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Oscar history #2: Michael Moore wins for “Bowling for Columbine”, blasts George W. Bush publicily

Another classic Oscar moment, Michael Moore, winning for “Bowling for Columbine”, blasts President Bush publicily on stage. Back then, everybody liked George W. Bush, that’s why Michael Moore got booed. Now, everyone realizes that Michael Moore was right all along, he was a horrible president.



Oscar history #1: Stallone and Muhammad Ali presenting award onstage…

Oscar history video where Stallone and Muhammad Ali presenting an award for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” way back in 1977, the year after the first Rocky came out.

Question: Could Stallone be presenting an award at this year’s Oscars for “Best Male In a Leading Role” to possibly present the award for Mickey Rourke? Man, that would be fuckin’ sweet if Sly and Mickey on stage at this year’s Oscars. Sly hasn’t been at the Oscars in a long time since 1977. I doubt Sly would be attending the Oscars somehow, but it could be possible Sly might attend. Sly and Mickey will be filming “The Expendables” very soon.

More Oscar history videos to come as the Oscars approaches next Sunday Feb. 22nd.



Report: Peter Gabriel cancels Oscar performance and here’s why…

Former Genesis singer and 80’s icon, Peter Gabriel, has pulled out of his live performance at the Oscars this year. The reason? Simply because he was told that he would only perform the song, “Down to Earth” from the Wall-E soundtrack, for 60-65 seconds during a medley of the three nominated songs for “Best Song” category. He have decided that is not what he wanted. He wanted to perform the song in it’s entirety. Gabriel hopes the Academy will reconsider the medley mix and go back to artists performing the full song for next year.

Variety Reports:


Well, there you have it. The Oscars just revealed one of their secret surprises that they had never done before, performing short sections of songs for a medley. I actually agree with Gabriel that it is pretty ridiculous. The artists who wrote the songs for the movie should be able to perform the songs in entirety like they always did in the past. Kudos for Mr. Gabriel for calling the Academy out on this!!!


Report: Oscars will be unpredictable this year, nominated winners will be played in a different game…

All the nominated celebrities…actors, film crew, attended the Academy award luncheon today in Beverly Hills, California. The president of the Academy Arts and Sciences, revealed that nominations will be played a different way for the winners this year, but he was tight lipped on the details.

Yep, that means the movie fans who are expecting the Golden Globe winners to win at the Oscars too, that may not even happen and the winners could be totally different. If you think “Slumdog Millionaire” will sweep everything or Mickey Rourke will win for “The Wrestler” at the Oscars Feb. 22nd, those things could change too. This is the Academy’s way of keeping things unpredictable.

The Associated Press reports:


While I would love to see “Slumdog Millionaire” sweep everything since I think it’s a wonderful film, I have a feeling it’s not going to happen. Either “Benjamin Button” or “Milk” could be the big winners that night. The Oscars this year will be unpredictable, you’ll never know who’ll be the winners.

Even Angelina and Brad could pick up a win for their roles too.


Report: Oscar award presenters will be kept secret until showtime…

You will never know who this year’s award presenters will be for the Oscars ’cause the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are keeping the presenters secret until showtime, Feb. 22nd. So for now all you can do is guess. Every year on the Oscars, they usually do announce award presenters before showtime but this year they are not.

The Associated Press reports:


Oh come on now, they just don’t want to give out any surprises that John Travolta will be there to present an award for some category. It’s obvious why they are doing this. Maybe Jennifer Hudson will be there to present an award too.

The rest of the award presenters will be pretty obvious: Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, George Clooney,  Johnny Depp, Leo Dicaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc.

I’m sure will see some different surprises as well. I’d like to see Michelle Williams present an award for “Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role” so she can give the award to Heath but I doubt that will happen.

I think it will be cool if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson presents an award for “Best Male Actor in a Leading Role” so he can give the award to Mickey Rourke for “The Wrestler”. That would be appropriate I think.

I think the obvious reason that they are keeping the presenters a secret, it’s all about surprising us with John Travolta being there. End of story.


Thought: How “Wall-E” is going to get the nomination for BEST PICTURE at the Oscars…

Don’t think “Wall-E” will ever get the nomination for “Best Picture” at the Oscars? John Lassetter who serves as governor of the Academy’s animation branch, says it’s very possible, it could get the nomination.

See why here:


And Wall-E is up there in the top contenders:


Animated films deserve a chance at getting more than just a small “Best Animation Award”, the Academy is looking to change that.

I don’t think Wall-E is Oscar worthy enough to win “Best Picture” but it certainly deserves the nomination for sure.


BREAKING NEWS: Oscar nominations to be unveiled Jan. 22nd…

The Academy is about to mail out the ballots Friday. A total of 5,810 members voted. The ballots must be returned to the PriceWaterhouseCoopers by Jan. 12th at 5 p.m., but the Academy is mailing them early as a special Christmas gift.

The Oscar award nominations will be unveiled to the public on Jan. 22nd. That’s when we will know who got nominated for “Best Picture”, “Best Director”, “Best Actor/Actress”, etc.

The 81st Academy Awards is on Feb. 22nd, 2009 at the Kodak Theater.

Variety Reports:


Get ready for Jan 22nd!!!! This will be huge!!!

My prediction for the “Best Picture” nominations is still set in stone: “The Dark Knight”, “Milk”, “Frost/Nixon”, “Changeling”, and “Wall-E”.

Now you know why “The Dark Knight” is getting re-released Jan. 20th. 🙂

Even more proof that “The Dark Knight” will get “Best Picture” nomination!!!