You should thank Ronda for bringing this to our attention.