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Are lefties champions for women like they continue to claim to be? I’ve always said, “No, they aren’t” and still stand by it now…

It is interesting how lefties respond to sexual misconduct and sexual harassment allegations when it comes to both republicans and democrats. Perfect example of what I’m saying here is when a republican is getting accused of sexual misconduct, they get crucified and destroyed. Like when republicans such as Donald Trump, Senator Roy Moore and Judge Kavanaugh all got accused… lefties did all they can to destroy them which they did a good job at. When a Democrat gets accused of sexual misconduct like say democrat political figures such as Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison and Joe Biden… you’ll either see lefties saying nothing about it or they will defend them. If this isn’t further proof that lefties are so one-sided with their political views, I don’t know what else to say.

When women are victims of a Republican that is getting accused of sexual misconduct, we need to feel sorry for all women and stay by their side. When women are victims of a Democrat that is getting accused of sexual misconduct, these women gets crucified and destroyed by the left like what happened with the victims of Bill Clinton. Remember when Donald Trump invited the victims of Bill Clinton to a presidential debate?

So are lefties champions for all women? No fucking way! They are only champions to women that are lefties. They aren’t champions for women who are conservative. Lefties crucify and destroy women who are anti-abortion, pro 2nd amendment, pro-Christian, pro-Trump, etc. Champions for women my ass.

Sorry but liberal women in America nowadays are getting awful and they are much worse right now. I don’t think I could ever date a liberal woman, lmao. Women are all about equal rights? Another big, lmao. Liberal women and feminists are all about power and nothing more. They would do anything to get that.


Joe Biden releases video trying to defend himself from all the creepy touching he does but sounds even more creepier…

It is widely known that Joe Biden likes to be touchy feely with people. Sure, there is nothing wrong with being touchy-feely but there are certain ways to touch people without being “creepy”. There is nothing wrong with hugging, hand-shakes and touching people on the shoulder; however, what you don’t wanna do is stand so close to someone where your body is touching theirs. You also don’t want to get your face so close to theirs where you’re breathing in their face which is what Biden does to women. He not only does this to full grown women, he touches little children in the most inappropriate ways. I won’t bother posting the pics ’cause there are plenty of them through google and the evidence is just a google away.

When I saw this video, it seems to me that Joe basically admitted to “creepy touching” by saying that he’ll be more respectful of people’s personal space. He is looking nervous as fuck in this video ’cause why? He knows he got into trouble and he knows people are getting onto him now.

He’s just trying to save himself for his potential 2020 run but it won’t work. He’s done now, y’all. There’s no need to worry about him running for president ’cause it won’t happen. His ten minutes of fame is done. You know he’s lying through his teeth throughout, that’s why he’s squirming in his seat.


Joe Biden claims he dropped out of the race ’cause he knew he wouldn’t win… “liar, liar, pants are on fire”…

Here comes all the lies about the reasons of Joe Biden deciding not to run for president all of a sudden. If he was going for it, I’m sure he would have automatically won the nomination no matter what happened. If Biden agreed to still run for president, he would have the mainstream media back him all the way. The media would have destroyed Bernie and Hillary then they would start ramming Biden down our throats. Biden was already getting a lot of popularity from the liberal left before he made that surprising announcement. I’m pretty sure Biden wanted to run. He wanted to run badly and I think he was gonna go for it all the way but Biden was told by somebody in the Obama admin. not to run. Did Biden get threatened? I’m betting that’s what happened. Obama is a professional manipulator. What he wants is what he gets.


I really do think that the reason Biden suddenly bailed out of the election is for a few reasons:

1) It’s a clear warning that Obama is about to enter the Democratic race soon or he’s gonna declare “martial law” to extend his presidency

2) They did it to help Hillary

I think it’s for reason #1.

Either way, you gotta admit that Biden bailing out seems a bit suspicious and something’s definitely going on. When they knew that Biden was gonna run, the Obama admin. rushed in to stop him on the last minute.

I think Biden would have done well if he got in. He would have taken Bernie’s and Hillary’s voters with no problem.


Uh oh, Biden and Obama meets with Bernie Sanders, don’t be surprised if Sanders gets forced out of the race soon…

So Biden getting forced out of the race by Obama and his administration then they go meet Bernie Sanders. Bernie who seems to be the hero in the libtard community. Don’t be surprised Sanders could be the next one out. Sanders could be the next one to announce that’s he’s stepping out of the race even though he’s doing well on the left-wing side. Don’t get your hopes up of Sanders winning the nomination ’cause it isn’t happening, folks.

Another sign that Obama could be on his way in for the Democratic race. You should be very suspicious of Obama & Biden meeting with Sanders after Biden bailing out all of a sudden.


Joe Biden not running for president is a clear warning, a third-term Obama presidency is happening…

For a long while, Joe Biden kept teasing that he might run for president and just today he just made an announcement that he’s not going to. I’m pretty sure that Joe was gonna go for it and he was gonna run but he was told by the Obama admin. not to. He was ordered not to run on the last minute before his announcement today. You can see it on Joe’s face that he looks kind of sad of not running that he was forced out by Obama and his admin.

You can also see the look on Obama’s face that he’s got something up his sleeve. Planning to extend his presidency by a third term or martial law. Either way, Obama is still gonna be president after 2017. I don’t want it to happen but it’s looking more and more likely it’s gonna happen. We could put up with Obama for a pretty long time. Obama could illegally jump on the Democratic race if he wanted to or else he could cancel elections and extend his presidency. We could put up with Obama for several more years or longer. He could continue to be president until he’s dead, trust me.

Donald Trump, Hillary or Bernie won’t become president at all ’cause the elections will get cancelled before you know it. We’re really doomed, America.


Joe Biden may not have been at the 1st Democratic debate but he WILL be at debate no. 2…

I think Joe Biden will announce his run for Democrat president really soon. Maybe this week or next. Bernie Sanders and Hillary may have started a new kind of movement in the liberal world but once Joe Biden jumps in the race, Bernie & Hillary will be done. Biden will take their spotlight for sure.

People think Bernie and Hillary are gonna be the next one but they won’t be. People keep forgetting that Biden is gonna join in on the race soon and it’s not gonna be pretty once he does. Are you liberals upset with all the Hillary bias on CNN? Well wait until Joe joins in on the race. It’ll get worse, trust me. Once Joe joins, Bernie is done, y’all.

Biden is gonna win the nomination due to a corrupted election. It’ll be Trump vs. Biden in the General Election for sure either that or it could be Carson vs. Biden. Either one. Bernie and Hillary won’t even make it through the primaries. Joe is gonna be the star and he’s going to steal Bernie’s & Hillary’s voters. Watch him.


The reason why the US is taking refugees, illegal immigrants… the harsh truth…

So why is the US Government and Obama admin. desperately trying to get more people out of country in the United States? The Obama admin. opened the Mexican borders and illegals are pouring in like crazy. Illegals are coming into the country left and right. Now the Obama admin. are thinking about giving illegals the right to vote which was the plan all along.

Obama will bring in more than 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country and John Kerry announced that the US are gonna accept over 80,000 refugees world wide.




WHy is all of this going on?

The obvious answer is that they are desperate for more people to vote Democrat. Joe Biden is about ready to jump into the race and this is their desperate attempt to help him. Why are they trying to take people from out of country to vote Democrat? It’s simply because they know that Americans are getting sick of liberalism and most people here won’t vote Democrat so they are trying to think of other ways so Democrat candidates can win elections. They know that the Democrat side isn’t very popular in America so they’re desperate. They want Democrats to stay in power.

They can try all they must to try and stop Donald Trump from getting elected but even this little sneaky plan they have going isn’t gonna work. By the time the General Election comes around… Trump is gonna be way too popular by that time so this plan they have is not gonna work. Donald Trump is gonna be victorious in the election. The Obama admin. can try voter fraud, bringing people in from out of country, etc. Whatever. Them cheating is not gonna work this time ’cause Trump won’t let it happen.


Sorry you delusional Bernie Sanders supporters but once Joe Biden enters the race, Bernie is done…

Look like Joe Biden is gonna announce a late run as Democratic president. Once Joe Biden announces his late run, Bernie and Hillary will both be finished. Bernie and Hillary won’t make it past the primaries. Joe Biden will.


My prediction for the election in 2016 is that it’s gonna be Trump vs. Biden in the General Election. Elizabeth Warren will probably end up being Joe’s running mate as vice president ’cause they already started negotiation with each other earlier this year. Yeah, it’s probably gonna be Trump vs. Biden on the ticket.

Biden is gonna lose this election all the way and Trump will be the one getting elected. Trump is gonna win big time.

I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Bernie and Hillary getting elected ’cause both of them are gonna get destroyed.

Why? It’s because we’re all getting sick of liberalism and Biden will be Obama 2.0… we can’t have that. I’m pretty confident that the Donald is gonna be victorious in this election. Instead of calling him Mr. Trump, soon we’ll be calling him President Trump and I can’t wait!


Here’s how Obama can get his third term as president… “legally”…

Now that Joe Biden is thinking about running for president and he probably will, just think if Joe Biden actually wins the whole election. He gets sworn in and what if Barack Obama becomes Joe’s running-mate/vice-president. That’s a scary thought. After Biden gets sworn in, he could resign immediately and then Barack Obama takes over… BINGO, there’s his third term. That could be what they’re trying to plan, ya know?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see anywhere where it’s against the laws of the election. Obama becoming vice-president to Joe Biden, then Biden steps down so Obama could take over. I don’t see where that’s illegal here… I read through the whole thing…


So I believe that’s how Obama can legally get his third term… he can do it in that sneaky way. Scary thought…

Now we might have two Democratic candidates to stop getting elected, Joe & Hillary… we can’t have either of them in the oval office. Hopefully the Donald will be the one to stop ’em.


Joe Biden being elected for the White House would be Obama 2.0…

Here we go, America. This country is beginning to realize that Hillary is not fit for president so now they start ramming another Democrat presidential candidate down our throats. Joe Biden is not fit for president either and if he gets elected, we’ll be screwed as well. Hillary might be going to prison soon ’cause of her role in Benghazi so she’ll need a replacement. *sigh*