Report: The Sex Pistols to release Brixton Academy concert on DVD…

The reunited Sex Pistols announced they will release their November 2007 concert at the Brixton Academy in London on DVD. It was recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound and in HD. The DVD will be titled “The Sex Pistols: There Will Always Be An England”. The current band member lineup includes Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Paul Cook, and Glen Matlock. Ex-band member of the Sex Pistols, former bass player Sid Vicious died February 2nd 1979 of an accidental heroin overdose, a little after he was accused of murdering his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

“The Sex Pistols: There Will Always Be An England” DVD will first hit stores in the U.K in June of this summer. The DVD will hit shelves in the U.S. either late summer or the fall.

Billboard reports:

I’m looking forward to this. I’m a really big Pistols fan so I will definitely be buying this DVD when it hits the US this year.


Thought: Does Mariah Carey deserve this popularity?

The song “Touch My Body” is an ok song, it ain’t bad, but does it really deserve to beat down Elvis in Billboard? Hell no. This is just proof that people out there have bad taste in music. All people care about recently is “hit radio singles”.

Not with me. I’m not a “hit radio single” type of listener. If you are, then you probably ain’t my type of crowd that I would be hanging out with. No wonder this world can’t get another rock revolution ’cause the world is obsessed with pop music. Rock bands like Korn, Tool, Nickelback, The Velvet Revolver, etc. tried to take over the world for a little bit but failed because this nation is obsessed with pop music.

I never obsess with radio hit singles, I’m not that type of listener, never have and never will be. When I listen to music on CD, I don’t just listen to popular songs that you hear on the radio 50 times a day, I listen to a CD like I’m listening to a whole album. I do love “songs” that are not played on the radio. I listen to a whole album as if I’m listening to one entire song if you know what I mean.


I miss the old days in the 60’s and 70’s, early 90’s when Grunge rock took over, when people weren’t obsessed with radio singles where people would listen to an entire album from start to finish. It ain’t like that anymore. This is why rock music would never get another revolution.


Report: “Short Circuit” remake greenlighted…

Wow, a lot of remakes and sequels coming out this year. Can’t someone ever come up with an original story these days? Dimension Films just acquired the rights to remake the first “Short Circuit”, the film was made in 1986 starring Steve Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens and Ally Sheedy.

A family comedy film about a robot named Number 5 who is owned by a company called Nova, after No. 5 gets struck by lightning, his machinery causes a malfunction which turns him into a more human robot who talks and moves like a real human being although he is a machine. The robot befriended a woman named Stephanie who is an animal lover who owns a business that saves animals. Steve Guttenberg who played Newton worked for Nova but quit after learning the company wanting to destroy the robot so he helps Fisher Stevens to track down the robot to save him before Nova catches the robot.

The screenwriters who wrote the first two “Short Circuit” films will be writing the remake as well.

Variety Reports:

As long as they still have the same robot and Tim Blaney doing the voice over for the remake, I’ll go see it.


Thought: Do you support Ashley Alexandra Dupre? Are you a fan? Count me in…

I would take all the bad and nasty things I said about this girl back and say she’s got my full support. Consider me a fan.

Since everybody in New York State had a pure hatred for Eliot Spitzer, I would think Ashley should be a hero for this and forcing him to resign. She may be a whore or a prostitute but how do people know that she really is? She was claimed to be linked to Charlie Sheen as well but Sheen denied it and it is probably a rumour.

She probably isn’t a real prostitute and she doesn’t look like one, Spitzer is probably the one who talked Ashley into paying her money for a one night stand. I believe Ashley is innocent. Looking at her myspace she really does look like an innocent kid, she looks like a real good kid and she seems supernice and down to earth to everyone. She seems like a girl who is always happy, upbeat who likes to have fun and party hard. She enjoys sex with random people and enjoys flashing her tits in the public, so what? Nothing wrong with that. A lot of women are like that.

She is gonna be a star and I hope she signs with all them deals she’s been getting offered by the porn industry. Donald Trump even wants her for his new reality show now. I enjoy the wild and crazy chicks who party hard and willing to do just about anything.

Ashley made a mistake with Spitzer and people should just grow up and get over it. She’s a cool chick in my book. I’d like to meet her in person, hang out and party with her if I had the opportunity.


Report: Whitney Houston upset over Bobby Brown’s accusations…

Whitney Houston the pop music diva who once starred in the box office hit film alongside Kevin Costner in “The Bodygaurd” catches on Bobby’s attacks at her in his upcoming book. She is upset that Bobby decided to make their private business public although she was willing to take a big risk and take the “high road”. She responded back to Bobby to let him know she’s upset but refused to attack him back.

More on it here:

Like I said Whitney, put Bobby in the courtroom and sue him for defamation and slander. Put a boycott on Bobby’s book.


Thought: My honest thoughts on UFC, why I don’t watch it much…

I’m not much of a UFC fan honestly. I just can’t see guys in a ring trying to kill each other for real. It’s too crazy and too intense for my tastes. It’s why I don’t watch UFC TV or the PPV’s much anymore. UFC is not wrestling. Even UFC never call it wrestling, they call ’em “fights”. One of these days in the future, a fighter in UFC is gonna get himself killed instantly in the ring. If there were to be the most dangerous sport, it would not be football or hockey, it would be UFC in my opinion.

A fighter named Joe Lauzon knocking out his opponent really quick is just proof how dangerous it really is.

Sorry, but I prefer just regular Pro Wrestling over UFC, you know pro wrestling with the likes of WWE, TNA, etc. The wrestling with the fake fighting, impressive stunts, and storylines where you can be entertained.

I don’t really find UFC entertaining.

Nothing wrong with other people enjoying guys killing each other in UFC for real but to me it’s pretty boring with all the kicking and punching which is pretty much all they do.


Report: Friday the 13th remake leading babe found…

A young actress named Amanda Righetti is in final negotiations to be the leading female star in the “Friday The 13th” remake to star alongside Jared Padalecki. She hasn’t done much film work in her acting career, she mostly did work for TV. This looks to be her first big film for theater.

Variety Reports:

Great choice, she’s pretty hot looking. There can’t be a Friday film with no hot babes, right? Most all Friday movies has blood and gore and naked women, so hopefully this chick will show us some tits and ass too.


Report: Bobby Brown slams Whitney Houston blames her for drug addiction and bad marriage…

Former rap star Bobby Brown will soon release a no holds barred “tell all” autobiography book where he reveals everything about his life, even the most private things that is no one else’s business. In it, he slams his ex-wife Whitney Houston by saying before he married her, he was never a drug addict. He also says stuff like marrying her was a big mistake in his life and she used him for her own music career.

FOX News reports:,2933,345588,00.html

Well, this is what you get for marrying another famous person. Whitney didn’t turn Bobby to what he is today, he brought everything upon himself and made his own decisions to use drugs.

I know I won’t be buying his book ’cause I don’t want to see him whine about how much his life sucked, and I already dealt with that through Eric Clapton’s book. I love Clapton, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t care for Clapton’s autobiography ’cause all he mostly wrote in it was how he suffered through drugs/alcohol, addiction with women more than talking about his music career.

Whitney should get her team of lawyers in handy and not let Bobby release that book.


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