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Thought: How “Wall-E” is going to get the nomination for BEST PICTURE at the Oscars…

Don’t think “Wall-E” will ever get the nomination for “Best Picture” at the Oscars? John Lassetter who serves as governor of the Academy’s animation branch, says it’s very possible, it could get the nomination.

See why here:


And Wall-E is up there in the top contenders:


Animated films deserve a chance at getting more than just a small “Best Animation Award”, the Academy is looking to change that.

I don’t think Wall-E is Oscar worthy enough to win “Best Picture” but it certainly deserves the nomination for sure.


Thought: “Wall-E” is amazing but not worthy enough for “Best Picture” for the Oscars…

I finally saw, “Wall-E” last night and here is just a brief review. I loved it, I thought it was wonderful, great and entertaining, but I don’t find it worthy enough for a “Best Picture” win at the Oscars. It does deserve the nomination for “Best Picture”, yes, but definitely not winning the whole thing. The reason that “Wall-E” would be qualified to get “BEST PICTURE” nomination is because the film is both live action and animation put together in one film.

I really liked the story to “Wall-E”, it’s a love story where Wall-E falls in love with another female robot named Eve. A science fiction, action adventure story. What I love the most about “Wall-E” is the animation and the CGI graphics of the film. It’s indeed, Pixar’s best film. I liked the film a lot. It is a great film for all to see.


Report: China planning to make Disney’s “Mulan” a live action movie…

The China FIlm Group is partnering with Xinhua Media Entertainment to adapt Disney’s animated film “Mulan” into a live action movie. The companies have already found a director to make “Mulan” a live action film but they will announce who the director will be at AFM.

The animated version of “Mulan” were meant for children and people of all ages, the film makers plan to make a live action more adult oriented. Look like it maybe filmed in China, but the live action “Mulan” could possibly get a world wide release.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:



I have seen the Disney version of “Mulan” before and it’s actually very good.

I like some Disney animated movies, not a lot but I do like a few.

Like “Snow White”, “Pinocchio”, “Cinderella”, “Bambi”, etc. I mostly like the older Disney animated flicks, the newer ones I don’t really care for.


Report: Hi Ho Silver…The Lone Ranger coming back to the big screen…

Screenwriters Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio who were writers from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films is in final negotiations with Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer in bringing the famous “The Lone Ranger” back to the big screen.

“The Lone Ranger” first began as a radioshow back in the 1930’s, the popularity of “The Ranger” led to movies, TV shows, cartoons, comics, toys, and more.

The character once hit the big screen in 1981 in a movie titled “The Legend of the Lone Ranger” starring Klinton Spilsbury as the Ranger but the movie failed big time in the box office. In 2003, a TV movie of the Lone Ranger was aired but that failed in the TV ratings as well.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


I’m sure Disney will do a great job so America can care about the character again. It’s Disney, those people don’t mess around.

As long as they don’t get Antonio Banderas as the Lone Ranger in the new film, I’ll go see it.