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Walking Dead – Season 3 thoughts so far…

I’m really liking “Walking Dead – Season 3” so far. It’s an impressive season. Last Sunday’s episode was pretty amazing and it’s going to be interesting to see what’s going to happen this Sunday. I like the whole story with Michonne, The Governor, Andrea, and Merle. I love how they’re giving Merle more screen time. Awesome.

I’m not trying to give any spoilers, but just a tiny hint, while Michonne is a bad ass character,what’s about happen to her is not gonna be so good. I’m not saying she’s gonna get killed off but in the books, the Governor is not gonna treat her so kindly. I’m not sure if they will use that stuff for the TV show, but I’m hoping. Not gonna say what they do to her, but something bad is gonna happen to Michonne.

As for last Sunday’s ending, when Rick answered the phone call in the prison, some may say it was hallucination, but it could be an actual call too. I think we may see a Morgan Jones return ’cause I believe that’s who that was in that phone call, just my prediction, not a spoiler. “Season 3” started off as a let down, but got better as it went along.

Daryl’s a badass like usual. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen when Daryl reunites with Merle and go face to face with each other for the first time. Will Daryl rejoin Merle and turn on Rick? Or will Daryl stick with Rick and fight against his own brother? It’ll be interesting to see what’s going to happen.

I think the Governor is a great character, and David Morrissey, the guy who plays him, is a phenomenal actor.

Yeah, I’ve been reading the “Walking Dead” books, but I only read the first 6 of them. I need to read the rest of them, and will get back into collecting the “Walking Dead” books soon. They are using a lot of stuff from the books this season.


About last Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” ****MAJOR SPOILERS****

I was going to talk about last Sunday’s “Walking Dead” shocker, but I didn’t want to talk about spoilers right away, so I waited a few days. I’ll talk about the topic with a Spoiler warning.

*******************************************SPOILERS BELOW********************************

I’m not surprised they killed off Lori. I’ve always hated that character ever since she first appeared on the show. I’m not the one to talk like this to women, but she was a real bitch and a cunt. She treated Rick and Carl both like crap ever since they reunited with Rick in Season 1. Lying to them about her affair with Shane and all kinds of stuff. Plus, Lori was a loudmouth drama queen. Almost complaining and whining about everything, if things don’t go her way. She even treated Shane like garbage too. Not only this character was annoying, her speaking voice was horrible and she’s not that good looking, anyway. Good riddance. They should have killed her off a long time ago.

Although, I disagree with them killing off, T-Dog. They should have kept his story going. I wanted T-Dog to live and cross path with Merle again. T-Dog left the key to Merle’s cuffs on the roof of that building, and I wanted Merle to be able to confront T-Dog about it. Would have been a cool storyline, but that’s not gonna happen now.

Anyway, I’m liking Season 3 so far. I’m glad they’re using Merle more. Glad Merle is getting more screen time. Michael Rooker is a talented actor, I’ve always admired him. I can’t wait for Merle and Daryl to go face to face for the first time. Plus, the Governor is a great character. I like what they’re doing with Andrea and Michonne too.

This Season is getting pretty interesting.


Tonight the “Walking Dead” returns…

Finally, the premiere of “Walking Dead – Season 3” is tonight. I do plan on watching the new episode, however, I’m going to DVR it since “Dexter” is on at the same time. I prefer to watch “Dexter” more ’cause the show is getting really good. I will watch the new “Walking Dead” right after, though.

I also plan on re-watching the rest of “Walking Dead – Season 2” this afternoon ’cause I’ve been on a “Walking Dead” marathon, all week. Watching the first two seasons in time for Season 3. While I’m excited for the debut of Michonne and the Governor, I hope AMC doesn’t mess those characters up. I hope they keep those two characters faithful from the books. I’m also excited for the return of Merle Dixon, too, Daryl’s brother. I hope Merle appears more instead of just one or two episodes. The more Merle, the better, ’cause that character is great. Michael Rooker is a great actor.

Enjoy the Walking Dead tonight for those watching.


Brock briefly reviews “Breaking Bad – Season 4″…

So over the weekend, I finally finished the last of Breaking Bad, “Season 4” on DVD. I just had to buy it on DVD since Netflix wasn’t streaming the season yet. I wanted to catch up before “Season 5”, the final season that is. A few words to explain “Season 4”: It was the best season. It was the darkest season of them all. It got very violent too. In this one, it focused on the heated feud between Walt and Jesse. It was pretty much Walt vs. Jesse Pinkman throughout half of it ’cause they had a falling out. Even though they didn’t get along this season, Walt still cared for Jesse and worried for his safety. Why? Because Jesse agreed to team up with Gustavo (better known as Gus), the villain of the show. I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but I thought Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston both played their feud pretty well. Pretty good acting between the two of them. I also liked the guy that played Gustavo. Gustavo is a villain that you want to hate. I also really liked Skyler this season as well.

Glad I’m caught up with the show in time for “Season 5” on the 15th of this month. While “Season 4” was the best season, I’m sure “Season 5” will be even better. It’ll be interesting to see how Season 5, is going to end. Everyone knows, Walt and Jesse will continue to cook meth in “5”. They’ll find new people to work for since Gustavo won’t be around next season. Looking forward to “Season 5”.


AMC confirms Merle Dixon will return to, “Walking Dead – Season 3″…

Well, it’s no surprise that Merle Dixon is still alive in the, “Walking Dead”. I figure he escaped from the rooftop and found his way out alive by cutting his own hand off. It’s not a spoiler, ’cause I’m sure everyone knew it too. While I’m glad Merle is returning for Season 3, I hope he will appear in more episodes. In Season 1, he only appeared for two episodes, and Season 2, he only appeared for one. I hope Merle will be in most episodes for “Season 3”. “Season 3” is gonna be great, Michonne and the Governor also.

Could Tyrese get introduced at some point, here?

Get your first look at Merle for Season 3, here.


Report: First half of “Breaking Bad – Season 5” will air on July 15th!!!

Man, I hope I am able to catch up with “Breaking Bad – Season 4”, before “Season 5” starts airing on TV. Love this show too fucking much! Other than the “Walking Dead”, “Dexter”, “Game of Thrones, and now you can add “Breaking Bad” to one of my favorite current shows on TV. I don’t like shows and movies about drugs too much, since I’m not a drug addict and want nothing to do with them. It’s just that I find the writing and acting of “Breaking Bad” pretty intriguing. The show got pretty addicting to me. I think it’s Bryan Cranston’s excellent acting with the show, is what did it to me. I’m sure “Season 4” will be out on DVD sometime before “Season 5” starts airing so I’ll catch up with the show then.

Since, “Season 5” is the final and last season ever, I wonder how the show will end? I’m sure everyone is wondering the same thing. Will Walter finally get caught for making meth and selling? Will the show end with him going to prison? Or, will he end up dying of cancer before he gets caught? Either way, I think the show is not going end with a happy ending for sure.

This is a pretty powerful show and I’m glad I got into it. I had too many people trying to talk me into watching it, that’s how it got me interested.


Cool Photo: Your first look at Michonne for “The Walking Dead” Season 3!!!

Michonne will be played by actress, Danai Gurira, who is a sword expert from the “Walking Dead” books. She’s good at killing a large number of walkers that nobody else could do. In the books, she teams up with Rick and his friends to help protect them. In the books, she was raped and abused by the Governor, and not sure if they’ll use that storyline for the TV show next season. I also wonder if they’re going to introduce, Tyrese (not T-Dog, different character), ’cause there was a big love triangle between him, Carol and Michonne. Will they use all this stuff for Season3? The next season will be taken place in a prison, the book, “Safety Behind Bars”. I’m sure the TV show will change a lot around and make things different, but I hope they use some of the material from book 3.

Can’t wait for “Season 3”. I wonder who’ll they get to play the Governor and Tyrese if they use those characters? The Governor is not a nice guy, he was a villain from the books.


I’m real surprised how different the “Walking Dead” TV show is from the books…***spoilers***

I’ve finally started reading the “Walking Dead” books. Just read the first two, “Days Gone By” and “Miles Behind Us”. While the stories of the TV show and books can be similar, both are pretty different too! The TV show left a lot out from the books, changed some characters, left some characters out, and changed the story around too.

Here’s how different it is from the books:

– Shane dies even sooner. In the book, Carl kills Shane while Shane was still alive. Shane didn’t turn.

– Carol doesn’t have the buzz cut like she does in the show. In the books, she has long blonde hair. I always wondered why on the show, she has the buzz cut hair do? Cancer survivor maybe? Not sure.

– Dale and Andrea were lovers, but on the show they weren’t.

– T-Dog (Tyrese) steals the show in the books, while he gets lesser TV time in the show.

– Sophia doesn’t go missing in book 2. Instead she goes to Hershel’s home with the family and she ends up falling in love with Carl, this wasn’t in the show, they took it out.

– Hershel confronts Maggie and Glenn for having sex, but in the show, he doesn’t.

– Donna and Allen were characters not in the TV show.

– No Merle and Daryl Dixon.

– There was none of that CDC stuff at the end of book 1.

– They don’t keep the Walkers in the barn top secret. In book 2, Hershel tells Rick about it first.

That’s it. You pretty much get the idea. I can understand why the “Walking Dead” TV show gets mixed reviews ’cause it’s so different than the books. No wonder people complain about the show a lot! They left a lot of important stuff from the books that weren’t in the TV show at all.

Glad I started reading the books. I’ll start reading book 3, “Safety Behind Bars”, tomorrow.


Last night’s “Walking Dead”, episode was the best television I’ve seen in years, holy S**T!!! ***SPOILERS***

WOW! Last night’s “Walking Dead” episode was pretty intense. They are getting better and improving. See? Who needs Frank Darabont!!! They are doing fine with out him! People thought the show would fail without him, but they thought wrong.

Last night’s episode was a true zombie episode. It felt like a George A. Romero movie for sure. I’ll talk about the plot below with a spoiler warning….


So last night’s episode explained the incident between Shane and Rick. Why Rick killed Shane? Like I explained before, Shane sacrificed himself. Shane knew all along that he was going to turn into a walker after he died. So Shane wanted to get Rick all pissed so he can take his gun out and shoot him. Rick revealed that every living human is infected with the virus, so if you die, you get turned into a walker.

After all this time, they fooled us that if you get bitten by a walker, you get turned into one too. Turns out it’s not true after all this time. You get turned into a walker, no matter how you die

I loved how the group split with Andrea. Andrea got into a little zombie killing action herself, and it was awesome. That was when the mysterious hooded woman showed up with a sword. “Talking Dead” last night revealed who the hooded woman was, and it’s a character named, Michonne, from the comics, a black woman.

I haven’t started reading the comics yet. I’ve started collecting them, I only have the first six so far. Looks like Season 3 will be taken place in a prison. The Prison season was adapted from one of the comics. Comic #3, “Safety Behind Bars”. I will start reading the books soon.

I was really impressed with last night’s episode. It was a great improvement with the writing and hope they keep up the good work for Season 3. I see this TV show being on TV for a long time.

It was a pretty powerful episode and a great ending.


Thought: What’s next for Jon Bernthal???

Now that we all know what happened with Shane, this means that actor Jon Bernthal, is officially done with the show. Yep, that’s it. Only two seasons for him in, “The Walking Dead”. Kind of sad though, I was hoping they make Shane live for another season or two.

Now the fans are wondering, what’s next for Jon? He is a phenomenal actor. I thought he did a great job playing Shane.

Before he got the job for, “The Waking Dead”, he did some movie roles and appeared on various TV shows over the years. It’s just that he didn’t become a well known actor until he got hired for, “The Walking Dead”.

Well, “The Walking Dead”, will for sure, open up many doors for his career. Now that he’s a well known star, expect some bigger things for his career up ahead. I’m sure he will get some big movie roles.

I’m pretty sure the horror movie industry are all over this guy now. I can see him starring in more horror films. I think he would make a pretty cool villain in an action film or horror film.

Whatever he does, I’m sure he will succeed.


Edit to add: On a side note, I just read that Jon went to college in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. He went to Skidmore College. Thought it was pretty cool… his info at wikipedia.