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Report: Megadeth heckled off the stage at Croatia Metalfest…

I thought this was pretty interesting so I had to post it here. Here is Megadeth performing at Croatia Metalfest, but they were forced off the stage ’cause they were getting heckled pretty badly by the crowd. The heckling got so out of hand, that the crowd were throwing rocks at Megadeth and other things. What were they mad about? Well, they blame it on Dave that the band, Wasp, refuses to play that night, because of an argument. It’s just a rumor that Megadeth wasn’t getting along with Wasp, and that’s what the crowd was pissed at Megadeth about.

While pretty much the whole crowd were hating on Megadeth… sticking up their middle fingers throughout their whole set, chanting, “We Want Wasp”, booing, and throwing things… Megadeth still had some supporters in the audience. How you can tell that Megadeth still had supporters in the audience? They were holding up devil horns with their fingers, chanting, “Megadeth”, and just dancing/singing along with their music.

In my opinion, this crowd are a bunch of assholes and being disrespectful to Megadeth. Sounded like Megadeth was putting on a rocking performance like they usually do, and the crowd was just being rude. So those pricks, deserve to get their show cut. I like Wasp too, don’t get me wrong, they were a good 80’s hair metal band. Hopefully this isn’t a new feud with Megadeth. Dave feuded with enough bands in the past. I’m sure Dave Mustaine himself, will speak out on this soon. I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts. He always have interesting things to say.

See the article and video, here.


Cool Video: Dave Mustaine interview on InfoWars with Alex Jones…

I listened to this entire interview from start to finish. It was a very well done interview. Dave Mustaine, frontman of Megadeth, is one of the best music interviewers. I’ve been reading his interviews in magazines, he is just very intelligent and insightful.

Even though Dave had a tough time getting along with Metallica over the years, he still loves the band. He always did. Now that their feud is over and done with, hopefully, Dave will do a collaboration album with Metallica, just like they did with Lou Reed.

Enjoy this great interview. This was very entertaining.


Report: Dave Mustaine is Santorum 2012 too? It appears so!!!

Dave Mustaine, the Megadeth frontman, just had an interview with MusicRadar website, and he just gave his opinion on today’s Election going on right now. He gave his thoughts on each Republican candidate running for President. It seems that Mustaine likes Rick Santorum more than the other three, and that’s who Mustaine hopes to be in the White House.

Read the full interview, here.

Very cool! It’s great to see Mustaine is on Team Santorum 2012!


Cool Video: Dave Mustaine jams with his former rivalries at Sonisphere Big 4 show…

You want proof that Dave Mustaine buried the hatchet with all of the bands he feuded with in the past? He feuded with all 3 bands at the Sonisphere Big 4 show: Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax.

It is so amazing to see Dave Mustaine jam with Metallica again after all these years. I mean look at Dave on stage. He looks so happy and thrilled!

This is a great performance too!


Finished reading Dave Mustaine’s book, brief review…

I just finished reading Dave Mustaine’s book today. It was quite the interesting read. I thought it was one of the best and most insightful musical autobiography’s I’ve ever read. Dave Mustaine really did a good job clearing up the things that happened in the past. He of course, talked a lot about Metallica. That was pretty much he mostly talked about throughout the entire book, it was all Metallica discussion. He talked about the long feud with Metallica and how he buried the hatchet with the band later in the years. He also talked about his feud with other metal band, Slayer. I didn’t know that Kerry King was a member of Megadeth very briefly. Kerry was in Megadeth for a little bit before the band was signed to a major label. Those two have been feuding ever since. The Megadeth and Slayer feud is officially over and they’ve obviously buried the hatchet since they are on tour together now. Dave also defends Slayer in the book that they are not a Satanic death metal band.

Dave talked a lot about his history with drugs and alcohol. He stays clean and sober today because of his arm injury that he had in the past. Why all the hatchet burying with all the bands Dave’s been feuding with in the past? It’s because Dave became clean and sober, he got himself baptized into the Christian religion and he just wanted to become a better person. So he wanted to show that he can be a good guy by supporting Metallica and Slayer.Dave didn’t talk about the Big 4 shows in Europe for the Sonisphere gigs because he must of finished the book way before then. Dave just didn’t want to hold negative grudges for so long. So they wanted to prove fans that they buried the hatchet by getting on shows with Metallica and Slayer. As a way to get people to stop talking about their feuds publicly.

Dave admits that the Megadeth albums “Cryptic Writings” and “Risk” was the worst he’s ever done, because they were more mainstream pop, than metal. Dave also admits that Megadeth never made a no. 1 record for the Billboard. Most Megadeth albums were successful, but they never hit no. 1 on the Billboard. I’m sure one day Megadeth will make a no. 1 record, it’ll happen for them, it’s only a matter of time. Now that Metallica are friends with Megadeth again, Dave will probably get plenty of songwriting advice from James and Lars.

The book was a great read and it is a must read if you’re a fan of Megadeth or a fan of metal. I too am a fan of heavy metal, as you can tell, but I don’t like death metal/satanic bands. I don’t like goth or black metal either. I just like plain old metal with good guitar playing and just regular singing, not screaming and growling. I listen to a lot of metal like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Dream Theater, Soundgarden, Opeth, Lamb  of God, etc. because it’s inspiring music for me to listen to with my own guitar playing. If I want to improve my rock guitar playing, I figure it’s appropriate to listen to as much metal music as possible…just for inspiration. People don’t see me being a fan of metal, but yes, I love the genre, always had.

Megadeth is a great band and Dave is a talented guy. Many people hate him because of his ego and his cocky attitude, but hey, that’s part of the music industry. All musicians have egos and have cocky attitudes (that includes me too, sometimes). I don’t take the ego thing personally and seriously. That’s just the way music is. Pick up the book soon. It’ll make you understand Dave as a person and a musician a little better.


Report: Dave Mustaine explains why he turned down the Hall of Fame invitation…

Megadeth’s main man, Dave Mustaine, reveals the real reason why he turned down the Rock Hall of Fame invitation. While the major Megadeth tour is part of the reason why he turned it down, he drops the bombshell that the main reason why he declined ’cause he also wanted to be inducted since he used to be a member of Metallica. I think Dave is making a lot of sense. I agree with him.

More on it here:


I love Metallica and all but the dudes leaving Mustaine out of the induction is pretty lame. He never played on a Metallica record but Dave was one of the first guitarists of the band. That’s a good enough reason that Dave deserves to be inducted with the band too, but I guess that’s what happens when James and Lars’s egos gets in the way.